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Elections: “Lessor of Evils”?

Posted in RANTS by Uncle Jaque on 11/15/2009

Dated 2007:

Did anyone catch former ME GOP Chairman BRUNO on Ray & Ted (WLOB Radio) recently (actually he was filling in for Ray) when he essentially said that ME is a “Left leaning State” and that Conservatives have, for all intents and purposes, no place in the Maine Republican Party?

At least that’s the gist that I got out of it. Did you?

And sadly, I have to agree with him on that – at least as far as the welcome mat being withdrawn from the Republican “Big Tent” for Constitutional, Freedom-loving Pro-Life Conservatives.

Feeling a little “homeless” here in ME, fellow Conservatives?

I know I sure did… but not any more!

Are you getting tired of always having to vote for a liberal big government tax-and-spend RINO just to keep a flaming moonbat Communist Stalinist from seizing power and enslaving us all immediately?
(With RINOs, it’ll just take a little longer… maybe…)

How’s that been working for you lately?

Has the “Lessor of two evils” option left you with a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside at election time… or something else?

Word has it that Conservatives – particularly pro-Life and gun rights Americans, have finally given up on restoring the Republicrat Party from within and have been looking for someplace to go if they could only bail out from what is now obviously a foundering party.

By the way; not a few Demicans have found themselves in the same boat, being expected to march to the tune of Code Pink, MoveOn.org, the daily KOS, the ACLU et. al..

As much as the media has tried (alas; with considerable success) to keep the Constitution Party a secret, word is slowly leaking out and increasing numbers of disillusioned and marginalized Conservatives are making the jump.

Now tell me something; if America is supposed to be such a “Liberal” Nation, then why is Laura Ingraham’s new book, “Power to the People” the #1 best seller on the NYT list – in spite of major book chains trying their best to hide it and discourage customers from buying it?
That’s hardly a liberal or even “centrist” diatribe, don’t you think?
Has anyone out there read it yet?

I really think that many if not most of these “majority” liberals who vote in America are illegal immigrants with fake IDs, facilitated in their fraud by “sanctuary” cities and states – like MAINE, for instance – multi-voting college students, state-hopping union activists, and other leftist “useful idiots”. Not to mention dead people, cartoon characters and such. They’ve been doing it, history suggests, for well over a century now.

If this country ever pulled the plug of election fraud out of the Dem machine and let the sulfurous miasmas of corruption out, they’d be lucky to get about 30% of the vote I’d opine, even counting the big cities where they typically rule undisputed.

So I’m not all that disposed to believing that America – or even Maine, for that matter, is really all that “left leaning”, if one could ever count only the legitimate, legal, live Citizen voters.

But even if the “conventional wisdom” were unfortunately true, that a “conservative” could never possibly win an election in Maine beyond the State House (Chandler Woodcocks’ defeat and the presence of only about 17 of them in the Legislature would certainly tend to support that theorem) and that in order to “Win”, Citizens – Conservatives included – would be forced to lay aside our core beliefs and values and once again cast our ballot for the lessor of two (or however many) “evils”.

The choices that the conventional wisdom would leave us with, then, would essentially be these:


Admit that it’s OK to surrender our Liberty so that government can take better care of us when we can’t – or won’t – take care of ourselves and each other without being forced to.

Admit that it’s acceptable to rip a tiny, innocent little baby to shreds before her first breath, deaf to her silent screams as she dies in the agony of pain (they DO feel it, you know) and rejection for the sake of her Mother or somebody elses “convenience”. Not only admit that it is acceptable, but that you’re willing to help pay for the “procedures”.

Admit that you don’t really need that nasty old gun around; you might hurt yourself or someone else with it . Common people are much too stupid to have, much less use such dangerous things, and besides – if anyone wants to break in to your house to rape, pillage, plunder, terrorize and possibly murder your Family… the Government will protect us!

Admit that God has no place in our public school system, and that it’s much better to teach our young to be diverse, inclusive, sensitive, despise the United States of America as the Earth’s worst enemy, and how to use condoms, conduct oral sex for each other in the bathrooms, and explore recreational drugs and their alternative genders on occasion.

Admit that we shouldn’t insist on people speaking English, respecting our culture (what’s left of it) or obeying our laws in America. That would be Xenophobic, and we can’t have that!

You can probably think of a number of other things we have to surrender in order to “win”.

And then: Capitulation.

You vote, once again, for the lessor of evils, and against the more sinister… if, in fact, the distinction between them can be clearly discerned.

If not; flip a coin… and vote for the “Winner”.

Even then we might lose the election.

….But what else may have been lost in the course of our compromise and capitulation in order to “win”?

Our dignity? Self respect? Dedication to a cause we once held dear?

A little bit of our Faith, perhaps; a modicum of Hope…

But surely not our own precious blood-bought Soul….?

Now this might not mean much to those who reject Christ as their Savior, but here is what He said about certain compromises and capitulations made in the interest of “winning”:

Mark 8:36 – “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

Even outside of the Faith, I suppose, the above statement (in the form of a rhetorical question, as is often still used in Hebrew circles) certainly has it’s philosophical merit. You’ll have to be the judge of that.

Perhaps a reasonable paraphrase of that verse might be:

“What good does it do you or your Country, if you do manage to “win” an election, if in the process of doing so you are forced to forfeit your integrity, morals, values…
…your soul…?”

So what am I suggesting here- that we refrain from participation in the political process in order to preserve our moral, ethical, and spiritual standards? To sit the election out at home, or go directly home from work on election day without bothering to stop at the polls?

Heaven forbid!

A lot of Christians apparently do just that – in numbers, some opine, that could easily turn major elections had they stirred to vote.

Yet we might wonder who or what they might have voted FOR – or were their only options to choose the most egregious of evil Candidates or parties to vote AGAINST?

Such negative motivation, it seems, has been running mighty thin as of late, while the unmitigated lust for power and control over us and our resources remains a potent motivator for our opposition.

Who was it who famously quoted, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for a few good men (and women, I assume) to do NOTHING.” ?

So in choosing not to choose, we in fact DO choose…
Once again for evil, it seems.

Are we, as Christians and/or Patriots, really supposed to be doing that?

Evil Tweedledee; evil Tweedledum; and evil nonetheless should we abstain from choosing betwixt them.

So what are a good American’s options? Do we really have any?

I believe that in fact we just might, my fellow Pilgrims who yet cling to a shred of hope for America and Liberty!

Primarily, and I’ll tell you this right up front; without a major spiritual and moral REVIVAL in this World, and at least in this Country, there is little that any political party or organization can do to preserve us from ultimate destruction.

Our moral, social, economic, and political entropy has ground us down to the point of imminent collapse, and the point of no return may well be at hand for the Human race.

Revival is not the work of a party, but of the Church – and Primarily our Creator, from whom all just powers of government are bestowed.

For this, my Brothers and Sisters Beloved, we must vote from our knees.

Yet I further submit that our spiritual warfare must be complimented and manifested by temporal activism. Politics IS a “Ministry”, I opine;

I Corinthians 12:
V.4: ” Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.
5 And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord.
6 And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all.
7 But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.”

Although I don’t recall where “politics” is specified as a unique gift of the Holy Spirit, as St. Paul was writing about in his letter to the Corinthian Church, I really do believe that it certainly can be one of them.
And the administration of government can be, in fact should be, a form of ministry.

I have no doubt that our Founders and authors of our Constitution saw it that way.

So hear, if you will, a call from on high to get off of our disgruntled duffs and put down the remote; Our Country and our God calls us still!

Let’s follow that call to our knees in prayer, then to the campaign trail in conservative political activism!

And regarding that “other option” many Conservatives in American politics are seeking;
Behold; here it is!: http://www.constitutionparty.com/

Isn’t it about time to invest in and work and vote FOR someone or something for a change?

Well; let’s get about it then!

Some of us have been doing just that, against all odds and seemingly absurd disadvantages.
We are few in number, but we’re holding fast to the Hope and Faith that America may yet rekindle that “light upon a hill” for the World to look up to… or at the very least preserve it from total extinguishment in surrender to engulfing darkness.

If you hear that call as well, please join us.

Your journey which at the time may seem like an incredible leap of Faith could begin this Saturday afternoon at the West Gardiner Middle School. Won’t you please consider joining us there?

After all…

What have you got to lose?


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