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Posted in State of Maine by Uncle Jaque on 11/15/2009


> > — On Wed, 10/28/09, Jaque Clarke wrote: > > From a Constitutionalist contact: >

> Got word today from a trusted source that a gay household in Portland is “hosting” 13 Mass-holes who will be voting “No”on 1.”

They will “establish” residence, then leave after voting! Total crap, bro!! When will their corruption stop??? NEVER!!!!! >


Uncle Jaque’s Response:

Unfortunately, as long as the Commucrats and liberal Republicans rule in Augusta, we never will see any significant election reform, if any.

These criminals and their cronies rely on voter fraud to perpetuate their dominant power and access to our wallets and bank accounts which they seem to consider theirs to “redistribute”, loot and plunder at their leisure.

We managed to get Baldippy to quit issuing Maine driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants at least, and that was an utterly astounding unexpected victory, since the alien invaders use these licenses to register to VOTE. Since they usually vote (illegally, but hey; who’s counting?) for the politician who promises the best welfare for them and their ilk, those politicians will naturally do everything in their considerable power to encourage these fraudulent votes.

Out of State college students are usually allowed and encouraged to vote in Maine too. Despite it’s being illegal for them to vote again in their home town as well, I’m sure a lot of them do.

We are one of the few States that allow felons in prison to vote. I don’t think that any absentee ballots of military personnel are EVER counted, but ballots which are mysteriously “found” after the election during a re-count always seem to be, and in the vast majority if not all of these cases they turn the election over to the Democrat or occasional liberal elite ‘pubbie.

I predict that the 2010 elections will be a total sham, and those whose duty it is to enforce the law will do so only in a partisan and selective manner if at all. People will get angry enough when the elections are being stolen brazenly right under our noses by arrogant ACORN and union thugs, that some will be tempted to rise up and come to the defense of our liberty and Constitution where our Police and Courts will not, and they may not do it in a particularly diplomatic or sensitive way.

If the thugs resort to physical / tactical intimidation – as they already have shown a penchant to do – the “Tea Party” peoples’ patience is probably going to wear really thin and I suppose that some blood will likely be shed on both sides before probable illegal immigrant Barry Soetoro (Obama) and his Communist henchmen will be allowed to steal another term. It could make the aftermath of the recent sham elections in Iran look like a girl scout picnic in comparison. It could be 1775 or 1861 all over again, Heaven forbid… but if it’s either that or tyranny, then bring it and be damned.

4G&C ~ J


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