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Not Surprised at All…

Posted in POLITICS by Uncle Jaque on 11/15/2009


From an e-mail contact recently:

Does this surprize you?


My reply:

Not in the least.

No doubt about it in my mind, actually.

In the interview, beyond where this clip ends, when he slips up about his “Muslim Faith”, the Interviewer had to jump in and CORRECT him by saying “Don’t you mean your “CHRISTIAN” Faith??!!”
Obama quickly “corrected” himself and moved on, hoping that no one had noticed his Freudian slip.
Well; obviously we did – but who’s listening to us?

The media, just like everyone else in the palaces of power, knows full well – and they are not about to come right out and tell us.  Who knows what might happen to them if they did?  In case you hadn’t noticed – Muslims play for keeps.

His lying and deceitfulness is perfectly compatible with Muslim Quoranic doctrine.  Unlike Christian teaching that lying is a sin, Muslims are not only allowed to lie to non-Muslims or “Kafir” (dogs), they are EXPECTED to lie, deceive, and cheat, as long as it advances the cause of Islam.

For an understanding of this tradition, see:

Islam Watch – “Understanding Taqiyya ― Islamic Principle of Lying for the Sake of Allah”

“Taqiyya and kitman: Role of Deception in Islamic terrorism” by Author

Along with many others, I strongly suspect that Obama (whose real name may still be “Barry Soetoro”) is illegally and unconstitutionally serving in the Office of President, in that he is probably NOT a “Natural Born Citizen” as required by the Constitution, and has spent over a $million to conceal or erase any evidence of his actual place of birth or his own current legal citizenship status, for that matter.

Even so-called “Conservative” media personalities contemptuously dismiss those of us who suspect Obama’s Constitutional legitimacy as “Birthers” or followers of a delusional, far fetched “conspiracy theory”.   All courts where the question has been submitted for a hearing so far have refused to even hear the case, and Orly Taitz, a particularly zealous Lawyer has been fined just for her persistence in trying.

It is pretty obvious in my opinion that all of the Democrat political initiatives since the Obama takeover to include the “stimulus” and “Health Care Reform” have been intentionally designed, at least at some level, to compromise if not destroy the American economy.
What is left of our industrial infrastructure is crumbling, or has been carried away by foreigners (primarily Communist China) or has been “nationalized” (taken over) by the Federal Government.
The backbone of America has been broken, and her muscle is being cut away and devoured bit by bit, as though by an infestation of maggots.

The “progressive” welfare state has destroyed many of America’s families, considered to be the primary core of human civilization.  There can hardly be a functional community without intact, functional families.  The Black and “minority” communities have been particularly devastated by this policy, while being kept in a state of dependency bondage to their collectivist political masters.

Our schools, controlled by the politically powerful Teacher’s Union, indoctrinate children with a leftist political agenda and go out of their way to corrupt their ethics and morals.  Christianity is particularly despised by these activists, and the Faith that made America great (if you don’t believe it, read the Founding documents to include the Federalist Papers and the Founder’s correspondence) has been all but banished from American public life.

Interestingly enough, the “wall of separation” between “Church and State” does not apply between “Mosque and State” as Taxpayers are forced to subsidize special prayer rooms, foot baths, and special diets for Muslims who demand that their fellow students refrain from even bringing pork products to school for their own lunch, and that cafeterias only serve Muslim approved food.    Has such special accommodation ever been made to a Jewish minority in public institutions?

Incrementally, Sharia Law is infiltrating American society, and the day may soon come when we are forced to comply with it completely or suffer severe punishment far beyond what our Supreme Court now considers to be “cruel and unusual” or violent death.

It appears that the systematic degradation of American social integrity and freedom while wealth and property are selectively confiscated from some classes of society – generally those who earn it – for the benefit of others – who frequently don’t – ties in quite conveniently with Islam’s agenda for global conquest, or “Jihad”.

Call me “paranoid” or a “conspiracy theorist”, but I really don’t think that this is any coincidence at all.

All over the World we are seeing an increased cooperation between Islam and Communism.
Some observers have called it an “Unholy Alliance” and a book of that title has been written.

Obama has surrounded himself with a Cabinet and gang of un-accountable “Czars”, most if not all of whom are self professed Communists or whose speeches and writings in the past have strongly identified them with Communist ideology or leaders, such as Mao Tse Tung, who murdered somewhere between 50 and 70 million of his own people.

So here we have a probably “Closet Muslim” (hiding behind a veil of Taqiyya) with Marxist tendencies surrounded by Communists, having corrupted the system so completely and acquired so much power that he has been, for all intents and purposes, beyond question or accountability.

All that our Chicago Imam has to do to spring the trap, now that it is set – as it has been for some time – is find (or create) a “Crisis” or any excuse to declare “martial law” which will bring our Constitutional rights and liberties to an abrupt end.
I have a hunch that the tyranny of martial law will at some point be replaced by the tyranny of Sharia law, which will probably be much worse – especially for women and children.

America will certainly fall… that is, if we let it.

Complacency, ignorance, and apathy have allowed this Nation to drift away from our founding principles and faith, until now we teeter on the precipice of disaster, and possible destruction.

There are some encouraging signs of Americans finally waking up to the imminent danger and becoming educated and involved, suggesting that our beloved Nation might yet be saved…  Let’s just hope and pray that it’s not too little, too late.

For God & Country;

“Uncle Jaque”


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