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Obamacare; as “Fair” as Car Dealership Closings?

Posted in Human Sexuality, POLITICS, RANTS by Uncle Jaque on 11/15/2009

Friend ML wrote:

The story on the Car Dealerships that were closed down by the obama administration.
Here’s YOUR President (A prize I had NO wish to win…) in all his glory ruining Republican (supportive) dealerships. I’m astounded at this NOT BEING Investigated by anyone other than Washington Examiner, Newsmax, Fox News.

To which I responded:

Ive known about this for some time – Rush broke it last summer.

If this is the way car dealers are treated, imagine what Obamacare is going to look like.

“Medical records” sure will be on a national data base like Obama wants, and will include party affiliation, voting record, memberships of various organizations (like a Union or the NRA) and how much we donate to which party or candidate.
If you or I have a heart attack, do you really think that we will be put ahead of the illegal immigrant with a boil on his ass (who fraudulently voted for Obama) in the ER?
We might just as well not bother calling 911 and die at home for all the “health care” we will be getting.   The best we can hope for is that they will put us down like old dogs.

According to the Channel 13 News tonight, the pervert lobby is clamoring and demanding to get a list of everyone who donated to the “Yes on 1” “Gay marriage” law repeal movement so they can look them up and harass / terrorize them, just like they did in Californica.   A bunch of opponents of “Proposition 8” suddenly got fired for no apparent reason, got property vandalized, identity stolen etc..

Perhaps the most powerful pervert of all, Barney Franks, is on record as having sicced the IRS on groups and Churches who have opposed the “gay” agenda, collectively known as “Haters”.
Franks has recently compared the “Religious Right” (i.e. Evangelical Christians) to the Al Quida Muslim extremist terrorist organization.    It is abundantly obvious that he considers us to be “enemies of the State” and surely has rather unpleasant “punishments” prepared for us as soon as he and his cabal acquire the power to impose them.

Like most “progressive” moonbats, they are really into controlling other people, and will go to great lengths to punish those who oppose their agenda.   They’ve been trying to destroy the Boy Scouts for years now because they won’t let Queers be Scout Leaders and turn traditional Scout “Camporees” into homosexual / pedophile “gay” orgy “Buggerees”.

You will notice one thing in common with these people if you study them long enough; that which they cannot take over and control, they simply MUST destroy.  It becomes their compulsive, driving obsession and they seldom give it up until they get what they want or die trying.

They excersize  political, economic, and social power vastly disproportionate to their percentage of the country’s population.  They seem to have no end of money or resources at their disposal, and don’t mind using it.

You don’t really know what “hate” is, I don’t think, until you cross a militant queer!

If I give to the pro-marriage movement, I will do so with cash under an assumed name, and probably under cover of darkness.
I would recommend any one else out there so inclined to do the same.



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