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Reasuring a Seeker;

Posted in RELIGION by Uncle Jaque on 11/15/2009

In reply to:
Forum PM from “Jane” (alias):

Thank you Uncle Jaque,

I’m embarrassed to say that I have just really, really, started seeking Jesus. He has always been in my life, but I have been rebellious. He was always there telling me right from wrong, but of course I knew better and would constantly question. He is quiet now, and I pray that we connect once again…

…Anyway Uncle Jaque, thank you for more material for me to research and ponder in my quest for the America that should be…..One Nation Under GOD!!

See you Saturday then..Sorry for the drivel…..


No apologies needed at all, Jane, and it’s not “drivel” at all; it’s part of your story, and it’s all important in God’s plan as well as to your extended Christian Family, regardless of which Church we are led to fellowship in if any at all.

It is my firm belief that nothing happens by “accident” or coincidence; there is a reason for everything even when it is not apparent to us at the time or utterly fails to make any sense at all.

I suspect that every one who participates in this (Constitutional) seminar is supposed to be there, you and I included.  For whatever reason, we have yet to experience.

From what little I know about the “crowd” we can expect to be there (I have met a few of them, but by no means all) I anticipate that the majority at least will be fellow seekers of Yeshua’s Light (Some of us prefer His old Hebrew Name) and see a National revival of collective consciousness of and commitment to our divine Creator as our only hope to preserve that which our forebearers fought, sacrificed, and struggled to form and preserve for us .

Suffice it to say, I believe that you and other seekers of Yeshua and the true Liberty that can only be found in and with Him will find yourselves in a very compatible and supportive environment.

The original Constitution which was the foundational document of our former Republic was, many of us opine, composed by the divine Light of a very similar inspiration as moved the Saints and Patriarchs to compose our Holy Scriptures.  The results of it’s adulteration, “modification” and creative interpretation with all of it’s “enumerates and penumbras” has been as detrimental to our American Liberty as the perversion and liberal interpretation of Scripture has been to the faith.

The pathway back to Holy ground will be hard to discern, and not easy to travel; it has become overgrown with underbrush and weeds for lack of Pilgrim’s passage.  Other paths would be easier to follow, but what are the ends thereof?

You speak of God’s “silence”; but are you truly listening?

Foremost, try not to neglect regular reading and reflection on the Word, through which He is known to often speak powerfully to our Souls.

Other books you may read; the Bible will read you.

“Be still, and know”; listen to the wild birds in your seasons of stillness; feel the thunder of an oncoming storm; the breeze moving through the trees; the clatter of a stream flowing over it’s rocky bed…

His “still, small voice” you may well hear.

In the context of relationship and fellowship much of God’s word and will may be discerned.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern Truth from deception, as most of us have a really hard time not getting sucked into illusion on our own.

When you come to Yeshua you are really antagonizing the enemy, and he will go out of his way to stalk you.  Be prepared; expect it.
Know under whose protecting wing you may take shelter, and to whose loving arms and bosom you may always flee.

You’ll be there Saturday because, I think, you’re supposed to be.
I rather think that I’m supposed to be too, as well as the others.

Let’s keep hearts and minds open for a blessing, shall we?

Shalom in Yeshua;   UJ


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