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The Distinction Between “Homosexual” and “Sodomite”:

Posted in Human Sexuality by Uncle Jaque on 11/15/2009

Having established myself as a certified “Homophobe”, let me explain why I generally have a lot more tolerance for “homosexuals” than I do for “Queers” or more traditionally “Sodomites”. A lot of people, particularly us Conservatives, don’t seem to appreciate this distinction all that well – so at least let me explain my perspective on this issue.

I try to distinguish between “homosexuals” and “Sodomites”; if someone is just “wired” that way and feels compelled to live that life style on their own time and at their own expense in private, I may not agree with it but can respect their freedom of choice. I have known several of such and we get along just fine.

The “Sodomites” however are the more aggressively “militant” sort, and feel compelled to impose their values, life style and will on everybody else.

According to the Bible, Sodom and Gomorrah were two prosperous, thriving cities in the ancient middle east which were infested with general promiscuity and debauchery. Homosexuality was celebrated with such “gay abandon” that the practice is still associated with ancient and currently non-existent Sodom.


Genesis 18

God was so thoroughly disgusted with them that he determined to wipe them not only off the map, but obliterate them clean off the surface of the planet. One of his Prophets (does anyone remember which one? Clue; He was a “PATRIARCH”) had the audacity to start “dickering” with God on behalf of the people, who unbeknownst to them, were about to be doomed.
God finally allowed to being willing to spare Sodom if only 50 people who still believed him and kept His commandments could be found. They kept whittling it down until it was found that there was only ONE family in the whole damned town (literally) who remained halfways decent; and that was the Family of “Lot”.

About that time God had had enough of that game, but while he was heating up the hell fire and brimstone, he still took pity on poor old Lot and his Family, so he whistled up a couple of His Angels and told them to hat up and pop down to Sodom, look up Lot (God had pretty good GPS technology even way back then) and warn him to gather up his family PDQ and beat feet for the high country before the wrath of God came down to town.

At first Lot didn’t recognize his guests as Angels – they only appeared to be extremely beautiful, perfect young men.
Not long after they arrived however, someone who had seen them at Lot’s door spread the word around Sodom, and pretty soon a frantic crowd gathered around Lot’s place, demanding that he send his guests out to them so that they could “have their way with them”.

Lot begged and pleaded with them not to molest his guests, even offering up his Daughter for them to rape as an appeasment.
The Sodomites would have none of that though, and proceeded to smash the door in to get at the guests… until, that is, the guests “blinded” them.

The Bible does not say how they did it, but my reading and experience with Angels suggests that they are essentially Beings of Light, who can appear to people in any form they wish to, if at all. Normally, they don’t.
They control how much radiant energy they emit, and usually only “light up” to full capacity in Heaven, in the presence of the King. If they ever did it to about 20% of capacity in front of you, it would blind you like looking directly at a welder’s arc (“…Their appearance was like unto lightning” – frequent description of Angels in the Bible). At around 40% it would burn your eyeballs right out of your skull.
Anything over about 60% would vaporize our mortal bodies instantly.

I think what the Angels did to the Sodomites in order to persuade them not to rape them (raping an Angel is NEVER a good idea!) was to partially light up in a brilliant flash, like a million candlepower strobe light in their faces.

At that point it was obvious to Lot that it was time to get the hell out of town. The Angels warned them not to even look back. Lot’s wife did as they reached the mountains, and was instantly transformed into a “pillar of salt” or pile of ashes – consistent with what would happen as a result of exposure to the level of radiation emitted by a massive thermonuclear detonation.

I sometimes wonder if one of the Angels stayed in Sodom while the other one popped over to Gomora, and on cue they did something that perhaps Angels have never done before or since on Planet Earth –
They cut loose and lit themselves up to 100% on the Glory scale.

That would probably be like a “White dwarf” star, seven times hotter than the surface of our Sun, and a mile in diameter, plopping down in the middle of New York City. It wouldn’t be pretty.

The “Raining fire and brimstone” could have been burning and molten particles and debris coming down as fallout from the massive mushroom clouds looming over where the cursed cities used to be.

Some time ago I read where a couple of Archaeologists found two huge bowls of glass, several miles in diameter, buried in the sand out in the desert in the approximate location where they think the cities might have been.
Glass, as you may know, is fused or melted sand. It takes a lot of heat to melt that much sand.

Sodom and Gomorah aren’t there any more – but some of their inhabitants were apparently out of town and missed the big show, because they are still among us. These are the ones who demand sexual access to anyone they want to defile, demand not only social and political acceptance but special rights, privileges, and power – and will viciously attack anyone who refuses them or gets in their way.

A particular target of their blind rage and chronic fury seems to be the Christian Church, for some reason. If they cannot infiltrate a Church and take it over, as many have been successfully hijacked for the “gay” cause, they will be obsessively compelled to destroy it somehow.

They have very successfully penetrated our public “education” industry and homosexual indoctrination of children is commonplace in many districts. Parents who object or try to remove their children from this indoctrination / propaganda in some cities are subject to arrest and imprisonment – and some have been dragged out of school in handcuffs by the police, while their children are held hostage by the gay-compliant government. Is this what the Founders of America had in mind?

Just living and letting live as most garden-variety homosexuals seem content to do is simply not an option to a militant Sodomite.

Make no mistake about it; it is Sodomites (of both genders) who are behind the ‘gay marriage’ agenda, and they WANT and DEMAND free access to our CHILDREN!

I shouldn’t need to tell you what for…


Another e-mail exchange, similar subject:

Obama’s Pedophile School Czar to show homosexual movie to all the kids across America!

To which I replied:

This is the same gang that is trying to destroy the Boy Scouts because they refuse to allow Sodomites and perverts to infiltrate the Scouts… and why, do you suppose, do they want to “penetrate” the Boy Scouts?

Yeah; that was a pretty bad pun, wasn’t it?

And why do you suppose they demand even greater access to our forced Government monopoly indoctrination factories (AKA “Public Schools”)?

If I told you that they probably, in like manner, want our schools to become their freely accessible “markets” where they can go shopping at will for a little (how little or young, do you suppose?) “Fresh Meat” from time to time, then I’d probably be convicted of a “Hate Crime” and hauled off to a “Re-Education Camp” for a few years… or so… wouldn’t I?

How would YOU, Mom and Dad, feel if YOUR little darling was “selected” for such a “special private lesson”?
Parents have already been arrested and jailed (in Mass.) for attempting to rescue their child from homosexual indoctrination, so don’t pretend that you won’t meet a similar fate if you try to protest the systematic, “legalized” sodomization / rape of your children.

How will you react when your precious 10 or 12 year old comes down with a serious, potentially lethal STD… perhaps even AIDS?

As far as I’m concerned, I will have little sympathy for any Parent who votes “NO on #1” and later finds that their sweet, innocent little child has been desecrated, polluted and defiled – probably scarred emotionally and medically for life – by some official government sanctioned pervert at his or her “school”.

I will, however, pity and grieve mightily for the poor defenseless child…

…As I will grieve for our once decent and free Republic, which at that point will most surely be lost.

May God save America…  Not that we really deserve it, of course – but may He at least have mercy of the Kids.



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  1. Bill Clarke said, on 11/25/2009 at 22:06

    Well said Jaque!

    Thanks for setting up the blog! I have subscribed to it and check it often. It was good to meet you at the prayer meeting a few weeks back.

    May the Lord bless you and your family this Thanksgiving holiday.



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