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The “Liberal” Church

Posted in RELIGION by Uncle Jaque on 11/15/2009

Why should it surprise us when so many “liberal” Churches misrepresent or pervert the Word of God and teachings of Christ in order to advance a political, rather than spiritual, agenda?

The Church, after all, is one of the key social institutions which, like our educational system, has been targeted by communists ever since the 1930s for infiltration, influence (leading to complete takeover and control) and eventual use to further the socialist / communist agenda. “Religion” becomes a facade to maintain a sort of social credibility and respect (not to mention tax exempt status) while church resources and membership are directed, persuaded, and used to further the leftist political agenda.

It seems that the militant homosexual movement has crept into bed with the commies and done a pretty good job of infiltration of our key social institutions, too – including the churches.
When they start performing “Gay marriages”, it’s a pretty good bet that they’ve added yet another church to their trophy case, and that it probably has replaced the Gospel message of salvation with socialist and so-called “pro-choice” propaganda dressed up in sacramental robes as well.

I suppose that if I really wanted to make myself unpopular, I could speculate that Satan was probably the first worm who gnawed under the sanctuary door, and the militant queers and commies just followed him through the hole.

There’s gotta be a connection there someplace… do you suppose?

One Unitarian Church I know of delivered a block vote of it’s entire (or nearly entire) membership of around 800 to a liberal Legislative Candidate, assuring him of victory. Since he just got re-elected, I assume that they did it again – no doubt with a lot of help from a few of the other lib churches in the town.

I heard a claim that Unitarian Churches had taken the name of Christ out of all of their Hymnals, so as not to “offend” anyone. Well yeah; the very Name of our Lord and Savior does tend to offend some people, doesn’t it?
While I was waiting to be served at a bean supper in a UU Church one Saturday evening, I strolled into the sanctuary and picked up a Hymnal to check it out. Didn’t get to peruse the whole thing, but I couldn’t find mention of Christ anywhere.

Funny thing; it was the same church that voted en masse for the liberal politician. Coincidence?
“Separation of Church and State”? Not for liberal churches; political activism seems to be one of their primary “ministries”.

If you care to visit one of these churches (and I don’t capitalize those for a reason, frankly) especially around election time, you are far more likely to hear “Peace and justice” leftist politics preached from the pulpit than biblical hellfire and brimstone.
I swear some of these “good, religious, Christian” folk would much rather abort a baby than baptize one.

These are the churches, I respectfully opine, have probabaly had their “candlesticks”, spiritually speaking, taken away.

* From the Book of Revelation; Chapter 2:

4. “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.

5. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.”

And I would not want to be sitting in it’s spiritually darkened pews when ultimate Judgement comes down.

So if one is to wonder why the Church seems to be so ineffective in redeeming the social, economic, and political tar pit that we find ourselves slipping ever deeper into…

It may have something to do with the same phenomenon that keeps the Republican Party in the minority, marginalized, and by and large insignificant.

Both institutions have been infiltrated, divided, and set at contention, rather than fellowship and cooperation, within and amongst themselves.
Thus, my Dearly Beloved, we have been successfully neutralized.

Makes Satan’s day, don’t it? 😈

And as a rough indicator as to how far off of the Way either institution has veered – I try to get a sense of how it or it’s membership stands on the highly contentious issue of prenatal infanticide.

That would be “Abortion” to the semi – sensitive, and “A Woman’s Right to Choose” to the absolutely politically correct among us, just so’s you’ll know what I’m writing about here.

And not only the Church and the Party, but our entire American society, as near as I can tell, is split right about down the middle… every bit as much as America was over the institution of slavery back in the 1850’s and ’60s.

And if anyone is at all familiar with American history, you’ll know where that took us.

Funny thing is (well; not so “funny”, really) that both practices are various forms of dehumanization.

The Negro slave was considered “property”, while the human embryo is described as some sort of inconsequential “tissue” to be removed whenever it is determined to be inconvenient.
An enemy usually has to be psychologically “dehumanized” before most of us can bring ourselves to killing him.

What does the Creator of this Universe, the miracle of Life, and our very substance and being think about “dehumanizing” one another, do you suppose?

So; what are we to do about this sad state of affairs?

Is there any hope for the State of Maine… America… the Church of Jesus Christ on Earth?…
Perhaps even Humanity itself?

As the Angel said to St. Lawrence….

“Take up and read.”

(Matthew 16:18)



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  1. Godless American said, on 11/15/2009 at 12:02

    Yes, your interpretation of a fictional book is the only correct one.

    • unclejaque said, on 11/15/2009 at 12:23

      Well Yow-zah, GLA!; I tried to set up a blog here that would indiscriminately contain something to offend nearly everyone, and I see that my lure languished not long in the pond before drawing some action!

      One of the great things about Freedom is that we get to choose what we accept as “Truth” and reject as “Fiction”.
      I have my paradigm of reality and obviously you have an alternate one. You’ve got your reasons and I’ve got mine…
      That’s what makes the World such an interesting place, isn’t it?

  2. Godless American said, on 11/16/2009 at 09:49

    Yes, but ‘facts’ don’t change no matter what it is that you freely believe.

    You haven’t offended me. You amuse me.

    • unclejaque said, on 11/16/2009 at 11:04

      Imagine that! A “Liberal” and a “Conservative” agree on something!

      Regardless of whether we conceive “Truth” to be a philosophical or personal entity, it knows full well what it / He is, and the rest of us grope around in our own mortal darkness in search of it/Him (in a gender neutral sense I suppose) comprehending, for the most part I opine, our unique, individual relationship with it/Him which is, for most of us anyway, continually evolving.

      In my case, I believe that I have “found” the Truth in Yeshua Messiah – yet my comprehension of and relationship with Him is far from perfect.

      I think that most of us have an innate sense for the universal standards of moral and philosophical polarity (“Good” vs. “Evil” etc.), yet we find widely divergent paths in which to pursue it, as well as unique ways in which we perceive it.
      Some choose rather than to seek it, to escape it.

      It isn’t all that often that I encounter a “Liberal” who is willing to engage in civil, rational dialog – but it is refreshing when we do.

      In my experience, when one of us “Conservatives” refuse to accept their premise, they start exuding venom from every pore and throwing furniture at us…. figuratively and/or verbally, for the most part, thankfully.

      It may come as a surprise that my Mother was a card carrying Socialist back in the 1930s and remained sympathetic to the cause throughout her life. I didn’t really get “political” to speak of until I was in my 20s, and have been what you’d call “conservative” as long as I can remember – not because it was popular, hip, or “in” (it wasn’t) but because it made sense to me. Mom and I had some interesting discussions yet still managed to get along just fine, respecting one another’s opinions despite our ideological differences.

      There’s a really good reason why “politics” and “religion” are taboo subjects of discussion in polite society, and it’s few who can sustain positive relationships in the maelstrom of negative energy which is so apt to erupt from those explosively volatile subjects.

      One of the most interesting guys I know was an original Member of “VietNam Veterans for Peace” in the ’60s, hung out with John Kerry, was under investigation by the FBI and the whole bit. He probably smoked some weed with Billy Ayers and company on occasion. He is still proudly Communist, but isn’t shy about explaining his rationale. A fascinating student of History, he’s educated me quite a bit as to the abuses of corrupt capitalism which justified, at least in theory, the rise of socialism. His Father fought rather by accident in the Spanish Civil War and so has some insight as to that whole deal.

      We’ve spent hours in engaging conversation which, despite our significant differences, I’ve enjoyed thoroughly. Sad to say I have not heard from him in some time, and wonder if the deepening division in our society might have claimed our friendship among it’s victims.

      I consider it a compliment that I amuse you; we could all probably use a little more sense of humor these days.

      Back when I did the radio gig, we subscribed to the same policy that a lot of conservative talk radio hosts have so successfully used for years – it is not only entirely possible, but highly advantageous if we can make our point without boring our audience to death doing it. As Co-Host, I served as the “comedy relief” a good deal of the time while the Host was the “Straight man”. We were immensely popular for a couple of hicks from the boondocks and enjoyed very favorable ratings in our time slot.

      Commentators such as “Rush” have often observed how Liberals don’t seem to have much of a sense of humor, and seem to exist in a state of perpetual indignation. How can you be happy if you’re angry all the time? (I’m being generic here – pls. don’t take it personally as I have no way of knowing how your moods run). His observations have been pretty consistent with mine as well as most of my ideological peers.

      Perhaps if in “amusing” you we can help pull you out of a “Bah; Humbug” rut, we might be doing everyone a favor. That would suit me just fine, Godless.

  3. Godless American said, on 11/17/2009 at 16:42

    A sense of humor is a wonderful thing. Rush, to me, isn’t funny about a thing. Maybe his jokes would have been funny 50 years ago when it was socially acceptable because of a collective ignorance and fear of anything ‘different’ to be racist, sexist, and discriminatory but not today.

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