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The Link Between Slavery and Abortion;

Posted in SANCTITY of LIFE by Uncle Jaque on 11/15/2009

(From an E-mail of 04/07/08)

I don’t know if you subscribe to the Columbia Christians for Life e-mail periodical   CCL@ChristianLifeandLiberty.net  or not, but I’m passing this article along for your info in case you don’t.

(Commentary on article:)

I have long maintained that there is a distinct connection between slavery and abortion; they both deny the Humanity of a person.  “Dehumanizing” is what a soldier has to mentally and emotionally do before most of them can bring themselves to kill another human being; we have to think of them as a “Gook” or “Nazi” etc. – anything other than a fellow “Man”.
Pardon my use of an offensive yet historical term, but in the Old South a slave was usually referred to as a “Nigger” or “Boy” – his or her divinely granted HUMANITY denied them, in their legal, social, and spiritual status being forcibly demeaned from “Person” to “property”.
Various other forms of tyranny do pretty much the same thing.
The Nazis certainly did it to the Jews, and militant Moslems routinely do it to whoever they happen to consider to be “Infidels” or “Kafir” (dogs), and thus worthy of  slaughter.

Right here in the supposed “Home of the Free” we routinely do it with institutional abandon to the Unborn, whom we seem to consider to be “fetuses” or “tissue masses” (like a tumor of some sort) – anything but a fellow Human Being with all of the hope, potential, and opportunity that God seeks to grant all of His Creation.

Scripture suggests that before a person or a people sin, the sin’s intention begins “in the heart” – or by implication, perhaps, the inner consciousness.   Yeshua Messiah expounded this truth in his sermons, as recorded in Mark 7:  21-3.

By replacing such terms as “Baby” with a less personal “Fetus” or “Black Man” (not that I’m all that comfortable with any of our PC terms for racial distinctives) with “Nigger” etc. in our common lexicon, do we, individually or collectively, commit a sin by initiation, even if not by actual execution?

When God / YHWH commanded “Thou shalt not kill”, did He imply;  “Thou shalt not dehumanize” as well?

No legislature, or Congress, or government can grant “Personhood”  to a pre-born Human Being, as this measure seems to attempt to do.

Our almighty, eternal living YHVH has already done that in His divine act of Creation.

Woe be to any who would deny their Brother, or Sister… or especially the most innocent among us, the yet unborn…
that precious, sacred status.

An Ancestor wrote home while he was a Union Soldier during the American Civil War that he was convinced that the horrendous tragedy and destruction brought on by that conflict (around 660,000 Americans killed or died of disease, many more – probably in the millions – chronically ill, maimed, blind, and/or insane) … was no less than God’s judgment on America for the sins of both the North and the South, and that “…These sins will not be purged but by blood.”

As it was for slavery, will it be for abortion as well?

If not, then God probably owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.

4G&C  ~

“Jaque” Clarke


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