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To Bale, or to Bail?

Posted in ISRAEL, State of Maine by Uncle Jaque on 11/19/2009

Recent dialog on a local forum – Mr. C., having experienced multiple difficulties trying to make a living and support a family in Maine, is finally abandoning the Marxist State of Maine for a new start in Tennessee.

In his posting, he offers some of his rationale for his relocation:

ME Omelet – Reply to C**O 11/18/09

C**O Posted:
subject:   Were you expecting a different result?
PostPosted: Nov 16th, ’09, 08:31

“Hope” is an odd attribute…. seems that I had been “hoping” Maine would become a sucessful place for a long time and realized last winter than no matter how badly I wanted to stay here waiting for positive change was never gonna happen.

I admire those of you who still HOPE for a different Maine, who collect signitures on petitions, attend tax rallies etc. but really all you get is some temporary feel good and more false hope.

Will TSHTF? Eventually; perhaps not during my lifetime.

The VOTE earlier this month here in Maine totally illustrates that MOST Mainers who actually vote like taxation the way it is now, that they like big government, runaway funding of social programs and growing the “non-profit” sector. …

So now comes “healthcare reform”… and I live in Maine where the politicos have already destroyed the system… TN is likely to OPT OUT so perhaps I’ll be safe from government intrusion concerning my health.

In TN I will need only work ONE DAY per week to pay our bills…. I have no savings, no 401K or investments…. had I worked as hard anywhere else I would be extremely wealthy by now but instead I hurt myself paying the bills grinding out a living where there has never been tons of lucrative work.

…. You might all consider living the remaining days you have in a place that respects you financially and politically… yeah I suppose Maine is Home… but the very definition of HOME should be a place where you are safe, secure and unafraid….

America was settled by those seeking a better life; over time American pioneers settled beyond the colonies… wanna see HAPPY PEOPLE and be a happy person? Move to a red state while  you still can.”

************ My Response: ***************

It’s a tough call to determine at what point we must stop bailing the old scow out, recognize reality, and man the lifeboats while we still can.

With the recent off year elections suggesting that we may be seeing a re-awakening of the old American Spirit as an unintended blow-back from the Obama Syndicate’s headlong rush to communist dictatorship and global police state tryanny, we might sense a glimmer of hope.

We have, however, seen such little glimmers here before, and yet still here we are.

Some National Republicans (I doubt if the State GOP had anything to do with it) have been pushing Dean Scontras to take another shot at it in 2012.   I wish him luck, but quite frankly I fully expect to see Jesus Christ coming in all of his glory with legions of Angels before we ever see a fiscally responsible, ethical, honest, conservative politician elected to anything beyond the occasional token State House position from the Commonwealth of Maine.

Speaking of Messiah’s return; it will probably happen in Jerusalem, Israel.  Israel is currently welcoming, we are told, Americans who can teach.  You can get a passport and go for a visit, and if things work out just never come back.

Israel might just be the last relatively “free” civilization on Earth very soon, if it isn’t already.  If the sandhats in fact do manage to nuke it, I want to be at ground zero on the Temple Mount in Old Jerusalem – but for a number of reasons, I don’t really think that it’s going to end that way (I read the Book).

Were it not for my remaining Family – predominantly Domestic Management (who does a pretty good job keeping me out of serious trouble), Daughter & family (2 precious little Grandkids) here, the People’s Communist Non-Republic of New England would very likely already be in my rear view mirror, and if I wasn’t set up in a relatively free State like TN (I liked it down there when I last passed through in ’70) then the old US of A would be fading fast astern as well.

Viva Yisrael, Baby!  😀    I’m ordering my Hebrew Rosetta Stone CD!

(I already have an old IDF K-98 Mauser in 7.62 NATO (.308), but doubt that they’d let me take it along…)


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