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Caution: Bonethrowing Senators!

Posted in POLITICS, RANTS, REPUBLICAN PARTY by Uncle Jaque on 11/27/2009

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Will Maine senators blindly follow Reid on ObamaCare?

Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 11:49:50 -0600

From: Grassfire.org To: From the Desk of: Steve Elliott, President, Grassfire.org Alliance

Harry Reid is forcing 60 senators to blindly follow him and bring ObamaCare to the Senate floor without having ever seen the health care bill! See below. –Steve

Comments by “Uncle Jaque”:

I fully expect SNOWE to vote for it, and probably COLLINS will too. The Commucrats can always rely on traitor / turncoat SNOWE when they really need a Pinko elephant defector to roll over for them, and usually COLLINS will roll belly – up right along with her.

Of course if the vote is going down by too much of a margin for their seditious votes to count for the Marxist mobster pigs, then they will throw their own party and “conservatives” a bone by voting as if they were loyal Republicans just to make it and their voting record look nice, and to keep the GOP money rolling in.

I rather suspect they make a lot more off of the leftist special interest lobby in bribes than they ever do from their own constituency though. How many $Millions is SNOWE worth now? Did she actually earn it, inherit it, or does all that money just “accumulate”?

I don’t know for sure but expect that they both voted to confirm David HAMILTON to the 7th Circut Court of Appeals in Indiana today.

(Later note: apparently they voted against confirmation, but I suspect that it was only another “Bonethrow” vote once it was obvious that the Dems were going to confirm him with or without them. )

He’s the former ACLU and ACORN schlubb who prohibited the mention of the name of Jesus or the display of a Menorah in public buildings, but has no problem at all with the proclamation of Allah and Muhummet in the same hallowed spaces.

He’s also a big fan of prenatal infanticide, just like our Senatorial Sisters, who have never seen an abortion they didn’t like.

They also voted to confirm bigot, abortionist, judicial activist and Hispanic supremacist racist LA RAZA (“The Race”) Member SOTAMAYOR to the Supreme Court a couple of months ago, as I expected they would. I can only surmise that they share Obama’s utter contempt of the U.S. Constitution and the founding principles of our Nation.

Obama is turning the entire Judicial branch into an instrument of radical Communism, and Maine’s RINO Queens are obviously just fine with that. These Commie creeps (from BOTH parties) keep ramming this crap at us so fast and frequently, usually under cover of darkness and a cloak of intrigue and secrecy that it’s all the American people can do to try to respond to it before they can slip it up our rumps, rob us blind and lock their chains around our necks before we know what hit us.

I think that we’re way overdue for a good revolt; hopefully a bloodless one, but don’t count too much on it – before they get their foreign mercenary army of New World Order thugs together to kill off about 30% of us and disarm / round up and enslave the crushed or compliant survivors. Think that’s crazy, do you? Read your damn HISTORY and get back to me then!

These POLITICIANS are beginning to really P!$$ me OFF!!!


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