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John Bolton Was Right

Posted in POLITICS, RANTS by Uncle Jaque on 11/27/2009

JERUSALEM, Israel November 24, 2009

John Bolton Was Right After All


(Article at linked site)

Always liked BOLTON.  He’s an honest, intelligent, stand up kind of guy.  Too honest, I’m afraid, to go much of anywhere in politics.

G.W. Bush made a “Recess appointment” to put him in as Ambassador to the UN while the Congress was taking a break, because he knew that they would never allow such a Conservative to be confirmed to any significant government post.
Boy; were they ever pissed?!!!    (  Dems-> >:o       😀   <-Me )

At the end of Bolton’s term, Bush didn’t even bother to re-nominate him and Bolton didn’t ask, as they both knew that the Democrats and RINOs in the Senate would cream him like they did Judge BORK when he was nominated to the Supreme Court.  Ain’t NO WAY!

It wouldn’t hurt my feelings any to see Bolton eventually playing a part in a future Conservative / Constitutional (not necessarily “Republican” at this point, sad to say) Administration.
Secretary of State comes to mind.

Now as to “What’s going on?”;

I think that the lamestream media expected Obama to pay them off / bail them out before now, and they’re getting nervous as their bottom line keeps dwindling along with subscriptions and viewers.
King Barry never expected all of the public “Tea Party” and “9-12’er” blowback from his agenda so far, and probably now pretty well knows what would happen if he and his damned “Equality Czar” got their way and nationalized all US media, forcing it to become a government controlled monopoly propaganda system for the State dictatorship.   Now that Americans are getting educated – in SPITE of the Mobster Teacher’s Union and Communist College cabal – we won’t stand for that crap any more!

Now that the media is feeling hung out to dry in an increasingly educated and pissed off environment where they might actually have to sort of engage the free market economy and produce a product that people are WILLING to buy, rather than being FORCED to buy or subsidize at federal gun point, they might have to actually start reporting what the People want for a change – like what’s really happening, in stead of all of that bull shit that the Ruling Elite want to brainwash and manipulate us with.

That big Mammy gub’mint Obamatitty they were counting on to keep them alive may not be forthcoming after all.

It’s a real dilemma for king O. and press alike – and I LOVE it!

The PC mouthpieces and scandal rags are going to have to shape up or ship out; cut the bullshit and stick to the FACTS in order to successfully COMPETE in a free market place (like America was supposed to be) or go out of business like those “too big to fail” banks and GM should have done.

As the PC media continues to free fall like a pig who jumped off of the Brooklyn Bridge while FOX and Conservative talk radio thrives and prospers, the lamestreams are going to have some tough decisions to make; keep waiting for their long time Master “Progressive” Big greedy corrupt criminal Government to come to their rescue, and risk joining the ever increasing ranks of the unemployed  when their trust is betrayed, or put away that little red book of “the Thoughts of Mao” and start acting like Americans… For a change.

4G&C  ~  UJ


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