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ME GOP; Is It Salvagable?

Posted in REPUBLICAN PARTY by Uncle Jaque on 11/27/2009

In response to “Dogsrule”‘s request:

” Jaque, I am asking you to participate in the kennebec County Republican meetings. ”

I replied:

Well, fancy that!

I got involved in Republican politics some years ago, joining others of like ideology to try to rescue the party from the inside.

Was active in the Yarmouth Town Committee while we lived in Yarmouth, and did a stint or two on the Cumberland Co. Repub. Committee as well as having been a delegate to the State Convention at least twice and helped cover it once as a radio Journalist – so I’m no stranger to party machinations by any means.

Have worked / volunteered on a stack of campaigns, and put up a lot of road signs – then tore ’em down again after our Candidate rather predictably lost to a commucrap.

After the Constitution Party thing fizzled out, I re- registered as a ‘Pub in order to support Constitutional Candidates like Tancredo and Ron Paul, and connected to the Monmouth Committee – such as it was – attending the last State GOP Caucus in Augusta.

After Obibo and Komrades bought the election after the “Big Tent” GOP sabotaged all of their Conservative Candidates and anointed McLame as their Nominee, I again gave up on the Party that had once more abandoned me, and dropped out of sight, as far as “Party” politics are concerned.

Besides, I was getting really burned out on it all.

Oly Snowe OWNS the ME Republican Party, and she and her ‘moderate’ cronies are not about to share it with a bunch of ‘Right wing-extremists’ – particularly those of us who think that pre born human beings actually have a right to be born. That’s pretty radical thinking in this State, you know!

As a Conservative you will be used as a pack mule and tapped as a donor during the campaign season, but when the real deals are going down you will find yourself marginalized, overlooked and bypassed pretty regularly. About the best we’ve been able to do is to be a general pain in the ass to the Jay Rockefeller Country-Club blue blood “big tent” go-along-git-along party ruling elite .

That won’t get our traditional American values agenda very far of course, but it can be mildly amusing now and again.

Expect to be marginalized – they will hold meetings without telling you where they are or when, or change plans behind your back so you’ll show up when nobody is there, and they’ll be passing their agenda elsewhere without your vote. Oh yeah; it happens all the time. Expect it. Learn to work from the margins and deal with the intrigue, backstabbing, and personal sabotage.
They play dirty; be creative. 😉

These people do not tolerate dissent or competition well at all, and if anyone threatens their power or control over things (like our kid’s education, particularly) they can become very nasty.

But I have been known to rouse a wee bit of rabble myself from time to time in my day… 😉 …At my first convention I think that I completely embarrassed the Yarmouth delegation – all of them pretty “progressive” – by taking my voting cues from a strongly Conservative Friend in the Androscoggin Committee instead of our Cumberland Co. Leader – at least after I started catching on to the game anyway.

I do get regular e-mails from Kim Davis of the Kennebec Co. Committee with notices about meetings etc, and I do correspond with her on occasion.
Have sometimes wondered if I ought to go to a meeting and get back into it, but I’m still feeling way burnt out, frankly.

If the Lord really wants me to pick myself up, dust myself off, come out of retirement (again) and have another go at it, He has his ways of letting us know.

From a susequent e-mail:

DR: ” As far as the Republican Party goes you are right again. There has never been such a great opportunity for Conservatives to take that Party back. I say we kick the middle of the roaders down the road as far as we can. The problem has been that no one else but them have been going to the meetings so of course nothing went in any other direction but theirs. Well hang on to your asses boys this wagon is going for a ride!!”

UJs Response:

Hang on tight – it’s going to be interesting.

Not all of the blame for our Country’s decline towards the communist abyss lies with the moonbats, you know; We whine and bitch about how they have infiltrated and taken over all of the key institutions in our society (just like Stalin told them to do so long ago – it’s no secret) but I have to give them credit; they are willing to WORK at it, and regardless of any delay or setback, they NEVER give up!

They volunteer for the jobs that no one else wants, like being on the PTA, the School Board, Board of Selectmen, Church leadership. These institutions are more than glad to have them, because they are willing to contribute their time, talents, money and energy, even as they work their way up through the hierarchy of influence until they displace the “Old Guard” and take over. Then they open the gates wide to their moonbat Komrades who come swarming in from all over the place and make the hijacking complete and irreversible. After a while they, now a distinct majority, figure out ways to “purge” their conquest of any residual hold-outs and dissidents and are very selective about who gets in to replace them.
Try to get a job as a Professor in a liberal University (like most of them are and have been for generations – one of Communism’s first objectives) for example, when you are an outspoken pro-Life Christian Conservative. Good luck!

Once they take an institution, be it a bank, a church, a school, a labor Union, political party or a government over they slam the door shut behind them before “we” get a clue and try to use their own tactics to re-take lost ground.

Despite that obvious handicap, I think we have to consider their tactics in our attempt to take our Country back.
Although most Conservatives work for a living and don’t have as much time on their hands as a lot of moonbats, professional Students or people who vote for a living do, we need to go the extra mile with that old Yankee work ethic.

Conservatives need to put down the remote and sacrifice a football game or two in order to be at the School Board meeting to hear what’s going on and who the movers and shakers in our community are, and where they are taking us, our tax money – and our kids.

Actually, with an apparent major national backlash from Obumbo’s absurd abuse of our national treasure, economy and Constitution, we just might stand half a chance of it this time.
Christian Conservatives may never get another opportunity like this to re-take our party.
Even with a major idealogical sea change like this though, it’s going to be a rather long uphill shot – especially in a commie-controlled and corrupt State like Maine.

G: We stand a better chance making the changes we need from inside the Party than by trying to start a new Party from the ground up.

That is a popular theory, and those who espouse it have some salient points upon which to advance it.

A lot of us have been trying that internal revolution tactic for years only to be thwarted at every turn, all of our efforts having ended as mere studies in bitter futility. After years of beating the proverbial dead horse – or in this case a dead elephant – it is tempting to pronounce the old elephant clinically dead and consider starting over again.
Alas; History has seldom anointed that plan with much success either, sad to say.

As much as I resonate with the CP platform, I just don’t see it as being politically viable in our lifetimes.

> Besides, we don’t have that kind of time. Please help out if you would. … It would have warmed your heart to see the turn out at the last meeting on Wednesday evening. Usually 20 people go there and they all are “middle of the road” types. Don’t rock the boat and all that crap. Wednesday 70 people turned out and they were not a happy group. They wanted Conservatism and they wanted it now!

Keep that ol’ boat a-rockin’, Matey!

> I hope that I can count on my core of believers to get this job done as soon as possible.

Well, I will definitely take that request under advisement and consider it the next time I hear from Kim about an upcoming meeting. After all those years of sowing hatred, discord and conservatism amidst the ME GOP, it would be extremely gratifying to see what might be considered to be some of that seed finally bearing fruit – the sweet fruit of Liberty!

Nobody said that a revolution – even a hopefully peaceful and bloodless one – was going to be easy.

But if we give a damn about our kid’s future, and their inheritance of Liberty, then it’s time that those of us who are still able get to work.

Besides; If there is no uncertain hell to be raised in Ol’ Oly Snowe’s private personal party of prenatal infanticide, I’d kind of hate to miss out on the fun! 😛

Look fwd. 2 Cing U soon, Podnah!

Your Bro. in Christ ~ “Jaque”


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