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Obama Keeping Lid on Military?

Posted in MILITARY by Uncle Jaque on 11/27/2009


Palin limits crowd interaction (Has To) at NC’s Fort Bragg

MIKE BAKER – 11/23/2009 7:53:54 PM //

Given the level of PC in the military now, I’m surprised that they even let her in at all.

I understand she was strictly ordered not to even discuss politics or the issues while on base.  I think Obama wants to keep the military in the dark as much as possible.

Also, I think that he knows how unpopular he is in the military – that’s why I think he intends to GET RID of them one way or another and replace them with his foreign mercenary army which will have no problem with torturing, plundering, and killing American Citizens who try to resist his “martial law” enroute to dictatorship.    I think that those Hamas thugs he recently imported over here from Gaza are for just that purpose – a relatively small part of it anyway.  His handlers and comrades have  probably been setting up his well trained and dedicated Muslim army in among us for years, waiting for their orders.

I think that Barry will turn on our military before they wake up and turn on him – then he’ll turn on US.


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