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Should the victims of Fort Hood receive a Purple Heart?

Posted in MILITARY by Uncle Jaque on 11/27/2009


Poll: Should the victims of Fort Hood receive a Purple Heart?


I didn’t see a place to vote “HELL YES!” but I did the best I could.

Surprised to see that not that many agreed with me though.

We are in a war that has no “front lines” or demarcated fields of battle. The Islamofascist enemy (who i have no doubt the Traitor Islamofascist “major” Nidal Hussan-whatever is an established member of) can strike anytime, anywhere and anyhow they have an opportunity – and they have plenty of them.

I’m really ripped that all of the Soldiers at Ft. Hood – or at least at the scene of the attack – were disarmed, and had to rely on civilian security police to defend them – after waiting for them to get there, allowing the lone Traitor and enemy plant to wreak his mayhem without having to worry about any effective resistance. He was probably able to inflict more casualties in that environment than a whole Company of his more heavily armed Jihad “Brothers” could have in theater with the troops properly equipped and prepared for battle.

There have already been a couple of Jihad attacks on US bases intercepted, and yet our military apparently failed to expect that they just might keep on trying!

When, if ever, is our military “leadership” (and from what I’m seeing I use that term rather loosely) ever going to LEARN???!!!

Again; “Political Correctness” KILLS!

Our government does not even trust our military on stateside posts with guns any more?! What are they going to do if they do arm them – march on Washington and overthrow the unconstitutionally enthroned Communist/Muslim Jihadist dictator and his Chicago – born organized criminal syndicate who are currently doing all they can do to destroy America from within our own government?

…Oh; wait….. :-\

….Never mind…



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