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C. W. wrote:


(what) Friend “Mel” Fwdd:

From Dr. Orly Taitz Esquire’s Site

Extremely important!

Help me build a case of public corruption with Public integrity Unit of DOJ

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Public Integrity section of DOJ is responsible for prosecution of corrupt public officials in all branches and all levels of the government up to the President.

Stop whining, roll your sleeves and let’s move on this front. I need you to prepare a complaint demanding criminal investigation and prosecution of each corrupt judge, assistant US attorney, FBI agent, Social security Administration official so on.


What the hell do we do?

My response, Jan 4 2010:

I dunno, really; punt?

Have sort of been hoping that God might drop us a clue.

In my more pious moments I try to pray about it.
Don’t know where you stand on that sort of thing, but do as your conscience suggests and the Spirit leads, i suppose.

I read somewhere where some fellow codger observed that America is in one of those awkward periods of it’s history, when it’s too late to vote the bastards out but too early to start shooting and hanging them.

There might be something to that, I suppose.
I rather speculate that we may be in for some rough times before we get to the final resolution phase though.
History does not suggest that the ultimate normative outcome of a breakdown of society and government leading to a revolt, revolution, or civil war is anything near what most of it’s survivors would call completely positive, the French and Russian Revolutions perhaps being a couple of the more salient examples.
Our American Revolution seems to have been one of the notable exceptions to the general rule, and even that was pretty touch and go for a while there even after the Constitution was ratified.

In the final counting, if full accounting of the cumulative gore and wreckage may be made, and if it ever really ends, it may be hard if not impossible to determine who has suffered or exacted the superior body count or gallons of blood letting, much less whose ideals have ultimately triumphed when the smoke finally clears. Usually the buzzards feed well on both sides, and the smart money is not on the good guys – If indeed they may be discerned from the “bad guys” – ending up on top… or even on top of the ground.

Scholars still debate as to exactly what the last Civil War (1861-5) really accomplished – if much of anything other than the slaughter of around 660,000 Americans and the destruction of much of the South.
The South never got it’s “States Rights” and thanks to alcoholic and stereotypically corrupt democrat Johnson and his KKK terrorist thugs the Blacks didn’t really get “emancipated” much to speak of for at least another century.
As far as the “Preservation of the Union” goes, a lot of Americans, including the descendants of Yankees, might be having second thoughts about that in light of the federal tyranny being currently forced on the Subjects of every State in blatant defiance of Federal and State Constitiutions. I know i do.

Hopefully restorative change can happen without a great deal of blood letting, as once a pissing contest between the Rulers and the Subjects goes tactical, it tends to go to shit rather rapidly.

Currently, rapid developments of the “One World Order”, “Global Community” or whatever you want to call it are upping the ante dramatically, and whatever residual rights we retain as American “Citizens” (Subjects) may well be soon swallowed up by the global juggernaut, leaving us with but two options; submission and conformity or death. There may or may not be a hell of a lot that we are going to be able to do about it.

Actually the Bible has predicted just such a development a couple of thousand years ago or more.
Some are convinced that we are living in the fulfillment of these ancient prophecies, while others point out that people were convinced of the advent of such apocalyptic events as the “Rapture”, the “Tribulation” “Armageddon”
or the “Second Coming” at many points in our history over the millenia, particularly during the First and Second World Wars and were, of course, disappointed. So this may just be another false alarm.

On the other hand, I observe certain detailed global alignments both political and spiritual which strongly suggest that at no other time in History since the proclamation of said prophecies have all the elements prerequisite to their fulfillment been in place as much as they are now. If anyone is really interested in the details, I or some of my contacts can refer to a bunch of credible online resources that lay them out pretty convincingly – not the least of which are the Holy Scriptures themselves.

Only God knows for sure, but things are lining up in ways that cannot possibly be rationally attributed to “coincidence” IMHO. Something momentous is most certainly up. It may not and probably won’t be particularly pleasant, but it darn sure will be interesting. That’s why I frequently end my e-mail missives with “Stay Tuned”; we don’t want to miss it, whatever it is.

The next time the proverbial shit hits the fan here on Planet Earth, it very well may be demon shit, and it may be running into the Angel’s fan. Anyone remaining alive will no doubt take notice, and remember it well.

So, my Highly Esteemed and Dearly Beloved….

…. Stay tuned.

4G&C ~ “Jaque” from ME


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