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Me, Tea, and Mr. STEELE;

Posted in POLITICS, RANTS by Uncle Jaque on 03/23/2010

A Friend asked:

What do you think of this article:

RNC Takes Down Tea Party Web Site

UJ Responds:

Is the TeaParty co-opting the GOP or is it the other way around?
What does Sarah Palin have to do with it?
It seems to be a rather awkward relationship of late.

I definitely think that Chairman STEEL has to go if the GOP is to realize anything near it’s potential given the current opportunity that the incompetent, corrupt and tyrannical Democrats have inadvertently handed us.
The last straw for me was when Steele stated that anyone who disagreed with his policy was RACIST.   Now who have we seen pulling that card out of his ass not long ago?

If the Chairman can jump to such conclusions about me, then I’ll jump to my own about him:
Steele is an incompetent racist RINO Putz – he’s gotta go.

So there.

It remains to be seen if we are going to get a conquest of the Teapers by the Republican Party establishment elite, or the other way around – or a stalemate that neuters the current Conservative initiative all together.

Is it possible that we might grow some sort of consensus, develop a state of conciliation, or build a working coalition?

Will we compete with or compliment one another?  Will the Tea Party movement fall into bickering amongst ourselves over who the “Leader/s” is / are (several people seem to lay claim to that distinction while many “Teapers” insist that we have no “leader” per se.) or how to define ourselves?  Will fringe element “Kooks” discredit the movement and impeach our collective credibility?
Don’t forget;  these “Kooks” can be planted by the opposition for just that very purpose, and they usually succeed in getting most of the media’s attention while misrepresenting and embarassing the targeted group.

Personally, I opine that we’d better find some way to put aside our superficial differences, personality conflicts and ego trips and work together if anything is going to get done in regards to restoring our Republic to the proud, free, and prosperous Nation that it once was, and was originally established to be.

The GOP State Convention should be interesting – stay tuned!

4G&C  ~  UJ


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