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Maine couple kicked out of US While Obama’s Illegal Aunt STAYS!

Posted in IMMIGRATION by Uncle Jaque on 07/09/2010

Some recent correspondence regarding immigration news:

Gayle F.  wrote:



*Established Maine couple kicked out of US*

**A York county couple, originally from England, is about to be kicked out of the country.
For a decade, Dean and Laura frank built up “Laura’s Kitchen,” a small, but popular local restaurant in Wells, now shuttered and for sale.
That’s because the “E-2” visa they’d legally had for years — twice renewed with no problem– was suddenly denied last year.
The reason — an immigration case worker in California reviewing their numbers declared their business “marginal,” not profitable enough, even though they made enough to run the business, live virtually debt free and employ local people part-time.
They are now in the country on a temporary tourist visa, trying to wrap up their affairs and sell their properties — while desperately hoping for an unexpected reprieve.



The Franks from England don’t fit the demographic profile of what Obama and his “Multi-Culti” Party want to change the present USA into. They’re too Anglo-Saxon, probably Christian, and gasp, can even speak English and are able to fend for themselves without living off of tax-money supplied by the Democratic Party. Can’t have that! Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder: Call your office and get ICE over here immediately. But forget about the border and sue AZ.

Gayle F.

My response:
My sentiments EXACTLY, Gayle.

What really frosts me is that this working, productive, contributing couple are getting the bum’s rush while Obama’s illegal immigrant Aunt who I don’t think ever worked a day in America and has been squatting in public assistance housing, living off of welfare and ignoring several deportation orders for years, gets a complete pass.

Apparently prejudice, discrimination, and persecution are all OK now… as long as the victims of it are WHITE Christian or Jewish people.

I’m wondering when they are going to start rounding up and deporting American Citizens who don’t toe the Obama party line, worship Allah, or are of the “wrong” color?   Are we going to have our citizenship revoked if we’re not a dues paying Union Member or registered Democrat voters?

Where are they going to deport us TO?  An abandoned salt mine somewhere?

Just when we think we’ve seen things get about as absurd as they possibly can….  Surprise!

No doubt there will be loyal foreign imported democrat voters happy to inhabit our vacated homes and drive our cars around once we are “dealt with”.     Where the regime is going to get the money to support these hoards of rental Constituents & useful idiots for the rest of their lives remains a mystery to me.
If history is any indicator however, once their usefulness to the ruling elite has expired…

…So will they.

Ya know, there might still be a few Americans left here and there who won’t take kindly to being dragged out of their homes and “deported”, and just might put up a bit of a fuss over it.

How much further are they going to push us?



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