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Instant Voting Bloc for the Left?

Posted in IMMIGRATION, ISLAM & JIHAD, POLITICS by Uncle Jaque on 07/09/2010

Sent on 6/23/10:

Melody wrote:

Rush said that Obama is looking at a friggin Executive Decision to make all illegal slime, citizens!
I Replied:

He might as well just make an “Executive Order” declaring himself dictator / Emperor / Ceaser of Amerika for life.  Why the hell not?

The Legislative and Judaical branches of government have been rendered essentially moot and irrelevant.
They might as well just pack up and go home.   They are nothing more than theatrical window dressing at this point.

We are now looking at tyranny or a bloody revolt square in the face.  And Islam lies lurking in the shadows like a predatory snake getting ready to strike after we get done bleeding each other in a nasty civil war.

Interesting seminar down in Arundel last night with Avi Lipkin.   Lots of stuff is coming down this summer according to him – hang on to your hat!

Gen. McChrystal resigned, as I’m sure Obama had demanded.   I hope that he and other patriotic Officers who have been forced out of the military by the PC regime organize, train and lead a National people’s Militia to rise up and take our Nation back before its too late.

Hey IVAN;  Are you going to come round US up, or are WE coming to round YOU up, Komrade?
Crack another fifth of vodka, light up another cigarette and think about it why don’t ya?

Last night Avi told us that the Muslims are all ready to jump, start exterminating Christians and Jews, and take Amerika over.   Obama IS a Moslem just like we have known all along, and has been bragging about it in Egyptian speeches carried on Al Jizera TV and other Arabic media.     The moonsquat barbarians have us all set up in a trap and are all ready to spring it.   Will we be as easy to slaughter as they seem to think we will be?

Avi says probably August at the latest.    Get ready for it. In order to maintain and secure their power they must not and will not let the American people vote in November.

Later.  J


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