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AZ “Wetbacks”; To Flee or to Hang In There?

Posted in IMMIGRATION, RANTS by Uncle Jaque on 07/11/2010
J. A. D.  wrote:

At least the wetbacks are leaving Arizona ahead of the law at the end of this month …..

UJs Response:
So we’ve heard.

I wonder, though, if some of them are going to hold on for a while now to see how the Obama / Holder law suit works out in negating the law or imposing an injunction against it’s enforcement & for how long, or if the Emperor simply issues a royal edict / Executive Order “deeming” amnesty to be in effect and about 25 million foreign invaders granted instant US voting privileges before they sombrero up and head South?   Do ya think that might effect the outcome of the November elections… and the fate of our Nation?

Some people are saying that if he does that then it will be civil war… but they said that about Obamacare too, but he, Pelosi and the gang went right ahead and jammed that up Uncle Sam’s ass and narry a shot was fired over it that I’m aware of.   A bit of a yelp and some moaning perhaps, but no tooth was bared nor hackle raised.

The American people have obviously become well domesticated, dependent, and accustomed to abuse at the hands of our government Masters.

If the regime can summarily steal all upcoming elections and render the will of the American People moot, will the generally white / christian / working class America do what the “minorities” and muslims always do when they don’t get their way, or will we just bend over, grab the ankles, and get used to submitting to Sharia, dhimmitude, tyranny and slavery (unto death)?

It appears that Ayatolla Kommieheinie over in Iran has pretty effectively crushed the popular resistance over there after their regime presumably stole their last election, so I guess OBozo figures that he can exercise his “Chicago Election” option with impunity and do the same to us if we get unrluly over it.

Of course the common Iranians are pretty well disarmed – which is why tyrants (like Mayor / “Boss” DALEY of Chicago) always disarm their subjects “for their own good” of course – and at least SOME Americans still enjoy our God given 2nd Amendment rights, which might make similar repression a little messier for the oppressor over here… but we are probably dealing with a regime that does not mind making a mess if that’s what it takes to get what they want.

Stalin certainly “broke a lot of eggs” in order to make his bloody omelet, and I have no doubt that our current Administrator is perfectly willing to do that and a lot more.   I suspect that they probably have contingency plans in place to tactically negate our civilian access to small arms in an overwhelming way, should they choose to invoke them.

I suspect that they are indeed willing and able; the only factor yet to be revealed, is…   WHEN?

That old Tree of Liberty Jefferson wrote about is looking pretty shabby right about now, isn’t it?



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