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Punishing those who play by the rules / Exile for the Honest, Sanctuary for the vermin.

Posted in IMMIGRATION, State of Maine by Uncle Jaque on 07/11/2010

Maine Voices: Punishing those who play by the rules

Dean and Laura Franks did everything right, but now have to leave the country due to misplaced priorities.




Just another example of the systematic destruction of the free market private sector by our Marxist ruling elite.

They can’t drive productive, educated working Americans out of Maine and America fast enough to suit them, so that they can replace us with hostile foreign “immigrant” Barbarians who might not bother to learn English or ever work a day in their lives, but can be relied upon to vote Democrat early and often for a living (prolifically breeding welfare sponges for life).

I would not be at all surprised if the Baldacci Syndicate put the Californica bureaucrats up to this, so that they can turn the restaurant over to some Somali Muslim to use as a Hallal goat market and welfare money laundering site.

If only the Franks knew who to bribe and how much, they probably wouldn’t have had to go through all this.

Someone from Chicago ought to teach a course on how to survive in business in a completely corruption-driven economy… like Mexico, Chicago’s, or Maine’s.


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