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“Rock Me To Sleep, Mother”

Posted in Antique Music by Uncle Jaque on 07/26/2010

Here’s an old song that was quite popular back during the Civil War, but has faded into complete obscurity today.

Kathi Ryan recorded a version of it set to her own music some years ago but I doubt if many people have heard it.

I have been asked to do the music for a Family Member’s funeral in a couple of weeks, so I’m busting my hump practicing it.   I think that it is ideal for the occasion.  It’s not an easy song to play for a rank fumblefingers, but it’s coming.    It is a really pretty song, IMHO.

The chords are my best guess and are of course subject to tweakage.

If you like antique music and can handle it, by all means give it a go!

"Rock Me To Sleep, Mother"

I capo my guitar up to the third fret to play it in the “G” chord pattern.  It takes a fair amount of vocal range, as a lot of these old songs do, so others may have to find another key that it works in.


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