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Yingset; Yangrise…

Posted in END of the WORLD!!!, PROPHECY, RELIGION by Uncle Jaque on 09/04/2010
olive leaf wrote:

YING has YANG*  –  DoYouSeeThe EXTREME saviour RISING???

J. replies:

Well something is up, that’s for sure!

Whether it’s Yinging  or Yanging I’m not quite sure though…  I sort of swing between despair and hope these days.
As I’ve said before; if I hadn’t read the Book and know how it all comes out in the end, I would be utterly terrified.

Let’s hope that YHVH can draw – or scare – America back to our foundational faith in HIM again without having to resort to the old “Sodom and Gomorrah” technique.   I can’t claim that He wouldn’t be fully justified in doing just that, however.
But for a “Remnant” tenaciously clinging to the Faith of our Forebearers still, I rather expect that He would have already done it by now and we would not be having this conversation.

The fields may truly be white to the harvest, and I rather perceive that they are… but should the Harvestmen tarry much longer, then they shall also be dry for the burning.

The Harvestman ~  Maxfield Parrish

Did the 8-28 Beck “Return to God” rally make any difference?  We’d like to think so – although a lot of Christians are nonplussed as he’s a Mormon, and many Christians don’t accept LDS as fellow Believers and deem him to be an apostate.
I have my significant theological differences with the LDS, but then again I have never met a Mormon I didn’t like… if that counts for anything.

As I recall Biblically, the Antichrist has to rise and do his thing before Yeshua Messiah returns to clean house.
I think that we are probably very close to the prophetic one world dictatorship, but it’s not quite a done deal yet.
People have been “seeing” the end times for around 2000 years now; obviously most if not all of the Disciples and Apostles expected to see it in their lifetimes.   So is this “Really IT”, or just another eschatological false alarm?

Watch and pray and stay tuned, I suppose.

In the meantime I think that I’ve got a lot of catching up and dusting off to do….

SOMETHING is about to happen, for good or ill I’m not quite sure … but we can feel it in the air like an oncoming storm.

….This might not be a bad time to get the hay in, my Beloved…
If it isn’t too late already.





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