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Obama’s Pre-emptive Purge

Posted in ISLAM & JIHAD, MILITARY, RANTS by Uncle Jaque on 12/12/2010

In reply to a couple of forum posting in which Members opined or suggested that a military coup might be justified under current political climate or that “Oath Keepers” would prevent military or civilian Law Enforcement abuse of American Citizens during an “emergency”  –


May 23, 2010:

IMHO the Regime (and I’m not just referring to the current Syndicate, AKA “Administration” here either; it goes waaaay back) is setting our military up to be seriously decimated, if not exterminated, so that they will be unable to defend AMERICANS against the coming Jihad.

In order to prevent a loss of power from an election that they may not be able to steal and which might not go well for the Global Ruling Elite, I expect that some “emergency” – arranged or coincidental – will be exploited in order to impose “martial law” and suspend our Constitution… or what’s left of it.

(well, thank God it didn’t happen in 2010…  2012?)

I’m not counting on our “Oath Keepers” much, since it likely won’t be AMERICAN troops enforcing executive orders on American Civilians… especially Anglos, Christians, and Jews.

Call me a looney conspiracy theorist if you want to; I’m used to it; But there is plenty of what I consider to be compelling evidence to support such speculation.

U.S. Soldiers are totally disarmed stateside unless on a training range, leaving them vulnerable to mass casualty attacks along the order of Nidal Hassan; only he was just ONE Jihaddi working alone.

What could a Company – or given the 35 Jihad training camps here in America and our porous border, a Regiment – of trained, combat hardened and heavilly armed Hamaas or Hezbullah suicide fighters do to a US military base?

How long would “Civilian Contractor Security” police hold out against LMGS, mortars, and RPGs? Our troops would be sitting ducks… or a herd of sheep, all penned in and awaiting the slaughter.

Alas; I opine that that’s exactly what they are supposed to be.

Don’t count out a replay of what Stalin did to about a third of his own Red Army whose loyalty he questioned.
You don’t think that Hussein and his Czars would conduct just such a “Purge” if given the opportunity and felt the need to eliminate the possibility of a coup and maintain their unlawful, unconstitutional, tyrannical rule?

OK; so I’m nutz; but I smell something sinister afoot, and I’m concerned that our US military is being intentionally set up for something.

…And it ain’t gonna be pretty.


Oct. 22, 2010:

If you are implying that a coup may be constitutionally justified if not mandated at this point (And I’m not here to deny that proposition) then I suggest a review of Soviet history on how Joseph STALIN precluded just such an eventuality on a couple of occasions.


Obama and his minions were raised by Communists, you know, and surely know all about Stalin and his tactics – especially his more successful ones… like the purges.

Anyone who doubts that this regime would launch a 21st Century purge against our US Military is not taking the enemy nearly seriously enough, IMHO.

Emperor Hussein does not want to suppliment the Military with his “Domestic Strumabterlung”… he wants to REPLACE it.

The forces which are intended to occupy, disarm, and control the new District of America in the Global New World Order won’t be fellow Americans, dear hearts.
They won’t be saddled with any restrictive “rules of engagement” and won’t care a frip about our “hearts and minds”. They won’t hesitate to torture and / or kill anyone who gets out of line or fails to conform, either.

If you think I’m being paranoid, then you’ve apparently skipped a lot of History… you know; that annoying stuff that keeps repeating itself on those foolish enough to ignore it.

Any loyal American in the Military really needs to be watching their and their buddy’s back IMHO. When the Purge comes, you won’t get much warning.


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