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The Pork Jihad & the Suicide Purge

Posted in Uncategorized by Uncle Jaque on 11/30/2012

In response to:
” Study finds most pork contaminated”

Hmmmm…. I have long suspected that Muslims would get jobs in meat processing plants specifically to contaminate pork products, thus poisoning non Muslims or “less than perfect” Muslims who eat it. Despite all of their ritual dipping and washing, they don’t have a reputation by and large for high levels of personal hygiene.

I’d like someone to test a sample of the water from one of their ritual baths in the public schools and see what kind of germs are breeding in there.

I also suspect that a lot of the deadly MRSA and other “super bug” infections from our Hospitals may not be so accidental – intentionally infected hospital workers, even the Dr. and Nurses, could be intentionally infecting their Infidel patients. How easy would it be?
Has anyone done a medical study to see what % of Muslims patients get infected vs. non Muslims?
Biological Jihad? I for one would not be in the least bit surprised.

Another thing; remember my crazy speculations a while back about the “Zombification” of susceptible individuals by various brainwashing techniques in order to “weaponize” them and set them up to commit murders on behalf of their covert “masters”? The “Batman Killer” seems like a prime suspect, as was the loathsome creature who murdered the Judge and little girl in Colorado, and tried to murder Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords along with them.

Also you may recall my warnings about the impending political “Purge” of our military. Now even Rush is alluding to the purge, as several high ranking Officers have suddenly been “retired” and evicted from their commands. I sensed that the purge would soon turn deadly, as the one initiated by Joe Stalin in the soviet Union did.

Although patriotic and Constitutionally loyal members of our Military have yet to be rounded up, lined up against a wall and mowed down as suspected dissidents in the Red Army were, I have notice a couple of other disturbing trends:

One of them is the increasing number of “Green on Blue” murders perpetrated on our troops in Afghanistan by supposedly “friendly” forces we are training and working with.
Has anyone investigated the background of the victims? Do they have anything in common beyond their military affiliation?
Are these murders all that “random” after all?
How many of them are registered to vote – for which party? what races are they? What religions do they subscribe to? Are these ratios consistent with the overall ratios of all troops in theater? How are any evident discrepancies explained?

Are we seeing a selective, covertly directed “Purge by Jihad”? Are our casualties now being killed selectively for some reason?

Another thing; the alarming up-tick in Troop and Veteran suicides.

I just read where a Mother desperately screamed at her son as he put a pistol to his head locked in his car. Apparently he seemed oblivious to her pleas – as if he were in a bizarre trance of some sort – before he blew his brains out.
That sort of thing really reminds me of the trance that Jarred Lochner seemed to be in when he sat at his arraignment shortly after his mindless public slaughter, which triggered predictable demands from the left for more “gun control”.

These suicides are being blamed on PTSD for the most part – but is something else going on? Are selected Soldiers being subjected to behavioral or chemical mind control techniques while in service, and in some cases being implanted with subliminal hypnotic suggestions eventually compelling them to take their own lives? Are political or religious (Christian / Jewish) “undesirables” being set up to purge THEMSELVES?


U.S. soldiers prosecuted for suicide attempts?
(Do it RIGHT – Or ELSE!!!)

I know it sounds crazy (I’m used to it) – but has anyone tested returning Veterans at risk for post hypnotic suggestion or cognitive manipulation?
Has anyone researched the demographic signatures of military suicide victims for any patterns beyond inherent mental / emotional susceptibility?

Before anyone accuses me of being a conspiracy theory lunatic (again) please back your contentions up with reputable research.

I respectfully opine that pork isn’t the only thing that needs to be tested here.

Please bear in mind that I’m not ACCUSING anyone of anything – I’m just expressing a HUNCH – a directed speculation based on extended observation and intuitive pattern analysis. Can it be developed, or is it so crazy that we all ought to just move along and pay no attention to our withering and dying military?

A lot of good Americans died to give us what we are currently losing.

FWIW ~ Jaque


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