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Nevada: Roundup for the Slaughter?

Posted in Uncategorized by Uncle Jaque on 04/12/2014

Call me paranoid if you will – I’m used to it… but I’m getting a bad feeling about this whole Bundy Ranch thing in Nevada.

With the precedent of Waco and Ruby Ridge we know what the regime is capable of, and they have not shown any indication of becoming any more humanitarian in the way they deal with dissidence or perceived non compliance with their dictates.
So let me speculate and rave a bit:

I’m seeing a roadside camp of Patriot resistance being found totally “abandoned” as the sun comes up some morning. Not a soul to be found.
The VX, Serin or whatever chemical agent the invasion forces (under the guise of “BLM”) deployed around 0330 will have dissipated, and the HAZMAT trucks and crews will have removed the biological “waste” to an undisclosed area for disposal. The remains will probably never be found.
No one saw anything, no shots were fired, no one knows anything, and the fate of the Bundy Defenders – and possibly the entire Family as well – will be like that of the passengers of a certain Malaysian jet liner… a tantilizing mystery, as Harry Reid and his gang take over the land and rape it of it’s resources, about which we currently only have a clue.

Don’t think they could, or would – or will do it?

Fine; call me paranoid then… but I would advise taking that County Commissioner’s advice seriously if you are deploying to the scene of the commotion.


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