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Morning Scripture, : Ecclesiastes 5:8

Posted in POLITICS, RANTS, RELIGION by Uncle Jaque on 09/01/2014

Sunday August 31, 2014:

Morning Scripture: Ecclesiastes 5:8 ~

“If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.”

It seems that many of the sentiments being expressed here on Facebook, if not on much of the public social media, comes in the form of complaint and lamentation about how certain subjugated or subservient cultural groups (which most of us identify or at least sympathize with) are being set upon, exploited, abused, victimized if not enslaved by individuals, groups, or institutions in positions of power over us.

Exactly who these subjugated groups and who the oppressive entities are and the manner of said oppression vary according to the complainant’s perspective and perception of reality, but I find it interesting as to how the nuclear grievance of these complaints seems to display a remarkable similarity regardless of which ideological construct or cultural referent group the plaintiff hails from.

To the so called “Liberal” among us the oppressed are, as the Scripture implies, “The Poor” – although exactly who qualifies as “poor” seems to be a matter of conjecture, and liberal definitions can be somewhat challenging for us to follow and keep up with as they “evolve”.
They usually include the “Worker”, although a diminishing percentage of the left’s core constituency seems to actually work for a living.
“Women and Minorities” also qualify for perpetual victimhood status, and special legislation has been afforded them in order to compensate them for perceived persecution, real or imaginary.
“Affirmative Action” and “Restitution” as a guilt – offering for ancestral slavery provided by government to “African Americans” might serve as examples of such palliative gestures, despite historical evidence that not all Slaves were Black, nor were all Slave Owners White.

As to the villain identified and constantly railed against by the left as the perennial oppressor, as near as I can tell he is personified by some leader they choose (or are told to identify) they don’t agree with or like; “George Bush” or the Koch Brothers seem to be the boogeymen du jour these days, and contempt regularly poured upon them bears a remarkable resemblance to sheer, primal hatred.

These despised figures, however, are emblematic of more nebulous groups, movements or interests; the “Tea Party”, “Republicans”, the “Religious (particularly Evangelical / Pro-Life Christian) Right” or the NRA seem to be particularly popular targets of leftist contempt.
It so happens that I fail to see whom or how those groups are substantially “oppressing” anybody, but those arrayed in opposition to them certainly do.

Another source of “oppression” seems to be the nebulous “Corporate State”, motivated by an insatiable lust for “profit” above any concern for those who actually produce the goods and services that generate said profit.

Now I don’t see anything inherently evil about “profit” in a free market capitalist environment, but agree with the liberal in the ethical premise that there is something wrong in the exploitation of the vulnerable by the powerful in order to amass unlimited, obscene material wealth and capricious power over others.
Capitalism tends to get a bad rap because of those who exploit and abuse it – and Lord knows there are plenty of them.

About the same can be said of any ideological or economic “ism”; Communism looks pretty good on paper and in theory, but it’s practical application over the past century or so has led to the violent demise of tens of millions of human beings and untold suffering and misery.

There is little, if anything on this Earth which is immune from corruption, no matter how noble, worthy, or laudable is started out to be.

The victims of “oppression” are by no means limited to the Human race; Animals and the “Environment” obviously suffer all too much and often than most of us would care to see, although the “left” seems to have usurped the mantle of champions of advocacy for them.
I know very few conservatives who really want to intentionally destroy the natural environment or cause animals to suffer, but we all seem to wear the collective social stigma of just such an implied and assumed guilt.

As much as those who embrace liberalism (which I tend to identify as Socialism if not Communism, much to their angst) regularly annoy if not exasperate me, I try to convince myself that to their credit, their hearts – their core moral compass – is in the right place; they certainly have compassion for the oppressed and unfortunate, and I can’t criticize that too much, nor do I suppose that my God holds it against them either.
It’s just that their moral compass seems to be working in a radically different magnetic field than that which “we” inhabit.

As to the other end of the ideological field, whereupon those who follow my rantings will expect to find your humble correspondent, we find a few differences of opinion as to who occupies the offices of Predator vs. prey.
As the left attaches the face of their chosen nemesis, be it President Bush or the Koch Brothers, popular effigies at the moment to malfeasance and oppression, so the Right sees President Baraq Hussein Obama as the personification of government excess, abuse, incompetence and corruption.
Numerous postings have been so rash as to actually advocate for not only his impeachment but removal from office by a military coup – or whatever it takes.
Some have opined that they would feel no remorse if he were to fall upon some accident or illness, and I wonder if not a few curses have been invoked towards him.
A few particularly radical (even by conservative standards) and IMHO imprudent firebrands have ventured into that no-man’s land of suggesting assassination, and apparently some of them have subsequently been “visited” by concerned Law Enforcement about it, as might be expected.
The impudence of a few, however, tends to call forth the accusation of implied guilt upon all of us, which is probably why the DHS, at the behest of the Southern Poverty Law Center, has labeled Evangelicals, Veterans, Members of Civil Militia groups, Home Schoolers and those who oppose abortion (among others) as “Domestic Terrorists” (“Enemies of the State” in Soviet terms) ~
and, many of us assume, subject to summary arrest, incarceration, and some suspect selective genocide in the event of a “National emergency”.
Our President and the government he presides over apparently gets to determine exactly what that “emergency” is, when that occurs, and what the National response is going to be.
My speculation is, that if no National Emergency spontaneously emerges and the Executive senses a need for one to exploit in order to advance his agenda, it can be conveniently arranged.
Many of us suspect that the recent in pouring of “Immigrants” through our relatively open and unprotected borders coincidental with the sudden uprisal of the barbarically ruthless yet militarily formidable “Islamic State” in the Middle East might be developing components of just such an “arrangement”.

Stay tuned on that one.

Another subject of the Right’s interpretation of “oppression” is what even our alleged icon of conservatism, President Bush, dismissed as a “Religion of Peace”; Islam.
An objective study of History and the Q’ran, it seems, suggests that Islam, at it’s essence, is anything but “Peace”.
In order to understand real Islamic oppression, one might check with a Jew in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Somalia or some other majority Islamic utopia.
Oh; wait…. good luck finding one.
Apparently they have all been driven out of their homes and communities or brutally slaughtered / exterminated.
How about a Christian in Nigeria, Syria or Iraq?
Better hurry up; they’re going fast.
Now to the festive and compassionate Liberal, those of us who accuse or even suspect Islam (other than “a few radicals”) of oppression, abuse and genocide are despicable “Islamophobes”, and probably to be included on Lord High Executioner’s dreaded little list of “Enemies of the State”, along with “Homophobes” who disagree with the life style and practices of Homosexuals, another popularly admired and pitied victim group.
Our compassion is more directed to the documented and apparently very real victims of Islamic persecution who are routinely raped, tortured, forcibly “converted” to Islam and ritually slaughtered if they dare resist both physical and spiritual enslavement to “Allah” and his Disciples… by the millions over the past 1400 years or so since the “prophet” Muhummett inspired the aggressive and totalitarian cult.

Who else is the “Oppressor” to a Conservative?
Well, our very own government for one.
The burden of ever expanding taxes, regulations, rules and restrictive laws keeps cranking down on the thumb screws of what we perceive as dictatorial stress (oppression) on those of us who identify as the “ME” on the old Gadsden Flag commonly associated with the TEA Party, upon whom the hobnailed jack boots of government tyranny constantly threaten to tread, and upon whom they occasionally kick and stomp.
The question persists; Who are the real culprits and victims of “oppression”?
Obviously they were present and active in the earliest epochs of Human History, and remain very much so.
Most sentient Humans recognize that reality, but differ in opinions of how to appropriately respond to it, or if possible, to ameliorate it.
In Ecclesiastes, King Solomon suggests that as much as we opine, God only knows.
Ultimately, it is the Creator who sees and knows all, and discerns Light from darkness, and will ultimately settle all scores.

We do well, perhaps, to espouse the good and resist evil, as best as we can determine them to be – but we need to let God be the arbiter of which is which rather than depend on our own egotistical understanding. I like to at least try to be open to His divine suggestion as to discernment of moral and spiritual polarity and priorities, and appropriate and obedient responses thereto.

In this Hebraic month of Elul, a season of reflection and repentance is traditionally observed; this might be a good time to examine ourselves for any oppression that contaminates our being, and with HaShem’s help, purge ourselves from it.

In the same season, let’s be sensitive and aware of those among us under oppression, and be open to ways in which we might be supportive of and advocate for them.

Oppression and violence are products of darkness, while compassion and mercy blossom forth from the Light.
Let us then “walk as Children of the Light” (Ephesians 5:8) in the Way set before us by Him who is “higher than the highest” (Ecl. 6:8).

Se’lah; Amain.


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