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Are the Marines Ready to “Flip” on the Tyrants?

Posted in CONSTITUTIONAL, MILITARY by Uncle Jaque on 09/22/2014

Monday, Sept. 22, 2014:

Could this be why Caliph Obeyme wants to destroy the US Military and replace it with a mercenary 3rd World foreign “Domestic Security Force” or a UN Army of Occupation?

Is The United States Constitution and the Republic still alive, but only in the hearts and minds of American Patriots?

Will the Commuslamic totalitarian regime usurping Constitutional governance over us now destroy the loyal, patriotic, oath-keeping elements of our great Military, or will the courageous American Warriors who have protected us from foreign tyranny and genocide since 1775 “flip” on the corrupt domestic oppressors currently ruling over us and holding the border gates open for foreign enemies like Hamas and ISIL to invade, loot, plunder, rape, enslave and slaughter us?

The future of a Nation hangs in the balance; the status quo is IMHO unsustainable, and “something’s gotta give” pretty soon.

I got this video from one of my alternative intel sources that I consider to be fairly “tin-foilish” and typically take with a grain of salt, but it represents the sentiments of one small element of what has been developing as a National resistance movement – the “Oath Keepers”.

They may not be particularly well organized or tactically formidable, but they are by no means alone.

This representative of the group (which we can be sure is on the DHS’s “domestic terrorist” watch list) is mincing no words in this warning to our Ruling Elite.



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