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Joel OSTEEN; Minister of Light, or Doctor of Deception??

Posted in RELIGION by Uncle Jaque on 10/30/2014

See this discussion on Free Republic:


I’m not real familiar with him, but he’s all over the TV and seems to have a cult following of millions.

Reputedly he hardly ever mentions the Name of Christ, or the Blood, or Sin, but is all about our “internal power”, self actualization, the prosperity gospel and that sort of thing.
Like many of his ilk, he is apparently obscenely wealthy.

He sports a big phony looking plastic – perfect grin, almost like a pasted on smirk, and squints a lot like something that lives underground and is really uncomfortable emerging into any kind of light.


The guy gives me the creeps.

There are other vastly popular religious leaders running around of dubious spiritual credibility, but he’s the first one that comes to mind.

Women seem to be particularly vulnerable to “Wolves in sheep’s clothing”, false Shepherds, or whatever you want to call them for some reason.
I know that’s sexist as hell but so is the Bible, so deal with it.

Along with the image of a creepy preacher comes a portion of Scripture, to wit:

2 Thessalonians 2:11 ~ “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:…”

IMHO the vast majority of society today, along with the better part of the “Church” is under a major curse of delusion.

Orthodox “Christianity” has been by and large significantly compromised and corrupted by doctrinal delusion since about 225 AD when Emperor Constantine among others injected a big dose of Greaeco-Roman paganism into it, which was preserved pretty much intact over the so called “Reformation” in the 1500s.

The nearly total divorce of Christianity from it’s spiritual roots in the traditional Hebraic Faith and culture was one crippling compromise that prevails to this day.

I’m not saying we should go back to thinking that we have to keep strict adherence to the Torah (OT Law) for our salvation, but we needn’t pour contempt on our Hebraic ancestry by observing pagan rites and festivals like Saturnalia (“Christmas”) Estrus (“Easter”, pagan Babylonian fertility rite) and Halloween – you should know what that’s all about – while totally ignoring the divinely ordained Moadim or High Holy Days.
What did you do for Yom Terruah (Feast of Trumpets) or Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles, when Yeshua – His real Name – was probably actually born, not on December 25)?

We can worship God any day of the week we want to, but why not the 7th Day (Shabbat) as God commanded His People to do in stead of a day set aside by pagan sun worshippers. Which Pope was it who was smarter and had more authority than YHVH God to change it?

God can still save people in the Anglicized Greek name of “Jesus” on Sunday Morning and frequently does, but why can’t we use His real Name that literally means, in Hebrew, “YHVH (God) Is Salvation”?

Yeshua HaMoshiach   יֵשׁוּעַ
“The NAME that is above all names…”

That’s why YHVH through Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) has drawn me to a place best described as “Messianic”.

Now a lot of Messianics don’t get along with each other and quite a few might qualify as “Judeaizers” as they keep strict Tora, Kosher, and all that sort of thing which Old Apostle Shaul (St. Paul) didn’t think Gentile Believers necessarily have to do as long as we keep the Spirit of the Law, which essentially is Love.
That would be the I Corinthians 13 http://bibleontheweb.com/bible/KJV/1%20Corinthians-13?highlight_verse=1#1 variety of Love, BTW; in the Koine Greek, “Agape’ ” 

ἀγάπη .

So at the moment I don’t go to Church any more at all and don’t have anyone to fellowship with.
I don’t fit in nor do I feel welcome in either Church or Synagog.

My family has little use for religion in general or for Yeshua HaMoshiach in particular.

When I pray or worship, or sound the Shofar on the Holy Days or the Shabbat – which both Wife and poodle find annoying – I do it alone.

Spiritually and emotionally I’m going through a real “wilderness experience”.

It happens.


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