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Signs of the Times

Posted in PROPHECY, RELIGION by Uncle Jaque on 12/27/2016

December 27, 2016

  If stuff is starting to weird you out and make you nervous lately, then you might want to study up on your Eschatology, folks – that’s the study of the end times in Biblical Prophecy.

A lot of it  has already been fulfilled in the context of history, far beyond any reasonable chance of it being coincidence, and now global factors in the natural and political realms are rapidly converging towards something of Biblical, if not apocalyptical proportions.

Have you noticed the steadily increasing frequency and intensity of all the earthquakes and volcanoes around the planet lately?
How long has it been since there hasn’t been a significant war going on somewhere?
How many people are warning of a catastrophic WW-III and a potential 95% global depopulation being iminent?

Mattew 24:7

Are these phenomenon “signs of the times”?

A lot of us are beginning to think that they very well might be.

 There are a few decent Eschatologist on You Tube whom I consider to be reasonably credible and try to keep tabs on;  

Steven Ben Nun


Amir Tsfarti


“Scottie” CLARKE

…among others.

You will probably relate to some of them better than others.

Then there are a plethora of  “You Tube Prophets” who can be entertaining -but I don’t take them all that seriously.

Some things have been and are currently going down which we’ve been expecting for some time now – but those who have not been reading the WORD and paying attention to what’s developing around us in the spiritual  as well as physical World are going to be in for some major and probably very unpleasant surprises any day now – and are likley to be utterly terrified when it happens.

The Prophets predicted that men will be literally dropping dead from the sheer horror of what we fully expect to iminently manifest:

Luke 21:26

If you aren’t prepared for the terminal terrification and don’t want to be among the lamentable victims, then I would suggest that you’ve got some Holy Spirit led catching up to do on Eschatology 101 – and most critically make sure that you are securely in a saving relationship with Father YHVH (God) through His Son Yeshua HaMoshiach (“Jesus Christ” to normal people)!

John 14:6

We may not have much time left to put on the armor of God and get on board the proverbial Ark.

Mara Natha my Beloved; Behold; Our LORD and Savior; the King of Kings – is coming soon!


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