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Ain’t No Grave…

Posted in Misc. Odd and Assorted..., ORIGINAL WORKS, RELIGION by Uncle Jaque on 03/08/2017

DM and I were discussing our “final arrangements” the other day; where we want to be buried and such.

She wants to go with her family in Yarmouth… Nice cemetery down there where her Parents and Brother lie waiting for her.

I really don’t care.

Had wanted to be laid to rest in my old home town of Randolph NH up in the mountains I loved to roam as a lad, but I don’t really know anyone up that way any more other than my Brother who lives in Gorham.

I wish we kept in touch more than we do…

She thinks we ought to be cremated; the Christian tradition seems to favor burial of the whole body and that’s what I’d intended; just wrap me up in a canvas tarp and plow me under.

Alas; the law won’t allow such simple solutions it seems, and traditional burial with a cement vault and all is pretty expensive.

We don’t own enough land for a legal family plot up here on Norris Hill.

It terms of the resurrection, Pastor J.D. Farag opines that we go “from dust to dust and ashes to ashes” so cremation just accelerates the natural decomposition process.

A lot of the Christian Martyrs were burned at the stake and their ashes fed to the river to be swept out to sea; yet surely YHVH can find an atom of their mortal coil somewhere and raise them up incorruptible at the last trump.

When the time comes to lay this burned out old body down and submit my soul to whatever disposition my Heavenly Father determines right and just, they might as well reduce it to ashes and turn it into the compost barrel, or better yet plant those ashes next to my two sweet little yorkie-poo puppies who lie in sublime repose under the pair of white birches out in the back yard.

Some day perhaps my beloved foolish poodle who snoozes in my lap while I try to type this on the arm of the chair can join us there.

Come resurrection mornin’, I sure hope the Lord will let me take my dogs along.

Sweet, loyal, gentle, affectionate little creatures…..

Like I told my Grand Daughter through the tears as I laid my beloved little “Baer” down into his last beddie-beddie under the birches, when she asked me if he was going to Heaven…

…They deserve Paradise a lot more than I do.



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