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Reply to a recent fwd. about the regime’s litigious attack on the State of Arizona;

Are you on top of the latest;  the Regime is now suing AZ Sheriff Joe Arpario for DOING HIS DUTY to the Law and the people of AZ!

Sheriff Joe’s Response to the DOJ Lawsuit Against Him

PDF file on Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

Read the discussion after you read his letter; the Obamobots may have bitten off more than they’d care to chew here, as Joe may go after “discovery” in order to establish “Standing” for the Dept. of INjustice to sue; ie; PROVE that Barry Soetoro is qualified to be our president, and that his appointment of Eric Hole-Duh was constitutionally valid!
If A-General HOLE-DUH is NOT legally the Director of the Department of INjustice, then he has no business or right (or “standing”) to go suing anyone – at least not on behalf of the US of A – now does he?

Of course NO court has agreed to touch the “Natural Born” issue with a 10 foot pole; as soon as they take it up they seem to get a visit or a phone call from some mysterious but apparently sinister entity, after which they appear to be scared utterly spitless and promptly drop the case or refuse to hear any more of it.   The latest is the Military Judge conducting the Court Martial of the Lt. Col. who dared to question Hussein’s presidential legitimacy.   It has devolved into a kangaroo court in which his guilt is simply assumed while intentionally ignoring the most crucial evidence of all.

Now if you haven’t already, check the Constitutional and common law status of the Sheriff; they are the TOP law enforcement authority in the land, and within their jurisdiction have authority over all other LEOs- including federal.
If Holder sends US Marshalls down to arrest Sheriff JOe, he can Constitutionally and legally turn around and have THEM arrested in stead.    Of course two teams of heavily armed officers trying to arrest each other is not apt to end well.   If anyone can pull it off though, Sheriff Joe probably can.

Won’t that be jolly; US Marshalls in pink underwear eating baloney sandwiches in a tent where it’s 138 out, and even hotter IN?
They’ll really have a ball on Joe’s chain gang picking up trash along the roads, and no doubt they will find their fellow inmates to be lots of fun.

Arpaio won’t back down – and he KNOWS what the feds are capable of, and will be ready for them when they try it (like what happened to Illian Gonzalez and BP Agents Ramos & Compean).   When the DHS gestapo (which seems to do most of the dirty work for this regime) goes to intimidate Arizona with brute force, as Commucrats like Clinton, (even Bush), and Obama like to do, there will likely be fireworks, and there will probably be blood.   Plenty of it, too.

I have a feeling that when the regime takes the gloves off and sends the gestapo after Arpaio, he won’t be taken alive.
He knows that he is to be “made an example of” and what Compean and Ramos got will be a picnic compared to what the LaRAZA loving seditious usurper and pretender Obama and his America-hating minions have planned for him.
There are plenty of Cartel enforcer ZETA types in federal prison who would love to get their hands on him, we might assume – and the regime would gladly see to it that they got plenty of opportunity.
Aren’t all federal Prison Guards required to be members of SEIU?

Based on some of Gov. Brewers’ recent statements, I think that AZ is right on the ragged edge of secession, and much more bullying by the Obama regime could push them over the edge.

Most of the Citizens of Arizona seem to have had quite enough of the Obama gang’s tyranny already.

How many other States will join them do you suppose?   Will their National Guard units refuse to be “nationalized” when Obama tries to neutralize sovereign State’s military resources?  Will he bring in foreign or UN troops to crush popular insurrection if many American troops refuse to wage war on their fellow Citizens?   Will a significant part of the PEOPLE take up arms in defense of their rights when the feds move to crush them, or will they stand sheepishly by hoping not to be noticed while a few of their more outspoken leaders and spokespeople are rounded up and/or slaughtered?

The consequences of secession could and probably will be catastrophic for the State and it’s inhabitants – but there comes a point beyond which oppressed Americans don’t care a spit and just won’t take it any more.
That’s part of what makes us Americans… or it used to, anyway.
From what I gather, there are still a good number of Americans still living here in America, and that critical breaking point may be nigh upon us again.

Of course any such significant non compliance, resistance or secession would probably be a really good excuse for the regime to declare martial law and “postpone” the elections – probably indefinitely, which I’m sure they would love to do about now.   By all appearances, the regime has been trying really hard to provoke popular tactical resistance, which is why we need to avoid it at all costs…

All costs, that is, but one;  the extinguishment of Human Liberty.

Have you noticed how many of the tyrants in power don’t seem all that distressed by the prospects of electoral defeats in the mid terms?
Do they know something we don’t…. like there may not BE any elections in November?

Even if we hold elections and Republicans manage to take back control or regain significant influence in the Senate, can the “lame duck” communists sign a treaty with the UN before the clock runs out on them?
Will there be enough Constitutionalists (I didn’t say “Republicans”, did I?) – essentially 33% of our Senators – to block such a treaty before it can be ratified and goes into effect?

You do know, of course, that a ratified treaty supersedes our standing law, to include our Constitution?

U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 2 consists of three paragraphs.
The first sentence of the second paragraph gives the President
several powers. Here is an excerpt of the first sentence:

“He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the
Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present
concur …”

U.S. Constitution, Article VI consists of three paragraphs. The
following is the second paragraph (bold added for stress):

“This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be
made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall
be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the
supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be
bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to
the Contrary notwithstanding.


Therefore, as I understand it, the President and 2/3 of our Senators
can subordinate us to the United Nations or anyone else at their
whim. The President and 66 Senators can revoke and repeal ANY
portion of our Constitution at will.

Think about this as you continue to vote for members of the current elitist oligarchy.

Dennis is offline

So the ruling elite might be able to sign away our sovereignty, our Constitution, all of our legal rights, and essentially our FREEDOM (such as remains of it) to a global cabal and consign us to becoming part of a One-World-Order dictatorship within the next 3 months – and WE the PEOPLE won’t get to vote on it, or even be able, realistically, to do squat about it?

How many “republican” Senators can be bribed, cowed, or intimidated into voting along with the globalist bloc in order to make up the requisite 66% in the Senate to ANNUL our Constitution?   We couldn’t get 33% to disapprove the confirmation of two anti-Constitution, anti-America Supreme Court INjustices, now could we?
I know two Senators from Maine who the communists (AKA “Democrats”) can surely count on to vote with them if they are really needed to surrender America to the NWO.    They both voted to confirm both of those seditious, pagan wenches to the SCOTUS, too, if that’s any indication of their loyalty.

How many votes do the Globalists need in order to overturn our Constitution, anyway?  Go figure.

Once (if?) that happens, I think that it would be fair to say that the United States of America no longer existed, and only by the charity of honest Historians would we long be remembered.

But I digress;

Will Governor Brewer of AZ still be in the State House in November, or will she be celebrating Thanksgiving in a solitary confinement cell (like the ones Compean and Ramos, who also made the mistake of trying to enforce immigration law and interfere with the drug trade) were locked up in until the people finally prevailed on Bush to stay their sentences…(He never did pardon them, did he? They probably know that if they ever open their mouths or show up at another Tea Party they will promptly “disappear”) .

For years I have been praying that America might escape another bloody civil war…  but in light of these serial manifestations of object tyranny continually emanating from the seat of our national government, and repeated pleas for the peaceful redress of grievances falling on the arrogant and ignoring ears or our contemptuous rulers,  I can see nothing but the immediate, supernatural, intervening hand of God standing between us and another such terrible and gruesome harvest.   Alas; America is hardly deserving of any such divine mercy.   The seas of innocent blood, sacrificially shed in our abortion temples to Baal and Dagon around our Nation and by our support World wide may soon be required of us in full…
With horrific interest.

When and where will the all but inevitable first volley or burst be fired?   Where will the first Patriot and/or Tyrant fall to “manure” Jefferson’s Old Tree of Liberty with his life’s precious blood anew?

It may well be somewhere in Arizona… any day now.

Let us pray for Peace… while we prepare, alas, for war.

4G&C  ~  J.   (With or without Ivan’s permission)


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