Uncle Jaque's Soap-Box

In The Way of Introduction;

For the past several years, since finding myself unable to regularly engage in gainful employment due to a somewhat limiting and chronic physical inconvenience, I have had the time on my hands that I never seemed to have enough of when I was punching a time clock.

Some people who retire complain of “boredom”.  This has never been a problem for me; my mind is like a 3-ring circus where the clowns have taken over the Ringmaster’s job.  After a life of constant trouble, the shrinks finally came with a diagnostic explanation for why nothing in my brain seems to stay bolted securely down for very long – it’s called “attentional disorder” – perhaps you’ve heard of it.   The medication really helps, and as best I can I (and my Family) endure the challenges of being wired this way while making the best of the occasional “upside” of ADD.

Some of these attributes seem to be creative thinking, despite being otherwise annoyingly scatter-brained, I constantly come up with novel ideas.   Usually I don’t have a clue where this comes from, and by default give credit to God if it looks like something good.
Sometimes these creative impulses result in art, poetry, or music.  Occasionally I “invent” something of trivial utility, not quite significant enough to amount to much of course.

A few years ago I was given the opportunity to co-host a local radio talk show, and found it to be very fulfilling and rewarding.  I went by the pen-name of  “Uncle Jaque”  (pronounced “Jake” but I spell it weirdly because…. well… I’m weird.)  After almost 2 years had to give it up in order to move, but it sure was fun while it lasted.

"Uncle Jaque" Chatting with a particularly interesting Caller...

So... The flouride in our drinking water is going to make us all zombies?

Prosperity and I have quite successfully eluded one another for lo the past 60 years or so, and there is absolutely nothing to suggest that we might chance to collide any time soon.

I enjoy writing, and have been told on occasion that I’m fairly good at it – not good enough, mind you, to make a living at it .

Well enough, however, to irritate people and get in regular trouble it seems, as I have an annoying habit of speaking what I perceive to be Truth to power with little regard to the potential consequences and the well established fact that power usually prevails in seasons of contention.

It’s cost me a few jobs I’m sure, and only by the grace of God it hasn’t cost me more dearly.

Guys like me don’t usually get to live to be as old as I am.

For some time now I have been venting my spleen and voicing my concerns on the internet, via such on line forums as the FREEPERS FORUM and e-mail.   Some Friends and I have developed an e-mail “loop” by which we try to stay abreast of developing events and keep each other notified, as well as to insert and circulate our editorial commentary.

It’s gotten so that I’m getting 35 or 40 emails a day, and frankly it gets a little overwhelming.   There is no way that I can keep up with or reply to it all .

I try to keep my mailings going to people who appreciate them, and a few apparently do – but every now and then I hear from some who “don’t have time for this stuff” or who are turned off, offended, or enraged by my ideology or attitude.   If you stand for something – as I try to do – that IS going to happen!  A lot of recipients I just don’t hear anything from for a few months, and I assume that they have put me on a SPAM filter and gotten on with their lives.  Eventually, I just stop sending them stuff.

Not long ago a fellow to whom I had just gotten in touch with politely requested that I belay the regular e-mails, but suggested that I start a Blog as an alternative forum, and people who wanted to know what I have to say could tune in, and the rest of the world can blissfully ignore me.

That seems reasonable enough, but I really didn’t know much about “blogs” or how to get into the game.  Then a day or two ago we had some hardwood flooring delivered, and the chap who drove the truck turned out to be doing that gig as a sideline, and did website development as a full time vocation.  When I mentioned this situation to him he told me about WordPress, and viola; here we are!

Don’t you just love these little “coincidences”?   It’s almost as if God wanted it to happen.

Gee;  ya don’t suppose…???

To start, I’m going to dig up some of my better rants and dissertations out of the archives, then add to them with more contemporary material as it develops.

So… Stay tuned!


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