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Obama’s Expected “Gun Control”

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A “Gun Control alert / 2nd Amendment Poll”

From Ron Oplinus

Obama’s new Attorney General, Eric Holder, has already said this is one of his major issues. (etc.)


That “Poll” is from November 2007 and I don’t think anyone pays any attention to it anymore if it’s even still up.
I keep getting these “alerts” over and over again, which I now tend to ignore.

Another one making the rounds for the umpteenth time is the “UN Small Arms Treaty” deal which seems to be a perennial panic.

Although it surely is the left’s undiminished priority to disarm us, they seem to have pretty much given up on doing it via the legislative process, as Clinton had his ass handed to him in a couple of mid term elections when the Dems tried to cram gun control up our asses – and in all too many cases succeeded, like the “Assault Weapons Ban” which you might have noticed even they have yet to seriously re-introduce after the political recoil hit them.

No; we can be assured that the Obama Syndicate has another trick up their sleeve, and I suspect that it’s going to involve a complete end run around the legislative process, not the mention the Constitution. It might be a treaty which supposedly trumps our Constitution, but what I’m more concerned over is a potential declaration of martial law over some contrived hyped up “crisis”, which is how this racket seems to generally operate.

A lot of good Patriots boast that they could never disarm us by force, but I’m not so sure about that, frankly.

I don’t think he will use the US Military as the primary enforcer, even though a lot of foreigners have been introduced into the ranks as a pathway to citizenship. We are told that the military has been heavily infiltrated with Muslims as well.
How badly they might feel about killing or torturing recalcitrant or uncooperative Americans we can only speculate.

Then there are the million or so HAMAAS terrorists Obama is importing (at our expense) to America as “refugees” of the Gaza conflict.

Just what do you suppose he’s planning to use them for?

Oh; and bringing the GITMO “Detainees” over here?

Those Hamass thugs are going to need leadership are they not? How convenient to have them already in place where the “emergency capitol” of the Caliphate of Amerika will probably be located – Chicago (the prison they are to be held at isn’t all that far away). Obama can probably set up his office next to Boss DALEY.

No doubt Hamaas won’t have a problem with blowing up / burning down your house if you hesitate to surrender your guns (and everything else of any value) to them on demand and grovel towards Mecca like a good Dhimmi. If we pay our Jizya on time, they might let us live… as slaves, of course… if it pleases them.

We may have our guns and some ammo stashed away – but don’t pretend those Mosques all over America now aren’t loaded with mortars, RPGs, high explosives, automatic weapons and Allah only knows what else. They have over 35 Jihad training camps right here in America and our troops are over in Afghanistan to… prevent AlQuida from setting up training camps??!!!
What’s up with THAT??!!

Obama will surely open up US Arsenals to them as well, and given the rate of Islamic infiltration into our Military, they will surely find enough trained and obedient Pilots to run air strikes on any pockets of resistance. Leveling entire communities and killing everyone and everything in them won’t be a problem.
Forget about “Geneva Conventions” or “Rules of Engagement” – these protections do not apply to Dhimmis, you know.

Sooner or later, after they’ve killed off about 20% of our population the survivors will get the message that they mean business and give in. History indicates that such is the usual pattern of conquest and domination of a reluctant population. Some particularly stubborn civilizations have held out until as much as 33% of their population has been exterminated and most of the rest effectively neutralized. I don’t know if America will hold out that long – probably not.

Whatever it’s going to be, good luck holding it off with your semi automatic AK or AR. You’re a Daisy if ya do.

I hope I’m wrong, but that’s what I predict will be the next overture of “gun control” – and signing a petition or a poll on line somewhere isn’t going to do us a damn bit of good.

Now with that bright and cheery bit of news, Have a Merry Christmas.
Appreciate, enjoy, and celebrate it with your Loved Ones.

Because America has been asleep at the remote for so long while evil was awake and active…

It might be our last.


PS: The above speculative scenario is, of course, hardly inevitable at this point, and alternative outcomes of a much more positive nature are entirely possible, given a major re-awakening of the American Spirit and a sincere collective petition for the divine providence which has established and preserved our great Republic for over 230 years.

Yes; I’m talking “GOD” here, folks… deal with Him or deal with the consequences.

There are very encouraging indications of just such a moral, intellectual and spiritual re-awakening of the American Giant as millions of Americans are becoming informed and involved in corrective politics for the first time in their lives, despite the grand delusion perpetrated on our culture via the combined long term propaganda efforts of our popular media and government / union controlled “educational” cabal.

By God’s grace and the renewed commitment and courage of an aroused American public, America might yet be saved from a disaster such as I have sketched above. But our salvation from our enemies – who currently occupy the throne in Washington DC as well as surround us internationally – will not come easily or cheaply, nor is it at all guaranteed at this late date.

Let us prayerfully and thoughtfully come together as a People once again, to work, and strive, and hope… and make our stand as have our Ancestors before us – to live together as Free American Patriots….

….or to fill a Patriot’s grave.

The Minuteman

4G&C ~ UJ


Somethin’s Fixin’ t’ Blow!

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In response to an e-mail from friend “Mel” entitled “good news”:

Mel wrote:

A WONDERFUL Birthday Present!
December 13, 2009

Rasmussen shows continued slippage for Obama

C. Edmund Wright

Saw this over on FR:

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll Sunday, December 13, 2009 2:25:59 PM

· by radioone · 14 replies · 292+ views Rasmussen Report ^ | 10-13-09 | Rasmussen

My initial, reflexive reaction is mixed; it is good to see the Commu-IslamoFascist / Chicago Mob consortium faltering in their headlong rush to plunder and destroy America (at this point it is blatantly obvious that that’s their primary agenda) suggesting that the Republic might survive this overtly hostile internal assault after all.

They have been relying on political stealth for years, with the help of their lackies in the sycophant State-controlled media – but as more Americans tuned in to alternative and demonstrably more credible information sources like FOX, Rush, and the internet, they knew that more of us were on to them and might wake up in sufficient numbers to eventually vote them out, spoiling their radical leftist plans.

After they won/bought/stole supremacy in both executive & legislative branches of government and have the judiciary teetering on the brink, they probably knew that the best opportunity they might ever get to pull their goal of ultimate conquest and tyranny off was going to be between Jan. 09 and November of 2010. That’s a pretty narrow window of opportunity, which explains why they are in such a hell of a hurry to get all of their crap out to a vote which they control – or thought they could anyway – and cram it all up our asses before we could stop them.

Even though they know that a pissed off public might not re elect them despite millions of imported foreign voters (Amnesty) and their usual if not legendary skill in massive election fraud, they are willing to make that temporary sacrifice in order to inflict a mortal budget deficit and nationalized (Communist) medicine, industry, agriculture and banking on America, from which we may never recover. They might throw Sharia Law in just for good measure on their way out the door. Good luck ever getting back out from under that!

They know that they’ll get their power back eventually, after they bankrupt their opposition (Cloward – Piven) and if need be have us imprisoned and/or “eliminated”. Don’t put anything past these low life thugs.

Of course rounding us up and exterminating us might be a little problematical for them before they disarm us, and disarming us might involve carpet bombing, nerve gassing or nuking about half of America, and that might be a challenge for them if most of the military (who they have nothing but hatred and contempt for, and we understand that the feeling’s pretty much mutual) refuses to wage war on their Countrymen, honors their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States (not the Communist Manifesto or “Rules for Radicals”) against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC and revolts…. but that’s another discussion entirely…

Once they take what’s left of our crippled government back (if the reigning Mullahs will let them), they probably will never have to worry about another “election” ever again. If we have any elections at all, they will be for “show” like they were in the Soviet Union or under Saddam Hussein in Iraq. I’m not too sure but what our past several elections haven’t been that way already.

What concerns me a little about these setbacks to the seditious criminal “progressives”, as encouraging as they seem, is that they are fully committed to their mission now; backing off is not an option. Obama’s mob has passed the point of no return, and I suspect that these setbacks are frightening them. Frightened despots whose power and control is being challenged historically become desperate. A desperate tyrant is a particularly dangerous one, and is capable of almost anything in his effort to protect and gratify his all-consuming addiction to power and control. See what Joe Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Kim Il Jung, and countless others throughout history have done.

No; Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama has yet to descend to their level of ruthless perdition, but I am firmly convinced of his potential.

Most of us who have been paying attention are also convinced that it is only a matter of time before a president somewhere along the line here creates a “crisis” in order to justify the imposition of martial law, the suspension of our Constitution, and systematic abuses or even genocide of large segments of the population in order to cement their absolute control over the Country and it’s population, it’s wealth and it’s resources.

I fully expected Bush to pull it prior to the last elections frankly, making himself dictator for life – and was pleasantly surprised when he didn’t.

Now that Hussein’s ambitious program is in jeopardy, there may be no time like the present to pull that shiny red “emergency” lever and turn the big red rouge war elephants loose on America.

As it was in 1861, there will be Hell to pay before old Mars can be returned to his cage again. The gutters of our streets and ditches along our byways will run as rivers with blood, and it will stand in gruesome pools on the ground, as it did at Gettysburg. Our smoke will rise up heavy, acrid, and black to heaven, the stench of death will sicken the living, and tears will fall like hot Summer rain before America’s debt to Hell is paid… …Again.

Rumblings of outright revolt are now getting louder and less discrete by the minute, and Obama can’t let that happen, be it a “peaceful” resistance like a tax strike or massive civil disobedience (about one notch up from our “Tea parties” of late), or something even uglier, which could for all we know be right around the bend.

If his and his Party’s popularity ratings continue to tank and prospects of a total rout at the polls in 2010 or 12 become clear, then I opine that they will feel forced to pull the tailgate on the shit wagon and fire up the fan full throttle.

A lot of the reports I’m getting and passing along lately are being dismissed as “conspiracy theory”, “urban myth” or “tinfoil hat stuff” by some of my contacts, and frankly I hope that they are right. But what I think I’m seeing here amidst the tapestry of international events and politics overlayed by History, and human nature, which is by and large universal and constant, is a developing pattern all too similar to events in our past which have not ended all that well.

Throw a little Biblical prophecy in to that mix, and it really gets interesting.

The power, wealth, and corruption which has amassed on one side of our culture is fueling a concurrent mass of volcanic anger, fear, hostility and resentment on the other.

As you study History, you will find that it almost always does.

Nature does not tend to tolerate such imbalance of energy for long – a Summer thunderstorm being a prime example.

Ultimately, the deluge and hail comes pelting down, floods rage, lightning strikes with awesome and devastating fury, and every now and then a tornado roars through town leaving a swath of death and destruction in its wake.

Before such disparities are resolved, there is often much suffering, loss and sorrow attending said resolution.

When this natural metaphor is projected into the course of human affairs, the ultimate resolution, or attempt thereof, is usually called a “Revolution” or, if the agents for reformation or change fail to prevail in their quest, a “Civil War”.

Had the Southern Confederacy won the conflict of 1861-5 for instance, then I would be a “Second American Revolution” Reenactor in stead of a “Civil War” Reenactor.

Now I don’t want to come off as a paranoid alarmist here, but from where I sit on the city wall I’m seeing (and smelling) something very suspicious and ominous coming over the hill towards us, and I would feel remiss in not at least tooting my little horn about it.

I would rather be scorned and mocked for sounding what turns out to be a “false alarm” than see my beloved friends and family lying butchered in the streets and our homes consumed by fire because I failed to act on the threat when I perceived it, when something might yet have been done to deflect or escape it.

Now it may well turn out that our Senate will come to it’s senses and not pass any more egregious and unconstitutional laws to impoverish and enslave us, our public treasury might no longer be plundered and squandered, the economy might turn around and the stock market and employment might eventually recover. Everything might end up just fine. Sunshine and roses, lollipops & jelly beans. I hope to God it does.

But if I may return once more to my meteorological metaphor … I’m seeing a lot of dark clouds rolling in, and some of them are an eerie shade of green… Did the Earth just tremble beneath my feet?

If you’ve got someplace to hide or a harbor to flee into, it might not be a bad idea to be ready to hunker down for a spell. If you are a Believer, get prayed up and right with our Lord.

I can feel it; Something’s gonna blow.

Stay tuned; We live in interesting times.

4G&C ~ “Uncle Jaque”