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MMS: Miracle Cure or “Snake Oil”?

Posted in HEALTH by Uncle Jaque on 02/22/2011

Having had a long term interest in “alternative” medicine, especially since having some pretty impressive results recently using for a medical condition I’ve had for over 40 years and for which conventional FDA approved treatments have been only marginally effective.

Being an old Yankee pragmatist of sorts,  I like what works, regardless of whether or not it is approved by some bureaucratic branch of the ruling elite up on Mt. Olympus somewhere.

I don’t know if Wild Mediterranean oregano oil or olive leaf extract (among other things) works for everybody, but they sure seem to work for me.

Does “MMS” perform as it’s proponents claim it does? Does it really cure malaria within 4 hours? Does it really cure AIDS, numerous other “incurable” diseases as well as some forms of cancer?
A lot of people seem to think that it actually does.

The Federal Drug Administration and big pharmaceutical corporations, not surprisingly, do not seem to concur.
If this or any other sort of “Folk medicine” proves to be effective and becomes widely known about and available, they stand to lose billions in revenue, not to mention graft, bribes, campaign contributions and kickbacks.
You know how it works…

I have heard many anecdotal accounts of people who have allegedly discovered a seemingly miraculous “cure” for cancer or other dread diseases, only to be intimidated into silence, arrested, disappear, be murdered, or die under very mysterious and usually violent circumstances with all of their records, product, equipment and books vanishing and/or destroyed.
Within a very short time the “cure” is forgotten and patients return to compliant dependence on very expensive and all too often ineffective conventional and government approved treatments.   I’m sure that a lot of people needlessly perish from reactions or side effects of many of these FDA sanctioned potions, or from diseases that might have been cured had not the person who discovered such a cure years ago been MURDERED and their work forever erased from the history of medicine.

How much of this stuff is “conspiracy theory” or “Urban myth”  I can’t really say – but seeing the level of greed and corruption infesting both our government and “Corporate State” I have to accept the very significant possibility that there is some truth to at least some of these grim tales.

If the “inventor” of this stuff, Jim Humble, is looking to make a lot of money off of it, then why does he go around Africa and South America treating poor Natives for free, and giving away directions for making it in the kitchen out of inexpensive and readily obtainable components?

Curious?  I sure am.

Here’s a movie for you to watch:

Project Camelot interviews Jim Humble, the man behind MMS: Miracle Mineral Supplement


This old guy is a little boring (he put me to sleep once) but I found the stuff he talks about to be pretty interesting.

I blundered into this “MMS” stuff while randomly perusing facebook postings; apparently there are two versions of it.
This is the first time I’d ever heard of it.

One of these concoctions is sold as a swimming pool disinfectant, which isn’t supposed to be taken internally – but some people grind it up, put it into a little capsule and take it to cure all sorts of things.
Needless to say the medical / pharmaceutical establishment isn’t too happy about it – especially when it works, which according to a lot of people it apparently does.

Does it really work, or is it just more of the “medicine show / snake oil” hype?
I dunno, but some people on facebook say that it’s cured their “flu” in a couple of hours.

Kathy Wilson

“My family had it (stomach flu) a couple of weeks ago. MMS2 worked on all 5 adults who had the nerve to try it….

(I think a lot of us might have a little hesitation before swallowing swimming pool disinfectant)

…We’ve only heard about it a month or two ago, and so far, everyone who tried it was OK in about an hour or two. Could depend on the strain of the flu, but sounds the same. We haven’t tried MMS1 solutions, yet, it’s harder to get, and more expensive. ‘Jim Humble MMS2’ will give you all the search info you want. You get it at Walmart.”

There is a LOT of information about him and it on line as well as on YouTube.  Both pro and con, but the overwhelming majority is pro.  About the only people slamming it seems to be the ever compassionate bureaucrats at the FDA, many of whom, coincidentally,  seem to be former employees of some large pharmaceutical mill….

Imagine that!

At the very least; interesting.

Now I’m looking for some chlorine dioxide water purification tablets to stash in my “Bug out bag”.   They might come in handy some time.