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Ain’t No Grave…

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DM and I were discussing our “final arrangements” the other day; where we want to be buried and such.

She wants to go with her family in Yarmouth… Nice cemetery down there where her Parents and Brother lie waiting for her.

I really don’t care.

Had wanted to be laid to rest in my old home town of Randolph NH up in the mountains I loved to roam as a lad, but I don’t really know anyone up that way any more other than my Brother who lives in Gorham.

I wish we kept in touch more than we do…

She thinks we ought to be cremated; the Christian tradition seems to favor burial of the whole body and that’s what I’d intended; just wrap me up in a canvas tarp and plow me under.

Alas; the law won’t allow such simple solutions it seems, and traditional burial with a cement vault and all is pretty expensive.

We don’t own enough land for a legal family plot up here on Norris Hill.

It terms of the resurrection, Pastor J.D. Farag opines that we go “from dust to dust and ashes to ashes” so cremation just accelerates the natural decomposition process.

A lot of the Christian Martyrs were burned at the stake and their ashes fed to the river to be swept out to sea; yet surely YHVH can find an atom of their mortal coil somewhere and raise them up incorruptible at the last trump.

When the time comes to lay this burned out old body down and submit my soul to whatever disposition my Heavenly Father determines right and just, they might as well reduce it to ashes and turn it into the compost barrel, or better yet plant those ashes next to my two sweet little yorkie-poo puppies who lie in sublime repose under the pair of white birches out in the back yard.

Some day perhaps my beloved foolish poodle who snoozes in my lap while I try to type this on the arm of the chair can join us there.

Come resurrection mornin’, I sure hope the Lord will let me take my dogs along.

Sweet, loyal, gentle, affectionate little creatures…..

Like I told my Grand Daughter through the tears as I laid my beloved little “Baer” down into his last beddie-beddie under the birches, when she asked me if he was going to Heaven…

…They deserve Paradise a lot more than I do.



ISRAEL; The Trap; the Jackals, and the Sword of a King. Nov. 2012

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ISRAEL; The Trap; the Jackals, and the Sword of a  King…..

Nov. 25, 2012

OK; I’m laying here with my guts hanging out (Inoperable hernia) totally useless, so being unable to do much of anything else besides opine and bloviate, here goes:

Apparently Gaza blockade has been lifted, making the jihad ever so much easier. If Obama / Klintoon forced Bibi to submit to that, then the barbarians did in fact “win”…

IMHO the Obama Cabal has Israel over a barrel; without energy independence, a relatively small population and limited resources, Israel can’t sustain a protracted war with the whole damn world, and that’s just what they are going to get as soon as they invade or try to take back Gaza. Sharon sold them out by falling for the infamous “land for peace” scam and now they won’t be un-sold, even with the copious shedding of blood and treasure.

The Umma has set a trap for Israel and is using Gaza as their provocative bait. As soon as the IDF goes in on the ground, the trap will be sprung as the whole pack of jackals – Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, and probably a suddenly (albeit temporarally) re united Syria will promptly pounce on them. The US, while uttering political platitudes and admonitions, would probably stand there and watch, most likely feeding intel and covert logistical support to the Muslims while withholding it from the IDF or giving them intentionally treacherous “disinformation”.

Hilldebeast would shake her finger and sneer “We warned ya not to do that” as the UN imposed sanctions on IS for their “aggression”.

While the Gaza blockade is blown wide open for the Umma, a blockade probably would be imposed on Israel, cutting her off from an increasingly hostile world.

From a tactical standpoint, it’s a battle Israel can’t possibly win and would be unlikely to survive for very long.

What are Israel’s other options, if an effective defense is denied them?

They can back off and wait, which seems to be the present course.

Wait for what? (I think I just stole that line from the PM – thank you, Sir!)

No matter how much they capitulate to Hussein O., Hillary, the Umma and the “global community” it will never be enough… not until the last Jew is exterminated.

That will be a lot easier to accomplish, of course, once Iran’s nuclear warheads are ready to fly.

I’m pretty sure that PM Netanyahu knows that fact all too well.

The insatiable pack of barbarian jackals now surrounding Israel on every side will continue to stalk and nip at Israels heels as rocks and rockets continue to fly, and murdering Hajis seek out more victims to feed their prophet’s eternal blood lust on.

Whoa!; do I detect a few bulls among the encompassing packs of jackals and hyenas?
Psalm 22:12&13. …Se’lah.
(I’m coming out of my old 1560 Geneva Bible here; what does your Torah have to say about it?)

Muslims are, by theological mandate as well as cultural tradition, relentless; the stress of continual terror has already taken it’s toll on the People of Israel, and if Islam can’t kill all the Jews and other “Kafir” they will darned sure make their lives as miserable as they possibly can. How much more of this psychological torture can the besieged Population take?

One way or another, Islam is determined to destroy the lives of any who dare to resist their pathological, supremacist tyranny.

I think that a lot of Israelis would rather die fighting the barbarians against impossible odds than to be reduced to quivering insanity from having to live in constant fear of them.
When Islam’s victim is driven to utter desperation it’s hard for them to be rational – and irrational impulsivity is an advantage that the Muslim always exploits.

I think that Mr. Netanyahu is being reluctantly rational given his limited options… but the Israeli people seem to be getting increasingly desperate and tempted to take Islam’s bait regardless of the menacing consequences.

Unwilling at least for now to charge headlong into the jackal’s trap, of which Gaza is probably the trigger plate, Israel can always cower and capitulate until the world eventually wears them down. Then what? We know that the Umma is never going to be satisfied, leave them alone or let up on them.
Total unconditional submission is the Muslim’s consistent historical demand upon it’s target civilizations, and in the case of Israel, submission probably equals extermination; Physical death to most, but lacking divine intervention, certain cultural and spiritual annihilation for all.

While vehemently denying that the Holocaust ever happened, Islam can hardly wait to finish the job.

If unrelenting terror and harassment does not ultimately win the day, there are always chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons in the wings.

Whatever it takes, Islam is determined to win – and in this case it’s winner take all. Islam always plays for keeps and mercy is not usually on the table as far as they are concerned – unless, of course, they are the exclusive recipients of it.

Will Israel be forced to the precipice of a national Masada and submit to genocide by the Muslim Headsman or gas chambers, or will they just stampede like a herd of helpless lemmings over the edge and into the sea, embracing extinction by suicide rather than rape, slavery and slaughter?

I really don’t think that’s going to happen – but what other choices does the “world” leave them?

Right now I’m sort of visualizing Israel as their old King David… only not at his finest hour when he took up his Shepherd’s sling against the terrible Philistine giant Goliath.
No; now I see him drooling in his beard, staggering around scratching at the door, running into things and mumbling incoherently, feigning (was he really?) insanity while he was on the run from Saul, in order to deceive Achish the King of Gath into sparing his life, not considering him or his Nation to be much of a threat. (1 Samuel 21:13)

Hardly the sort of behavior we expect from our heroes, is it?

And Lord, don’t we all need a hero right about now?

I find it ironic that David had the courage to confront the giant Goliath when he was armed only with a sling, but when he went to Gath packing that same giant’s mighty sword, he strangely turned coward.

Isn’t that the same sword which is depicted on the insignia of the IDF?

(Which just happens to appear on the breech of my old Israeli 7.62mm K-98 Mauser)

…Isn’t that the same sword which the esteemed PM rhetorically alluded to having one hand on recently?

I would think that if anything were to rust that venerable blade, it more ought to be the blood of Israel’s mortal enemies rather than the saliva of a blithering, cowardly King.

But then again I’m just a simple Yankee Goyim; what do I know?

Now that Islam’s demand that the blockade be lifted has been capitulated to, how long do you suppose it will take the barbarians to demand that the fences and gates protecting Israeli villages and settlements be torn down as well?
I fully expect that a cowed Israel will comply in order to establish another hudna “peace” treaty… and where will that leave them – both tactically and prophetically speaking?

(Clue: Ezekiel 38:11)

Has the sword of David, formerly the sword of Goliath, now rusted fast in his scabbard…

Or shall the Word of our Creator once again call upon His chosen People to draw it forth with a will, and with a mighty pillar of ancient, holy fire leading on, at last fulfill their prophetic destiny?

Shalom through Victory; Victory in Messhiach Adonai!

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The Hell Street Exchange.

Posted in Poetry by Uncle Jaque on 11/15/2009

The Hell Street Exchange.


When the Brokers of Death cry “Sell!; Sell!”

And the World lines up to buy;

When stocks sell short in shares of Hell –

Redemption draweth nigh!

Uncle Jaque Clarke

June 29, 2008

“Night In Jerusalem”

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I have been sorting through my music files lately, and something on the TV news regarding the tragic (but not surprising) events of late in the Holy City (I’m NOT talking Rome, here) sort of reminded me of this song I was inspired to write some years ago (about 1987 as I recall) when I was going through my “religious phase”.

At the time, I was recovering from surgery in the So. Maine Medical Ctr, looking out over the lights of Portland, Maine, and reflecting on what it’s going to be like looking out over the “New Jerusalem”. Being a mountain boy from NH, I’ve always been a little averse to urban settlements… but that’s going to be one beautiful City, isn’t it?

Anyways, when I got home, I picked up my guitar and this just sort of “came out”. I was as much surprised as anybody, especially since it didn’t seem to be the sort of thing that a Gentile would be singing, much less writing (and a Baptist at that!) but I really like it and still sing it on occasion.

Never having written the score out, the music is a little hard to describe other than “rollicking” or “celebratory”… but here are the lyrics, such as I remember them. I rather impulsively wanted to share them with you and wonder what your impression might be.


Night In Jerusalem’

J. Cardigan Clarke (c) 1987

All day long in streets of darkness, Lord, I’ve tried to pass the test;
Fallen far short of your glory, Lord, though I’ve tried my level best;

There’s lots more I need to do here, Lord,lots more I need to learn,
Though my weary heart for sanctuary, frequently does yearn!


In my dreams, the golden spires
of your Temple meet the sun;
In your streets the children dancing;
hear them sing, and laugh, and run;
Your sweet flowers soothe my spirit;
Though it’s not time to come Home…
Let me spend one night, Dear Lord….
In Jer-u-sa-lem!

City of God, City of David,
priceless pearl beyond worth;
Shining light upon Mount Zion;
Capitol City of the Earth!
Let me drink from your crystal fountains,
wander through your rainbow halls…
Hear the trumpet sound the Sabbath
from your alabaster walls!

Say there, Pirgrim!; Have you seen Her –
shining high upon the hill?
Ancient City of our Fathers,
are her banners flying still?
Or when back towards the Kingdom
wandering souls choose to start,
Is Jerusalem that City,
God rebuilds within our heart?


I have an *.Mp3 of my recorded performance of this song accompanied by guitar if I can ever figure out how to link it here, you could listen to it.

Any suggestions?