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“Night In Jerusalem”

Posted in Musical Compositions, ORIGINAL WORKS by Uncle Jaque on 11/15/2009

I have been sorting through my music files lately, and something on the TV news regarding the tragic (but not surprising) events of late in the Holy City (I’m NOT talking Rome, here) sort of reminded me of this song I was inspired to write some years ago (about 1987 as I recall) when I was going through my “religious phase”.

At the time, I was recovering from surgery in the So. Maine Medical Ctr, looking out over the lights of Portland, Maine, and reflecting on what it’s going to be like looking out over the “New Jerusalem”. Being a mountain boy from NH, I’ve always been a little averse to urban settlements… but that’s going to be one beautiful City, isn’t it?

Anyways, when I got home, I picked up my guitar and this just sort of “came out”. I was as much surprised as anybody, especially since it didn’t seem to be the sort of thing that a Gentile would be singing, much less writing (and a Baptist at that!) but I really like it and still sing it on occasion.

Never having written the score out, the music is a little hard to describe other than “rollicking” or “celebratory”… but here are the lyrics, such as I remember them. I rather impulsively wanted to share them with you and wonder what your impression might be.


Night In Jerusalem’

J. Cardigan Clarke (c) 1987

All day long in streets of darkness, Lord, I’ve tried to pass the test;
Fallen far short of your glory, Lord, though I’ve tried my level best;

There’s lots more I need to do here, Lord,lots more I need to learn,
Though my weary heart for sanctuary, frequently does yearn!


In my dreams, the golden spires
of your Temple meet the sun;
In your streets the children dancing;
hear them sing, and laugh, and run;
Your sweet flowers soothe my spirit;
Though it’s not time to come Home…
Let me spend one night, Dear Lord….
In Jer-u-sa-lem!

City of God, City of David,
priceless pearl beyond worth;
Shining light upon Mount Zion;
Capitol City of the Earth!
Let me drink from your crystal fountains,
wander through your rainbow halls…
Hear the trumpet sound the Sabbath
from your alabaster walls!

Say there, Pirgrim!; Have you seen Her –
shining high upon the hill?
Ancient City of our Fathers,
are her banners flying still?
Or when back towards the Kingdom
wandering souls choose to start,
Is Jerusalem that City,
God rebuilds within our heart?


I have an *.Mp3 of my recorded performance of this song accompanied by guitar if I can ever figure out how to link it here, you could listen to it.

Any suggestions?