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Somali “Refugees” to be Housed at the former Brunswick (Maine) Naval Air Station?

Posted in IMMIGRATION, ISLAM & JIHAD by Uncle Jaque on 07/11/2010
(RE rumors that the State and it’s affiliated “NPOs” are planning to re-settle a large number of additional Somali “refugees” into the former Brunswick Naval Air Station.

Formerly imported foreign – mostly Somali – populations mainly in Lewiston and Portland after years of residence seem to retain inordinately high levels of unemployment and welfare dependency.
Any complaints or criticism of their attitudes, behavior, or burden to Maine Taxpayers is of course met with strident accusations of “Racism” and “Hate speech”, and a former Mayor of Lewiston was harassed, humiliated and essentially driven from office in retaliation for politely asking if not begging the Somali community to slow down their mass immigration and burden to the social service system of the city, which was being bankrupted by ever increasing demands for welfare assistance.   I for one strongly suspect that many of these immigrants are voting, regardless of legal citizenship status, in Maine elections and are a major political assert to the socialist democrat regime currently in control of our State.
They represent, IMHO, a loyal mail-order democrat constituency, bought and paid for with the hard earned money extorted by force of “law” from ME Taxpayers by a corrupt if not criminal political machine.  )

Friend “Mel” continues:

I called a state Senator on the BNAS and was given this website. The lady said everything is there and so are contact info. I haven’t looked at it yet.

NASB Redevelopment

Let’s pray there is NOTHING about the Muslims going there!

I checked that site a while ago Mel, and didn’t find anything about who they intend to move into the base housing area – but then again I wouldn’t expect to.   They didn’t even mention (that I could find and I just sort of scanned it) reference to “Low income housing” which is often code speak for imported Democrat Voters, strategically injected into districts which might be in danger of Republican or non-marxist independent party take overs in order to bolster the vote count for D incumbants.

Election fraud?   Probably.   But who’se counting?

Oh!; … That’s right… THEY are!   

I wonder what language Brunswick is going to have to print their ballots in for the next couple of elections?

Haven’t they already built a Mosque for them on Maine Street?

If we are going to have a shipment of Muslim Democrat Voters delivered to the Baldacci Regime, I would expect to see them arriving via “Catholic Charities” planes, buses, taxis and perhaps by the cattle car load by August at the latest in order to get them on welfare, issue driver’s licenses, food stamp credit cards and IDs, and registered to vote in time to prevent a Republican / LePAGE take over of the Blaine House in November.

Given Paul LePage’s popularity, they may have to put up a Palestinian refugee settlement complete with tents and open sewers at the old base, completely filling it up and making it a Sharia “off limits to Dhimmies” Muslim enclave.     In some places Residents of “Host” communities tire of being constantly raped, robbed, spat on, threatened, attacked, chased, and intimidated by their “guests”, having their property stolen, vandalized, destroyed etc. with Police politically curbed or too intimidated to intervene, until they flee, leaving the community open for the Muslims to move into, expand their sharia enclave, and trash… as they are wont to do just about wherever in the World they are allowed to take over.   Detroit Michigan might be a prime example – that once mighty, prosperous and productive city has been described of late as a “ghost town” where abandoned homes are being bulldozed into their basements.

We don’t see that much of that sort of stereotypical “soft jihad” activity here in Maine, perhaps, I suspect, because despite repeated attempts by the Marxist regime to disarm the Peasantry, popular resistance has prevailed and we continue to enjoy relatively uninfringed Second Amendment rights.

Hopefully this cherished native tradition might make a “hard Jihad” conquest a little more challenging for them as well.   We should not, however, assume that they will not at some point at least attempt it.

Back to BNAS…:

It seems that that Schott fella and his real estate group were bidding against MRRA (State Agency) for the housing units – not the whole base.   Apparently some Navy families still living there who I would assume would be evicted to make room for our “refugee guests”.    That would be some “diversity” wouldn’t it, if families of American Sailors serving overseas were rendered homeless while hostile 3rd world muslim Jihaddi parasites squat at Taxpayer’s expense in their former homes, awaiting their chance to slaughter or enslave us?

Together with what we learned from Avi last night, if Muslims are indeed moved into BNAS there is a much more sinister potential there than having them overwhelm our electoral system and vote themselves into control over the community.

There are probably weapons ranges and military training facilities remaining on base which Jihaddists would find quite useful in honing their military skills in preparation for the overthrow, forced “conversion”, enslavement and / or mass slaughter of us evil Americans.    Of course Federal authorities will ignore these activities just like they do at the 35 (at least) other known terrorist training camps within the US, and local Law Enforcement will be advised if not ordered to do likewise.

Any Jews in the area might want to plan on fleeing back to Israel while they still can – despite being a prime target for Islamic / Iranian nukes, it may be the safest place on Earth for them pretty soon.   According to Avi active Christians, especially those of us who refuse to hate or persecute Jews, might consider following them there.

I wanted to take some of our savings out of our bank and deposit it in Israeli banks, or at least convert some dollars into Shekels to protect it from dollar collapse, hyperinflation or government seizure (don’t put anything past this regime) – but DM would hear nothing of it.    I think investing in Israeli currency might be one of the better investments one could make right now – but what do I know?

Short term future is both frightening and exciting – God works in magnificent, mysterious ways…. and I think wer’e about to see some of them in action.   Avi mentioned some possible developing scenarios which might be so many pipe dreams, but should they become reality would likely lead to a major renewal of human society and civilization.



Punishing those who play by the rules / Exile for the Honest, Sanctuary for the vermin.

Posted in IMMIGRATION, State of Maine by Uncle Jaque on 07/11/2010

Maine Voices: Punishing those who play by the rules

Dean and Laura Franks did everything right, but now have to leave the country due to misplaced priorities.




Just another example of the systematic destruction of the free market private sector by our Marxist ruling elite.

They can’t drive productive, educated working Americans out of Maine and America fast enough to suit them, so that they can replace us with hostile foreign “immigrant” Barbarians who might not bother to learn English or ever work a day in their lives, but can be relied upon to vote Democrat early and often for a living (prolifically breeding welfare sponges for life).

I would not be at all surprised if the Baldacci Syndicate put the Californica bureaucrats up to this, so that they can turn the restaurant over to some Somali Muslim to use as a Hallal goat market and welfare money laundering site.

If only the Franks knew who to bribe and how much, they probably wouldn’t have had to go through all this.

Someone from Chicago ought to teach a course on how to survive in business in a completely corruption-driven economy… like Mexico, Chicago’s, or Maine’s.

AZ “Wetbacks”; To Flee or to Hang In There?

Posted in IMMIGRATION, RANTS by Uncle Jaque on 07/11/2010
J. A. D.  wrote:

At least the wetbacks are leaving Arizona ahead of the law at the end of this month …..

UJs Response:
So we’ve heard.

I wonder, though, if some of them are going to hold on for a while now to see how the Obama / Holder law suit works out in negating the law or imposing an injunction against it’s enforcement & for how long, or if the Emperor simply issues a royal edict / Executive Order “deeming” amnesty to be in effect and about 25 million foreign invaders granted instant US voting privileges before they sombrero up and head South?   Do ya think that might effect the outcome of the November elections… and the fate of our Nation?

Some people are saying that if he does that then it will be civil war… but they said that about Obamacare too, but he, Pelosi and the gang went right ahead and jammed that up Uncle Sam’s ass and narry a shot was fired over it that I’m aware of.   A bit of a yelp and some moaning perhaps, but no tooth was bared nor hackle raised.

The American people have obviously become well domesticated, dependent, and accustomed to abuse at the hands of our government Masters.

If the regime can summarily steal all upcoming elections and render the will of the American People moot, will the generally white / christian / working class America do what the “minorities” and muslims always do when they don’t get their way, or will we just bend over, grab the ankles, and get used to submitting to Sharia, dhimmitude, tyranny and slavery (unto death)?

It appears that Ayatolla Kommieheinie over in Iran has pretty effectively crushed the popular resistance over there after their regime presumably stole their last election, so I guess OBozo figures that he can exercise his “Chicago Election” option with impunity and do the same to us if we get unrluly over it.

Of course the common Iranians are pretty well disarmed – which is why tyrants (like Mayor / “Boss” DALEY of Chicago) always disarm their subjects “for their own good” of course – and at least SOME Americans still enjoy our God given 2nd Amendment rights, which might make similar repression a little messier for the oppressor over here… but we are probably dealing with a regime that does not mind making a mess if that’s what it takes to get what they want.

Stalin certainly “broke a lot of eggs” in order to make his bloody omelet, and I have no doubt that our current Administrator is perfectly willing to do that and a lot more.   I suspect that they probably have contingency plans in place to tactically negate our civilian access to small arms in an overwhelming way, should they choose to invoke them.

I suspect that they are indeed willing and able; the only factor yet to be revealed, is…   WHEN?

That old Tree of Liberty Jefferson wrote about is looking pretty shabby right about now, isn’t it?


Instant Voting Bloc for the Left?

Posted in IMMIGRATION, ISLAM & JIHAD, POLITICS by Uncle Jaque on 07/09/2010

Sent on 6/23/10:

Melody wrote:

Rush said that Obama is looking at a friggin Executive Decision to make all illegal slime, citizens!
I Replied:

He might as well just make an “Executive Order” declaring himself dictator / Emperor / Ceaser of Amerika for life.  Why the hell not?

The Legislative and Judaical branches of government have been rendered essentially moot and irrelevant.
They might as well just pack up and go home.   They are nothing more than theatrical window dressing at this point.

We are now looking at tyranny or a bloody revolt square in the face.  And Islam lies lurking in the shadows like a predatory snake getting ready to strike after we get done bleeding each other in a nasty civil war.

Interesting seminar down in Arundel last night with Avi Lipkin.   Lots of stuff is coming down this summer according to him – hang on to your hat!

Gen. McChrystal resigned, as I’m sure Obama had demanded.   I hope that he and other patriotic Officers who have been forced out of the military by the PC regime organize, train and lead a National people’s Militia to rise up and take our Nation back before its too late.

Hey IVAN;  Are you going to come round US up, or are WE coming to round YOU up, Komrade?
Crack another fifth of vodka, light up another cigarette and think about it why don’t ya?

Last night Avi told us that the Muslims are all ready to jump, start exterminating Christians and Jews, and take Amerika over.   Obama IS a Moslem just like we have known all along, and has been bragging about it in Egyptian speeches carried on Al Jizera TV and other Arabic media.     The moonsquat barbarians have us all set up in a trap and are all ready to spring it.   Will we be as easy to slaughter as they seem to think we will be?

Avi says probably August at the latest.    Get ready for it. In order to maintain and secure their power they must not and will not let the American people vote in November.

Later.  J

Maine couple kicked out of US While Obama’s Illegal Aunt STAYS!

Posted in IMMIGRATION by Uncle Jaque on 07/09/2010

Some recent correspondence regarding immigration news:

Gayle F.  wrote:



*Established Maine couple kicked out of US*

**A York county couple, originally from England, is about to be kicked out of the country.
For a decade, Dean and Laura frank built up “Laura’s Kitchen,” a small, but popular local restaurant in Wells, now shuttered and for sale.
That’s because the “E-2” visa they’d legally had for years — twice renewed with no problem– was suddenly denied last year.
The reason — an immigration case worker in California reviewing their numbers declared their business “marginal,” not profitable enough, even though they made enough to run the business, live virtually debt free and employ local people part-time.
They are now in the country on a temporary tourist visa, trying to wrap up their affairs and sell their properties — while desperately hoping for an unexpected reprieve.



The Franks from England don’t fit the demographic profile of what Obama and his “Multi-Culti” Party want to change the present USA into. They’re too Anglo-Saxon, probably Christian, and gasp, can even speak English and are able to fend for themselves without living off of tax-money supplied by the Democratic Party. Can’t have that! Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder: Call your office and get ICE over here immediately. But forget about the border and sue AZ.

Gayle F.

My response:
My sentiments EXACTLY, Gayle.

What really frosts me is that this working, productive, contributing couple are getting the bum’s rush while Obama’s illegal immigrant Aunt who I don’t think ever worked a day in America and has been squatting in public assistance housing, living off of welfare and ignoring several deportation orders for years, gets a complete pass.

Apparently prejudice, discrimination, and persecution are all OK now… as long as the victims of it are WHITE Christian or Jewish people.

I’m wondering when they are going to start rounding up and deporting American Citizens who don’t toe the Obama party line, worship Allah, or are of the “wrong” color?   Are we going to have our citizenship revoked if we’re not a dues paying Union Member or registered Democrat voters?

Where are they going to deport us TO?  An abandoned salt mine somewhere?

Just when we think we’ve seen things get about as absurd as they possibly can….  Surprise!

No doubt there will be loyal foreign imported democrat voters happy to inhabit our vacated homes and drive our cars around once we are “dealt with”.     Where the regime is going to get the money to support these hoards of rental Constituents & useful idiots for the rest of their lives remains a mystery to me.
If history is any indicator however, once their usefulness to the ruling elite has expired…

…So will they.

Ya know, there might still be a few Americans left here and there who won’t take kindly to being dragged out of their homes and “deported”, and just might put up a bit of a fuss over it.

How much further are they going to push us?