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Letter to Senators Collins & Snowe; 6/14/10

Posted in JUDICIAL, POLITICS by Uncle Jaque on 07/09/2010

Dear Senator Collins:

By now you must be aware of the completely despicable assault on a young college Student recently by Democrat Congressman Bob Etheridge.  A video recording of the incident  was posted on You Tube and several other sites this Morning, and you have probably seen it by now.

We would expect at LEAST an immediate, fair and impartial Congressional hearing into this egregious breach of civility and our Law, and appropriate and just consequences rendered.

Since many suspected perpetrators of criminal acts associated with or employed by  the Obama Administration seem to be completely immune to our Nation’s system of Law and are held above accountability, there seems to be a growing consensus among many Americans that America is currently being ruled… not governed as our Founders had intended.

Rule by “Executive Order” seems to  be all the rage down there in Washington.

We appreciate your efforts to at least occasionally restrain the headlong and I opine intentional sabotage and destruction of our economy and Constitutional Republic, but those efforts seem to be all in vain when they can be simply negated by Executive order and bureaucratic edict.

Are those of you in the House and Senate at all relevant any more, or have you become merely political window dressing  for the obviously corrupt and increasingly dangerous Obama “Regime”?

Is the Judicial branch of government also to become a vestigial ornament as it is infiltrated  with political and ideological activist hacks the likes of Justice Sotamayor and Kagan?   I was disappointed in your vote of confirmation for Sotamayor, a Hispanic Supremacist Member of the radical RACIST “LaRAZA” organization (Hispanic equivalent of the notorious KKK) and hope that you exercise considerably more discretion in the selection of our next Supreme Court Justice.

Why have many records of Ms. Kagan’s former writings and dealings been secreted away by former President Clinton and apparently others within the administration?

It stands to reason that there must be a reason they do not want you to know all there is to know about her prior to her hearings and your vote, and I hope that it concerns you as much as it does me.

To show any respect at all for our U.S. Constitution these days is considered to be “Right wing extremism”.   Pu-leeeeeaze!!!   When did Marxism become so “mainstream?

Respect for the Rule of Law seems to be expected only of the “Little People” or Peasant class of Americans these days.   How long can the inevitable resentment between the ruled and the rulers build and fester before something decidedly unpleasant results?

History, as you know, has an ugly habit of repeating itself when we fail or refuse to learn from it.
The parallels between our American situation now and the history of the Weimar Republic in Germany back in the 1930s has an element of deja vu that many of my friends and I find to be terribly disconcerting.

There was also that thing over in France back in the 1790s (Remember “Let them eat cake”?) and here in America from 1861 to 65…. I think you can agree that we definitely do NOT want to go there ever again!

Please resist any more “bailouts” by the “administration”;  We recently received a phone call urging us to call you in favor of the “Jobs Bill”, and you may rest assured that I am NOT in favor of another scheme to waste more of our Grand children’s money that we don’t and they may never have to “bail out” corrupt  irresponsible and mismanaged Teacher’s and Government Employee’s Unions and commercial entities.
Despite our assumed president’s (when are you going to insist on proof of his “Natural born” citizenship, by the way?) frenetic wailing about what an “emergency” we face if his demands are not capitulated to – Police and Firefighters laid off, etc.. – hasn’t he overplayed that disingenuous shopworn card a bit too often?

Personally, I opine that much more could be saved by cutting off welfare benefits to illegal aliens and anyone else who has been living on the Taxpayer’s hard earned dime for over 5 years without a valid reason.
Please take a lead from our outstanding Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, Paul LePage.

We the little (but many) people of Maine seem to resonate with his message, don’t we?

Thank you for your kind attention to these matters:

(Uncle Jaque)

Monmouth Republican Town Committee & Kennebec County Committee;
Delegate to 2010 GOP ME State Convention.
Activist; Tea Party Patriots of the Kennebec Valley.
Veteran, US Army 1967 – 70