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Morning Scripture, : Ecclesiastes 5:8

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Sunday August 31, 2014:

Morning Scripture: Ecclesiastes 5:8 ~

“If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.”

It seems that many of the sentiments being expressed here on Facebook, if not on much of the public social media, comes in the form of complaint and lamentation about how certain subjugated or subservient cultural groups (which most of us identify or at least sympathize with) are being set upon, exploited, abused, victimized if not enslaved by individuals, groups, or institutions in positions of power over us.

Exactly who these subjugated groups and who the oppressive entities are and the manner of said oppression vary according to the complainant’s perspective and perception of reality, but I find it interesting as to how the nuclear grievance of these complaints seems to display a remarkable similarity regardless of which ideological construct or cultural referent group the plaintiff hails from.

To the so called “Liberal” among us the oppressed are, as the Scripture implies, “The Poor” – although exactly who qualifies as “poor” seems to be a matter of conjecture, and liberal definitions can be somewhat challenging for us to follow and keep up with as they “evolve”.
They usually include the “Worker”, although a diminishing percentage of the left’s core constituency seems to actually work for a living.
“Women and Minorities” also qualify for perpetual victimhood status, and special legislation has been afforded them in order to compensate them for perceived persecution, real or imaginary.
“Affirmative Action” and “Restitution” as a guilt – offering for ancestral slavery provided by government to “African Americans” might serve as examples of such palliative gestures, despite historical evidence that not all Slaves were Black, nor were all Slave Owners White.

As to the villain identified and constantly railed against by the left as the perennial oppressor, as near as I can tell he is personified by some leader they choose (or are told to identify) they don’t agree with or like; “George Bush” or the Koch Brothers seem to be the boogeymen du jour these days, and contempt regularly poured upon them bears a remarkable resemblance to sheer, primal hatred.

These despised figures, however, are emblematic of more nebulous groups, movements or interests; the “Tea Party”, “Republicans”, the “Religious (particularly Evangelical / Pro-Life Christian) Right” or the NRA seem to be particularly popular targets of leftist contempt.
It so happens that I fail to see whom or how those groups are substantially “oppressing” anybody, but those arrayed in opposition to them certainly do.

Another source of “oppression” seems to be the nebulous “Corporate State”, motivated by an insatiable lust for “profit” above any concern for those who actually produce the goods and services that generate said profit.

Now I don’t see anything inherently evil about “profit” in a free market capitalist environment, but agree with the liberal in the ethical premise that there is something wrong in the exploitation of the vulnerable by the powerful in order to amass unlimited, obscene material wealth and capricious power over others.
Capitalism tends to get a bad rap because of those who exploit and abuse it – and Lord knows there are plenty of them.

About the same can be said of any ideological or economic “ism”; Communism looks pretty good on paper and in theory, but it’s practical application over the past century or so has led to the violent demise of tens of millions of human beings and untold suffering and misery.

There is little, if anything on this Earth which is immune from corruption, no matter how noble, worthy, or laudable is started out to be.

The victims of “oppression” are by no means limited to the Human race; Animals and the “Environment” obviously suffer all too much and often than most of us would care to see, although the “left” seems to have usurped the mantle of champions of advocacy for them.
I know very few conservatives who really want to intentionally destroy the natural environment or cause animals to suffer, but we all seem to wear the collective social stigma of just such an implied and assumed guilt.

As much as those who embrace liberalism (which I tend to identify as Socialism if not Communism, much to their angst) regularly annoy if not exasperate me, I try to convince myself that to their credit, their hearts – their core moral compass – is in the right place; they certainly have compassion for the oppressed and unfortunate, and I can’t criticize that too much, nor do I suppose that my God holds it against them either.
It’s just that their moral compass seems to be working in a radically different magnetic field than that which “we” inhabit.

As to the other end of the ideological field, whereupon those who follow my rantings will expect to find your humble correspondent, we find a few differences of opinion as to who occupies the offices of Predator vs. prey.
As the left attaches the face of their chosen nemesis, be it President Bush or the Koch Brothers, popular effigies at the moment to malfeasance and oppression, so the Right sees President Baraq Hussein Obama as the personification of government excess, abuse, incompetence and corruption.
Numerous postings have been so rash as to actually advocate for not only his impeachment but removal from office by a military coup – or whatever it takes.
Some have opined that they would feel no remorse if he were to fall upon some accident or illness, and I wonder if not a few curses have been invoked towards him.
A few particularly radical (even by conservative standards) and IMHO imprudent firebrands have ventured into that no-man’s land of suggesting assassination, and apparently some of them have subsequently been “visited” by concerned Law Enforcement about it, as might be expected.
The impudence of a few, however, tends to call forth the accusation of implied guilt upon all of us, which is probably why the DHS, at the behest of the Southern Poverty Law Center, has labeled Evangelicals, Veterans, Members of Civil Militia groups, Home Schoolers and those who oppose abortion (among others) as “Domestic Terrorists” (“Enemies of the State” in Soviet terms) ~
and, many of us assume, subject to summary arrest, incarceration, and some suspect selective genocide in the event of a “National emergency”.
Our President and the government he presides over apparently gets to determine exactly what that “emergency” is, when that occurs, and what the National response is going to be.
My speculation is, that if no National Emergency spontaneously emerges and the Executive senses a need for one to exploit in order to advance his agenda, it can be conveniently arranged.
Many of us suspect that the recent in pouring of “Immigrants” through our relatively open and unprotected borders coincidental with the sudden uprisal of the barbarically ruthless yet militarily formidable “Islamic State” in the Middle East might be developing components of just such an “arrangement”.

Stay tuned on that one.

Another subject of the Right’s interpretation of “oppression” is what even our alleged icon of conservatism, President Bush, dismissed as a “Religion of Peace”; Islam.
An objective study of History and the Q’ran, it seems, suggests that Islam, at it’s essence, is anything but “Peace”.
In order to understand real Islamic oppression, one might check with a Jew in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Somalia or some other majority Islamic utopia.
Oh; wait…. good luck finding one.
Apparently they have all been driven out of their homes and communities or brutally slaughtered / exterminated.
How about a Christian in Nigeria, Syria or Iraq?
Better hurry up; they’re going fast.
Now to the festive and compassionate Liberal, those of us who accuse or even suspect Islam (other than “a few radicals”) of oppression, abuse and genocide are despicable “Islamophobes”, and probably to be included on Lord High Executioner’s dreaded little list of “Enemies of the State”, along with “Homophobes” who disagree with the life style and practices of Homosexuals, another popularly admired and pitied victim group.
Our compassion is more directed to the documented and apparently very real victims of Islamic persecution who are routinely raped, tortured, forcibly “converted” to Islam and ritually slaughtered if they dare resist both physical and spiritual enslavement to “Allah” and his Disciples… by the millions over the past 1400 years or so since the “prophet” Muhummett inspired the aggressive and totalitarian cult.

Who else is the “Oppressor” to a Conservative?
Well, our very own government for one.
The burden of ever expanding taxes, regulations, rules and restrictive laws keeps cranking down on the thumb screws of what we perceive as dictatorial stress (oppression) on those of us who identify as the “ME” on the old Gadsden Flag commonly associated with the TEA Party, upon whom the hobnailed jack boots of government tyranny constantly threaten to tread, and upon whom they occasionally kick and stomp.
The question persists; Who are the real culprits and victims of “oppression”?
Obviously they were present and active in the earliest epochs of Human History, and remain very much so.
Most sentient Humans recognize that reality, but differ in opinions of how to appropriately respond to it, or if possible, to ameliorate it.
In Ecclesiastes, King Solomon suggests that as much as we opine, God only knows.
Ultimately, it is the Creator who sees and knows all, and discerns Light from darkness, and will ultimately settle all scores.

We do well, perhaps, to espouse the good and resist evil, as best as we can determine them to be – but we need to let God be the arbiter of which is which rather than depend on our own egotistical understanding. I like to at least try to be open to His divine suggestion as to discernment of moral and spiritual polarity and priorities, and appropriate and obedient responses thereto.

In this Hebraic month of Elul, a season of reflection and repentance is traditionally observed; this might be a good time to examine ourselves for any oppression that contaminates our being, and with HaShem’s help, purge ourselves from it.

In the same season, let’s be sensitive and aware of those among us under oppression, and be open to ways in which we might be supportive of and advocate for them.

Oppression and violence are products of darkness, while compassion and mercy blossom forth from the Light.
Let us then “walk as Children of the Light” (Ephesians 5:8) in the Way set before us by Him who is “higher than the highest” (Ecl. 6:8).

Se’lah; Amain.


April 3, 2014: The Zombies Strike Again (Ft. Hood Massacre II)

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Another Ft. Hood shooting; again our Soldiers are forced to cower, try to hide or run away from an armed assailant while they are strictly disarmed and rendered essentially defenseless, like sheep to the slaughter.

This while we are supposedly “at War” with no front lines and no really safe areas “to the rear” as we have become accustomed to in previous conflicts.  Not even the Officers on duty are allowed to carry sidearms as they traditionally have been for generations. 

It seems that political correctness has trumped tactical reality in today’s military, where the enemy is given every possible advantage and our heroes are rounded up before them like fish in a barrel or targets in a shooting gallery, bound up by ridiculous “rules of engagement” in combat and disarmed in areas where it is assumed the enemy will not seek them out.

Rush said yesterday that it was GW Bush who disarmed the stateside military.
Others lay the blame at Clinton’s feet.
Neither of them were any friend of the 2A IIRC, and IIRC BUSH banned the importation and sale of NORINCO Chinese arms and ammo in the US despite his general affinity for and submission to the Chicoms.

Clinton liked to sell military technology (LORAN for example) to the Chicoms with total impunity while Israeli “spies” – like Jonathan POLLARD – rot in prison for life.
Didn’t GWB used to be the US Diplomat to China?
Of course all presidents of both parties since have seen fit to keep our military cooped up, disarmed, and vulnerable to attack even when the “front lines” of war dissolved and no place was safe from Islamic Jihad – especially after 9/11/01/.

I still think the perp was probably an MK ULTRA mind controlled weaponized zombie
like most of the previous mass shooters who seem to come out of the woodwork on cue whenever Emperor Obeyme needs a distraction from one of his embarrassments (like his ACA) or justification for his civilian disarmament agenda.
He fits the pattern; history of “mental health issues” – being treated in a government controlled clinical setting – and often on government provided psychotropic medication.


These humanoid drones usually seem to be programmed to self destruct before they can be captured and possibly “remember” their programming. Much like Adam LANZA the Sandy Hook killer did, the latest Ft. Hood shooter punched his own ticket too, as soon as he was confronted by an armed MP (at least they let the MPs be armed on duty – I was under the impression only civilian contractor Security personel were allowed arms on base the last time).
When the risk of incapacitation and capture was imminent, he couldn’t not kill himself; it’s what he was programmed to do.

Those who are taken alive are promptly swept away and kept in close federal confinement after which they are only seen in public in court where they are obviously drugged into a catatonic state.


I have a feeling they are probably kept that way for the rest of their miserable lives, after their brains are chemically if not surgically scrubbed.
If any evidence of their programming is not destroyed, it will be carefully hidden by the government – probably forever.

How many more of the regime’s zombies will be deployed against both military and innocent civilian targets as Obeymecare collapses and the mid term elections draw nigh? 

It seems that a few more distractions may be adventageous to the powers that be in the near future…. so stand by.

We might want to avoid “Gun Free” target rich environments for a while … (WE are the targets BTW)… pray for those who cannot avoid them – like our kids who have to go to school or those of us who have to go to work in such vulnerable environments.

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How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

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More history…. repeating itself.      Personally, I think that Obama & co. has a much higher goal than Hitler did – more like the estimated 70 million that Mao put down. Maybe more.  The technology to do it is here.    Agenda 21 says it’s about the ‘environment’ – but those who have investigated it warn us that it’s really about population control… and drastic reduction. 

Agenda 21 and Global Warming

Look how many eugenicists Obama has surrounded himself with, or has associated with.  

   His “Science Czar” John Holdren recommended that something like 95% of the world’s human population needed to be done away with in order to save the environment.
Look it up.  That’s a lot of people, folks!

(My AV did not go off on this site, and I run two programs redundantly)

obama's radical

[Illustrations, footnotes and references available in PDF version]

When Barack Obama nominated John P. Holdren as his Science Adviser last December 20, the president-elect stated “promoting science isn’t just about providing resources” but “ensuring that facts and evidence are never twisted or obscured by politics or ideology.” In nominating John Holdren, his words could scarcely have taken a more Orwellian ring.

Do your kids even know what “Eugenics” means? Apparently not many do.


(You only have to watch the first couple of min. to get the idea.)  This ignorance is quite intentional, BTW.

Plenty of data out there if you want to research; careful though; I just got hit with a malware mine when I opened one NWO / Eugenics web site.
My AV seems to have caught it, but I’m sticking with You Tube here, which thus far has been pretty safe.

Here’s one primer on the NWO / Eugenics correlation:


  Sounds like tinfoil hat stuff …. until you look around at history and what’s still happening.

Right now the World seems to have a surplus population of us humans… a lot of “unemployment” and dependency at the moment.  that’s cutting in on the corporate bankster and politician’s bottom line. Too much eatin’ and breathin’ goin’ on out there!

What do you suppose they intend to do about it… especially now that a known dictatorial eugenicist and his army of loyal Czars and bureaucrats just got re elected?

Can you hear the whistle?

Train’s a-comin’ ’round the bend, friends.   

Johnny Cash – FEMA Prison Blues

(It’s really “Folsom” Prison – somebody ought to update it though! I don’t think that FEMA is going to be as much fun as the one in this video!)


Nation Lost ~ November 2012

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It has been a sore temptation, after the debacle of our Convention followed by the communist massacre on Nov. 6, to just give up further attempts to redeem our government via the conventional political process, which is so obviously corrupt – although I don’t think in equal proportions necessarily – in both parties.

Will we ever have a legitimate election again? Why bother going to Committee meetings or Caucuses any more if the outcome is always going to be predetermined by the ruling elite… as it obviously was this time around?

It all seems like such an exercise in futility now. Does it even matter who is Party Chair? Does it even matter if we have a Republican Party at all any more?

I’m pretty much waiting for the gestapo to come out to round us up and herd us into the cattle cars… and bury the smoldering pieces of anyone who tries to resist.

I’m having a hard time forcing myself to say the pledge at meetings lately; The flag I once loved and cherished is merely a historical artifact of a lost Republic. I don’t even fly it at my house any more.
We are no longer “under God” and haven’t been for quite some time. Maine joining other States in becoming an outpost for Sodom and Gomorrah pretty much settles the whole “God” thing. Maine is now a district of Hell as far as I’m concerned. I’d leave but I still love it here despite our cultural, economic, and political slide into perdition, and plus we are running out of places to hide.

We are not only quite “divisible” but are demographically shattered, with petitions from every state calling for secession and rumblings of civil and racial war abounding. Many immigrants come not to be Americans, but to loot, plunder, and take over, imposing their foreign laws, culture, language and religions upon us – by stealth currently but by force as soon as practicable.

We have no “justice” when murdering Terrorists and traitors like Billy Ayers retire comfortably after a lucrative career brainwashing our young for generations, and hedge fund banksters plunder our working people and economy for $Trillions and walk away fat, free, and happy, while Family Farmers get dragged out of their homes in the middle of the night at gunpoint and jailed for selling raw milk, and Veterans are imprisoned for years because their rifle accidentally double fired at a shooting range. “Liberty”? That went out the window years ago. If the word even appears in text books I’m sure it’s been effectively re-defined, as “marriage” has been.

Our Republic is lost; our Constitution is null and void… the rule of Law has been supplanted with the rule of a ruling oligarchy.

We live in a police state tyranny which is only getting worse by the day. Our Grandchildren will likely be considered “property of the State”. they essentially are already; try not sending your kids to the government indoctrination mill (public schrool) for a week or two and see what happens!

Perhaps I should really care who becomes our next party chairperson.

Perhaps I’ll get back into the swing of things after the depression wears off… assuming it eventually might.

A lot of good Americans died to give us what we just lost.

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John O’Donnell wrote:

Losing your right to grow, harvest and consume your own food
> http://ppjg.wordpress.com/2012/01/02/losing-your-right-to-grow-harvest-and-consume-your-own-food/
In other words; comply or die.

Gee whiz, folks; this is exactly the kind of “Paranoid, conspiracy theory” e mail warning which I’ve been sending out to our “Intel Loop” and posting on my blog Uncle Jaque’s Soap Box for several years now!
It’s nice to see that some legitimate bloggers are starting to take it up as well.

My main contention is, like this fellow points out – it’s not “conspiracy theory”, folks; it’s simply HISTORY… and it’s sneaking up behind us to bite us in ass again… hard.

I’m getting weary of saying it – but Obama & Komrades (that includes you, IVAN) know their Stalin very well – especially what tactics WORKED for him. Remember; Stalin died undefeated, the whole World feared him, and his empire was still holding a vast portion of the human population under an ironclad reign of terror.
Had he lived another ten years, there is no telling but what he might have ruled the whole Earth, as I’m sure he fully intended to.

Not only was the Ukraine genocide quite effective, ( The Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933 as an Act of Genocide – Christina Maslo ) but any day now I am expecting a repeat of the selective PURGE of our military.
I think that it has already started with the forced “retirement” of many of the old line career Officers and their replacement with a new breed of “politically correct” and “progressive” cadre, as well as the ongoing infusion of hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals, Muslims, and gang members into the ranks.

Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Most Americans of the last couple of generations have been quite intentionally insulated from history by our communist infiltrated and controlled “education” bureaucracy and unions. They have at the same time been systematically indoctrinated and brainwashed from Nursery School to Graduate School to embrace the Marxist / Leninist / PC way of thinking …. and voting. How many publicly schooled high school kids do you know of who are proud of our Country, our culture, traditions, and values (such as we have left)? How many wear T-shirts glorifying Che Geuverra, vs. those featuring George Washington? What happens if a kid wears an American flag or Christian Cross T-shirt in to school?

Americans have been groomed for the slaughter for years now, and I think I hear the butcher sharpening his knife.

We’d all better pray… and if you don’t believe in God, now might not be a bad time to start pretending in Him.

4G&C ~ J.

LD 199: Election Reform in Maine; Long Overdue!

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In an E-mail to ME Representatives and associated contacts advocating for the passage of LD 199:

Feb. 25, 2011

Dear Honorable Representatives, Fellow Patriots, and Friends:

Other States are now taking the initiative on Election Reform, and it is LONG OVERDUE here in Maine!
As an example:

Kansas House gives preliminary approval to voter ID bill

Friday, February 25, 2011 12:00:33 PM · by posterchild · 2 replies

Lawrence Journal World ^ | Feb 24, 2011 | Scott Rothschild

TOPEKA — The Kansas House on Thursday gave preliminary approval to a bill that would require voters to show photo identification at the polls and proof of citizenship to register to vote. The measure, advanced on a 78-36 vote, is a top priority of Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a Republican, who said it was needed to prevent election fraud. A final House vote is expected today. The bill would also authorize Kobach’s office to prosecute election fraud cases, and increase the penalties for election crimes.

My political activism, most of it being with the Republican Party of Maine, has only been going on for about 12 years now, give or take, off and on.
During that time I have volunteered on many a Committee and campaign, and have been continually disgusted by the rampant, brazen, in-your-face “What-are-you-gonna-DO-about-it?” practice of ELECTION FRAUD committed with almost complete impunity by the corrupt and criminal operatives of the Democrat Party.

Most of us who have been at this for any length of time have even more direct experience with it than I do, and know all too well how even when compelling evidence is presented to Law Enforcement authorities, they either refuse to investigate, much less prosecute it, or are prevented from doing so by politically biased (and probably corrupt) Attorney Generals and Secretaries of State.

We have all seen our Candidates fall to what is almost obviously a STOLEN election.    Brennan v. VamVakias in a Portland District in Cumberland County was one of my first campaigns, and in March of 2002 we saw the Postal Worker’s Union steal that one out from under Sally – and the rest of us – by 11 votes.    Many more than that number of absentee ballots mysteriously turned up at the Portland Post office, some of them over a week overdue, shortly after the polls closed and they had become magically invalid.   During the re count, Republican observers noticed that the return addresses matched those of registered Republicans on the Voter Registration list they had.  As soon as the SOS staff noticed them noticing this odd coincidence however, the contested ballots were whisked away never to be seen again.   I was told by one observer afterwards that contested ballots for Democrats marked in red ink were admitted while ballots for the Republican Candidate in blue ink were disqualified.  Go figure.
The Democrats also stole the Senate majority along with that election, as some of you might recall, and thanks to the corrupt bureaucracy in Augusta, there wasn’t a bloody thing we could do about it.


Attached is an article from a few years ago, providing some of the long and storied history of Democrat and Organized Labor election fraud, should you have some time to peruse it.

Source: Double Cross — pages 289 – 291
Published: 1992 Author: Sam and Chuck Giancana
Posted on 11/18/2000 01:06:41 PST by Slyfox
At:    http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a3a1646a1118d.htm

Multiple incidents over many years has strongly suggested that the same or similar tactics as described here have been used to at least some extent  here in Maine.   They continually use them, because they reliably and consistently work.

The Chicago political “Machine” has very little to recommend it over it’s active and well oiled progeny here in Maine.

The investigations, arrests, and occasional prosecutions relating to systemic, highly organized election fraud committed by quasi-governmental (and taxpayer funded) groups such as ACORN during the 2008 elections provide ample concrete evidence of the continuing political industry of election fraud.   Were it not for the politically biased judicial corruption in many Democrat dominated States, I have no doubt that the number of arrests and convictions would have been significantly higher.

Prosecution of Black Panther domestic terrorists who were intimidating Voters in Philadelphia during the most recent Presidential elections was blocked by a partisan US Attorney General, essentially giving other political criminals and thugs virtual license to bully, steal, and corrupt the American electoral process.   As far as I know, the thugs involved have never been held accountable and continue to be protected by the organized criminal syndicate sometimes known as “The Obama Administration”.

You may have noticed how even alleged “rigging” of elections in other countries has inspired widespread protests, demonstrations, riots, and at least one “revolution”.   One was attempted in Iran a while ago, and a recent reincarnation of that rebellion was recently put down by the vicious application of deadly force, as is typical in that part of the World.
You might have also noticed the recent events in Egypt, in which the disputed results of an election were at least mentioned as one provocation for that “unrest” – the full consequences of which are yet to be determined.

As those of us who have studied a bit of History know, revolutions do not always end all that well.
Ours of 1776 was a historical anomaly of sorts, and the attempt at a second one in 1861 was pretty much a bust after around 660,000 Americans had slaughtered one another and the economy of nearly half of the young Nation had been destroyed.

Revolutions usually involve a lot of destruction, bloodshed, and tears.  The French and Russian Revolutions probably serve as somewhat typical examples.

When the civilized constitutional or legal system of a Nation breaks down and becomes subordinate to the will and power of a tyrant or an elite cabal or oligarchy which is then imposed, usually by force of arms, over the rule of Law and the express will of the People, bad things are very apt to transpire as a result.

…Very bad things.

Unspeakably horrible things, like the “Reign of Terror”;  Antietam; Dachau; Auschwitz, the Dresden bombardment, the Soviet Man-Made Famine in the UkraineSTALIN’s Great Purge ,  and Hiroshima for just a very few examples.

When criminals and Despots steal free elections, they steal the very life blood of a People.

They rob us of our sacred and precious blood-bought Liberty, plunder our wealth, enslave us and our children into bondage, and all too often they wrench from us our very lives.

History clearly stands wittness against them, yet what are WE to DO?

In this constituent’s humble but studied opinion, the time for equitable, Constitutional election reform here in Maine as well as throughout our Nation is right NOW, Ladies and Gentlemen…

….before an old tree of Liberty somewhere receives a copious and terrible manuring….

For God and Country;

John C. Clarke
194 Norris Hill Road
Monmouth,  Maine, United States of America.

Obama’s Pre-emptive Purge

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In reply to a couple of forum posting in which Members opined or suggested that a military coup might be justified under current political climate or that “Oath Keepers” would prevent military or civilian Law Enforcement abuse of American Citizens during an “emergency”  –


May 23, 2010:

IMHO the Regime (and I’m not just referring to the current Syndicate, AKA “Administration” here either; it goes waaaay back) is setting our military up to be seriously decimated, if not exterminated, so that they will be unable to defend AMERICANS against the coming Jihad.

In order to prevent a loss of power from an election that they may not be able to steal and which might not go well for the Global Ruling Elite, I expect that some “emergency” – arranged or coincidental – will be exploited in order to impose “martial law” and suspend our Constitution… or what’s left of it.

(well, thank God it didn’t happen in 2010…  2012?)

I’m not counting on our “Oath Keepers” much, since it likely won’t be AMERICAN troops enforcing executive orders on American Civilians… especially Anglos, Christians, and Jews.

Call me a looney conspiracy theorist if you want to; I’m used to it; But there is plenty of what I consider to be compelling evidence to support such speculation.

U.S. Soldiers are totally disarmed stateside unless on a training range, leaving them vulnerable to mass casualty attacks along the order of Nidal Hassan; only he was just ONE Jihaddi working alone.

What could a Company – or given the 35 Jihad training camps here in America and our porous border, a Regiment – of trained, combat hardened and heavilly armed Hamaas or Hezbullah suicide fighters do to a US military base?

How long would “Civilian Contractor Security” police hold out against LMGS, mortars, and RPGs? Our troops would be sitting ducks… or a herd of sheep, all penned in and awaiting the slaughter.

Alas; I opine that that’s exactly what they are supposed to be.

Don’t count out a replay of what Stalin did to about a third of his own Red Army whose loyalty he questioned.
You don’t think that Hussein and his Czars would conduct just such a “Purge” if given the opportunity and felt the need to eliminate the possibility of a coup and maintain their unlawful, unconstitutional, tyrannical rule?

OK; so I’m nutz; but I smell something sinister afoot, and I’m concerned that our US military is being intentionally set up for something.

…And it ain’t gonna be pretty.


Oct. 22, 2010:

If you are implying that a coup may be constitutionally justified if not mandated at this point (And I’m not here to deny that proposition) then I suggest a review of Soviet history on how Joseph STALIN precluded just such an eventuality on a couple of occasions.


Obama and his minions were raised by Communists, you know, and surely know all about Stalin and his tactics – especially his more successful ones… like the purges.

Anyone who doubts that this regime would launch a 21st Century purge against our US Military is not taking the enemy nearly seriously enough, IMHO.

Emperor Hussein does not want to suppliment the Military with his “Domestic Strumabterlung”… he wants to REPLACE it.

The forces which are intended to occupy, disarm, and control the new District of America in the Global New World Order won’t be fellow Americans, dear hearts.
They won’t be saddled with any restrictive “rules of engagement” and won’t care a frip about our “hearts and minds”. They won’t hesitate to torture and / or kill anyone who gets out of line or fails to conform, either.

If you think I’m being paranoid, then you’ve apparently skipped a lot of History… you know; that annoying stuff that keeps repeating itself on those foolish enough to ignore it.

Any loyal American in the Military really needs to be watching their and their buddy’s back IMHO. When the Purge comes, you won’t get much warning.

O’Bozo; He’s So Picked On!

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OY!!!;  Get a load of THIS!:

Obama: Israelis Suspicious Of Me Because My Middle Name Is Hussein

Thursday, July 08, 2010 6:29:45 PM · by hecht

Poor baby; he’s so picked on!

AZ “Wetbacks”; To Flee or to Hang In There?

Posted in IMMIGRATION, RANTS by Uncle Jaque on 07/11/2010
J. A. D.  wrote:

At least the wetbacks are leaving Arizona ahead of the law at the end of this month …..

UJs Response:
So we’ve heard.

I wonder, though, if some of them are going to hold on for a while now to see how the Obama / Holder law suit works out in negating the law or imposing an injunction against it’s enforcement & for how long, or if the Emperor simply issues a royal edict / Executive Order “deeming” amnesty to be in effect and about 25 million foreign invaders granted instant US voting privileges before they sombrero up and head South?   Do ya think that might effect the outcome of the November elections… and the fate of our Nation?

Some people are saying that if he does that then it will be civil war… but they said that about Obamacare too, but he, Pelosi and the gang went right ahead and jammed that up Uncle Sam’s ass and narry a shot was fired over it that I’m aware of.   A bit of a yelp and some moaning perhaps, but no tooth was bared nor hackle raised.

The American people have obviously become well domesticated, dependent, and accustomed to abuse at the hands of our government Masters.

If the regime can summarily steal all upcoming elections and render the will of the American People moot, will the generally white / christian / working class America do what the “minorities” and muslims always do when they don’t get their way, or will we just bend over, grab the ankles, and get used to submitting to Sharia, dhimmitude, tyranny and slavery (unto death)?

It appears that Ayatolla Kommieheinie over in Iran has pretty effectively crushed the popular resistance over there after their regime presumably stole their last election, so I guess OBozo figures that he can exercise his “Chicago Election” option with impunity and do the same to us if we get unrluly over it.

Of course the common Iranians are pretty well disarmed – which is why tyrants (like Mayor / “Boss” DALEY of Chicago) always disarm their subjects “for their own good” of course – and at least SOME Americans still enjoy our God given 2nd Amendment rights, which might make similar repression a little messier for the oppressor over here… but we are probably dealing with a regime that does not mind making a mess if that’s what it takes to get what they want.

Stalin certainly “broke a lot of eggs” in order to make his bloody omelet, and I have no doubt that our current Administrator is perfectly willing to do that and a lot more.   I suspect that they probably have contingency plans in place to tactically negate our civilian access to small arms in an overwhelming way, should they choose to invoke them.

I suspect that they are indeed willing and able; the only factor yet to be revealed, is…   WHEN?

That old Tree of Liberty Jefferson wrote about is looking pretty shabby right about now, isn’t it?


Me, Tea, and Mr. STEELE;

Posted in POLITICS, RANTS by Uncle Jaque on 03/23/2010

A Friend asked:

What do you think of this article:

RNC Takes Down Tea Party Web Site

UJ Responds:

Is the TeaParty co-opting the GOP or is it the other way around?
What does Sarah Palin have to do with it?
It seems to be a rather awkward relationship of late.

I definitely think that Chairman STEEL has to go if the GOP is to realize anything near it’s potential given the current opportunity that the incompetent, corrupt and tyrannical Democrats have inadvertently handed us.
The last straw for me was when Steele stated that anyone who disagreed with his policy was RACIST.   Now who have we seen pulling that card out of his ass not long ago?

If the Chairman can jump to such conclusions about me, then I’ll jump to my own about him:
Steele is an incompetent racist RINO Putz – he’s gotta go.

So there.

It remains to be seen if we are going to get a conquest of the Teapers by the Republican Party establishment elite, or the other way around – or a stalemate that neuters the current Conservative initiative all together.

Is it possible that we might grow some sort of consensus, develop a state of conciliation, or build a working coalition?

Will we compete with or compliment one another?  Will the Tea Party movement fall into bickering amongst ourselves over who the “Leader/s” is / are (several people seem to lay claim to that distinction while many “Teapers” insist that we have no “leader” per se.) or how to define ourselves?  Will fringe element “Kooks” discredit the movement and impeach our collective credibility?
Don’t forget;  these “Kooks” can be planted by the opposition for just that very purpose, and they usually succeed in getting most of the media’s attention while misrepresenting and embarassing the targeted group.

Personally, I opine that we’d better find some way to put aside our superficial differences, personality conflicts and ego trips and work together if anything is going to get done in regards to restoring our Republic to the proud, free, and prosperous Nation that it once was, and was originally established to be.

The GOP State Convention should be interesting – stay tuned!

4G&C  ~  UJ