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Nation Lost ~ November 2012

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It has been a sore temptation, after the debacle of our Convention followed by the communist massacre on Nov. 6, to just give up further attempts to redeem our government via the conventional political process, which is so obviously corrupt – although I don’t think in equal proportions necessarily – in both parties.

Will we ever have a legitimate election again? Why bother going to Committee meetings or Caucuses any more if the outcome is always going to be predetermined by the ruling elite… as it obviously was this time around?

It all seems like such an exercise in futility now. Does it even matter who is Party Chair? Does it even matter if we have a Republican Party at all any more?

I’m pretty much waiting for the gestapo to come out to round us up and herd us into the cattle cars… and bury the smoldering pieces of anyone who tries to resist.

I’m having a hard time forcing myself to say the pledge at meetings lately; The flag I once loved and cherished is merely a historical artifact of a lost Republic. I don’t even fly it at my house any more.
We are no longer “under God” and haven’t been for quite some time. Maine joining other States in becoming an outpost for Sodom and Gomorrah pretty much settles the whole “God” thing. Maine is now a district of Hell as far as I’m concerned. I’d leave but I still love it here despite our cultural, economic, and political slide into perdition, and plus we are running out of places to hide.

We are not only quite “divisible” but are demographically shattered, with petitions from every state calling for secession and rumblings of civil and racial war abounding. Many immigrants come not to be Americans, but to loot, plunder, and take over, imposing their foreign laws, culture, language and religions upon us – by stealth currently but by force as soon as practicable.

We have no “justice” when murdering Terrorists and traitors like Billy Ayers retire comfortably after a lucrative career brainwashing our young for generations, and hedge fund banksters plunder our working people and economy for $Trillions and walk away fat, free, and happy, while Family Farmers get dragged out of their homes in the middle of the night at gunpoint and jailed for selling raw milk, and Veterans are imprisoned for years because their rifle accidentally double fired at a shooting range. “Liberty”? That went out the window years ago. If the word even appears in text books I’m sure it’s been effectively re-defined, as “marriage” has been.

Our Republic is lost; our Constitution is null and void… the rule of Law has been supplanted with the rule of a ruling oligarchy.

We live in a police state tyranny which is only getting worse by the day. Our Grandchildren will likely be considered “property of the State”. they essentially are already; try not sending your kids to the government indoctrination mill (public schrool) for a week or two and see what happens!

Perhaps I should really care who becomes our next party chairperson.

Perhaps I’ll get back into the swing of things after the depression wears off… assuming it eventually might.

A lot of good Americans died to give us what we just lost.


LD 199: Election Reform in Maine; Long Overdue!

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In an E-mail to ME Representatives and associated contacts advocating for the passage of LD 199:

Feb. 25, 2011

Dear Honorable Representatives, Fellow Patriots, and Friends:

Other States are now taking the initiative on Election Reform, and it is LONG OVERDUE here in Maine!
As an example:

Kansas House gives preliminary approval to voter ID bill

Friday, February 25, 2011 12:00:33 PM · by posterchild · 2 replies

Lawrence Journal World ^ | Feb 24, 2011 | Scott Rothschild

TOPEKA — The Kansas House on Thursday gave preliminary approval to a bill that would require voters to show photo identification at the polls and proof of citizenship to register to vote. The measure, advanced on a 78-36 vote, is a top priority of Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a Republican, who said it was needed to prevent election fraud. A final House vote is expected today. The bill would also authorize Kobach’s office to prosecute election fraud cases, and increase the penalties for election crimes.

My political activism, most of it being with the Republican Party of Maine, has only been going on for about 12 years now, give or take, off and on.
During that time I have volunteered on many a Committee and campaign, and have been continually disgusted by the rampant, brazen, in-your-face “What-are-you-gonna-DO-about-it?” practice of ELECTION FRAUD committed with almost complete impunity by the corrupt and criminal operatives of the Democrat Party.

Most of us who have been at this for any length of time have even more direct experience with it than I do, and know all too well how even when compelling evidence is presented to Law Enforcement authorities, they either refuse to investigate, much less prosecute it, or are prevented from doing so by politically biased (and probably corrupt) Attorney Generals and Secretaries of State.

We have all seen our Candidates fall to what is almost obviously a STOLEN election.    Brennan v. VamVakias in a Portland District in Cumberland County was one of my first campaigns, and in March of 2002 we saw the Postal Worker’s Union steal that one out from under Sally – and the rest of us – by 11 votes.    Many more than that number of absentee ballots mysteriously turned up at the Portland Post office, some of them over a week overdue, shortly after the polls closed and they had become magically invalid.   During the re count, Republican observers noticed that the return addresses matched those of registered Republicans on the Voter Registration list they had.  As soon as the SOS staff noticed them noticing this odd coincidence however, the contested ballots were whisked away never to be seen again.   I was told by one observer afterwards that contested ballots for Democrats marked in red ink were admitted while ballots for the Republican Candidate in blue ink were disqualified.  Go figure.
The Democrats also stole the Senate majority along with that election, as some of you might recall, and thanks to the corrupt bureaucracy in Augusta, there wasn’t a bloody thing we could do about it.


Attached is an article from a few years ago, providing some of the long and storied history of Democrat and Organized Labor election fraud, should you have some time to peruse it.

Source: Double Cross — pages 289 – 291
Published: 1992 Author: Sam and Chuck Giancana
Posted on 11/18/2000 01:06:41 PST by Slyfox
At:    http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a3a1646a1118d.htm

Multiple incidents over many years has strongly suggested that the same or similar tactics as described here have been used to at least some extent  here in Maine.   They continually use them, because they reliably and consistently work.

The Chicago political “Machine” has very little to recommend it over it’s active and well oiled progeny here in Maine.

The investigations, arrests, and occasional prosecutions relating to systemic, highly organized election fraud committed by quasi-governmental (and taxpayer funded) groups such as ACORN during the 2008 elections provide ample concrete evidence of the continuing political industry of election fraud.   Were it not for the politically biased judicial corruption in many Democrat dominated States, I have no doubt that the number of arrests and convictions would have been significantly higher.

Prosecution of Black Panther domestic terrorists who were intimidating Voters in Philadelphia during the most recent Presidential elections was blocked by a partisan US Attorney General, essentially giving other political criminals and thugs virtual license to bully, steal, and corrupt the American electoral process.   As far as I know, the thugs involved have never been held accountable and continue to be protected by the organized criminal syndicate sometimes known as “The Obama Administration”.

You may have noticed how even alleged “rigging” of elections in other countries has inspired widespread protests, demonstrations, riots, and at least one “revolution”.   One was attempted in Iran a while ago, and a recent reincarnation of that rebellion was recently put down by the vicious application of deadly force, as is typical in that part of the World.
You might have also noticed the recent events in Egypt, in which the disputed results of an election were at least mentioned as one provocation for that “unrest” – the full consequences of which are yet to be determined.

As those of us who have studied a bit of History know, revolutions do not always end all that well.
Ours of 1776 was a historical anomaly of sorts, and the attempt at a second one in 1861 was pretty much a bust after around 660,000 Americans had slaughtered one another and the economy of nearly half of the young Nation had been destroyed.

Revolutions usually involve a lot of destruction, bloodshed, and tears.  The French and Russian Revolutions probably serve as somewhat typical examples.

When the civilized constitutional or legal system of a Nation breaks down and becomes subordinate to the will and power of a tyrant or an elite cabal or oligarchy which is then imposed, usually by force of arms, over the rule of Law and the express will of the People, bad things are very apt to transpire as a result.

…Very bad things.

Unspeakably horrible things, like the “Reign of Terror”;  Antietam; Dachau; Auschwitz, the Dresden bombardment, the Soviet Man-Made Famine in the UkraineSTALIN’s Great Purge ,  and Hiroshima for just a very few examples.

When criminals and Despots steal free elections, they steal the very life blood of a People.

They rob us of our sacred and precious blood-bought Liberty, plunder our wealth, enslave us and our children into bondage, and all too often they wrench from us our very lives.

History clearly stands wittness against them, yet what are WE to DO?

In this constituent’s humble but studied opinion, the time for equitable, Constitutional election reform here in Maine as well as throughout our Nation is right NOW, Ladies and Gentlemen…

….before an old tree of Liberty somewhere receives a copious and terrible manuring….

For God and Country;

John C. Clarke
194 Norris Hill Road
Monmouth,  Maine, United States of America.

Is that a SPINE I see the GOP Growing??!!

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In resopnse to an e mail update Dec 16, 2009

Worldview Matters with Brannon Howse
Topic One: Lord Christopher Monkton predicts what we also predicted months ago and that is that if Obama could not get international treaties approved by the U.S. Senate and the needed two-thirds majority vote, then he would seek to implement the same idea as a law approved by a simple majority in the House and Senate.

Isn’t that what they call the “Nuclear Option”?

We understand that they have slipped in a couple of contingency plans to pull if Obamacare fails in the Senate.

New TARP? Only this bypasses even Congress

Barney Frank plan slides through House without committee hearings


Intimidation is always in the leftist’s bag of tricks, and they are bringing it out frequently now that things are not going their way:

MSNBC’s Plan to Change Joe Lieberman’s Vote: “Punching Him Out” (Ed Schultz is Nuts)

Here’s another blurb from MONKTON: http://www.examiner.com/x-25466-DC-Independent-Examiner~y2009m12d15-Lord-Monckton-hard-times-hero

Hear the warning by Lord Monkton. Topic Two: National, Canadian newspaper proclaims that “the whole world needs to adopt China’s one-child policy.”

Oh yeah; we could have a long discussion about that.

Good luck getting ISLAM to buy into that program, komrades!


Check out “Science Czar” John HOLDREN’s past writings and speeches on the subject. He and several of Obama’s “Czars” & advisers are known Eugenicists. If you don’t know what a Eugenicist is, please look it up.

For a more timely report on this subject, see:

WorldNetDaily Exclusive

Want to save the planet? Ban babies!
Population control promoted as final solution to global warming

Who else in History had a “Final Solution” to one of his “problems”???

Does History repeat itself on those who refuse to learn from it?

Topic Three:

John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar has also written about the need for population control and forced abortions and/or sterilization. The radicals are using global governance, environmentalism, socialism and population control to wage war on Biblical Christianity.

While wer’e on the topic of US government persecution – perhaps you’ve heard of this:


Such a shame schools have gone so low.

School Denies Suspending Student for Jesus Drawing

Wednesday, December 16, 2009




Dec. 15: A sketch of Jesus on the cross created by the son of Chester Johnson in Taunton, Mass.

A Massachusetts school district on Tuesday night denied a father’s claims that his son was suspended for drawing a stick figure of Jesus on a cross.

The Taunton School District said in a written statement that the second-grade student was never suspended over the sketch and that a drawing circulated to reporters by the boy’s father, Chester Johnson, is not the same one that was discovered by the teacher.

The district also denied that the boy and his classmates had been assigned to draw something that reminded them of Christmas or any other religious holiday.

Johnson, who had said his son was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation after the drawing was discovered, did not return multiple phone messages from The Associated Press on Tuesday night about the school district’s statements.

“This incident occurred nearly two weeks ago, it was handled appropriately, and the school staff and family had been working together in a cooperative and positive manner,” the district said in a statement posted on its Web site.

School officials did not specify any action they took, but said they followed “well-established protocol,” including reviewing the child’s records and consulting with school psychologists.

“It is unfortunate that the actions of our district staff have been classified as “religious” in nature when, in fact, they were based solely on the wellbeing of the student,” the district’s statement said.

Johnson said earlier Tuesday that his son made the drawing Dec. 2 just days after the family had visited the holiday lights display at the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette in Attleboro, where, he said, his son seemed taken with the religious statues he saw there.

“When he seen the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross, that’s what he drew,” Johnson said. “He liked that. That drew his eye.”

Johnson told reporters that administrators were concerned the boy drew Xs for Jesus’ eyes, and particularly worried when his son said he’d drawn himself on the cross. He said his son was suspended and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation. But the school district said it’s unclear whether the boy even drew that particular sketch in school.

More: Boy, 8, said to gets psych evaluation after sketch of Christ on cross called ‘violent’

******* BREAKING NEWS!!!! ********

On the 14th I got this valuable tip from a contact:

On Redstate today, an amazingly good rundown of parliamentary tactics that could easily defeat the healthcare bill – IF Republican senators had the guts to use them:

And passed it on to Sen. SNOWE with my demand that it be acted on, not really expecting it to go anywhere.

RUSH just annonced that Jim DeMINT and a brave Senator from Oklahoma (a State which seems to be precariously close to succession) is FOLLOWING that advice, is NOT allowing a Bernie SANDERS (Socialist VT) public option / “single payer” amendment to be voted on after usual and assumed dispensing with parliamentary stipulated previous verbal reading of the bill by the Senate Secretary.

The Rs grew a spine and OBJECTED for a change, demanding a reading of the ENTIRE BILL – all 2000+ pages of it – before any voting be allowed!
The Commucrats are pitching FITS about it – About bloomin’ TIME, isn’t it??!!

The GOP seems to be finally waking up and growing a set – HOO-AH!!!!
We have been lamenting a leadership vacuum in the Republican Party for some time now, but it would appear that at least a few patriotic Republicans, particularly Sen. Jim DeMINT, are stepping up to the plate and filling that void – and not a moment too soon!

Keep an eye on this folks! The Obama Syndicate is getting desperate; desperate tyrants can be unpredictable and dangerous… Things could get interesting.

Stay tuned –

For God & Country ~ “Jaque”

Caution: Bonethrowing Senators!

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——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Will Maine senators blindly follow Reid on ObamaCare?

Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 11:49:50 -0600

From: Grassfire.org To: From the Desk of: Steve Elliott, President, Grassfire.org Alliance

Harry Reid is forcing 60 senators to blindly follow him and bring ObamaCare to the Senate floor without having ever seen the health care bill! See below. –Steve

Comments by “Uncle Jaque”:

I fully expect SNOWE to vote for it, and probably COLLINS will too. The Commucrats can always rely on traitor / turncoat SNOWE when they really need a Pinko elephant defector to roll over for them, and usually COLLINS will roll belly – up right along with her.

Of course if the vote is going down by too much of a margin for their seditious votes to count for the Marxist mobster pigs, then they will throw their own party and “conservatives” a bone by voting as if they were loyal Republicans just to make it and their voting record look nice, and to keep the GOP money rolling in.

I rather suspect they make a lot more off of the leftist special interest lobby in bribes than they ever do from their own constituency though. How many $Millions is SNOWE worth now? Did she actually earn it, inherit it, or does all that money just “accumulate”?

I don’t know for sure but expect that they both voted to confirm David HAMILTON to the 7th Circut Court of Appeals in Indiana today.

(Later note: apparently they voted against confirmation, but I suspect that it was only another “Bonethrow” vote once it was obvious that the Dems were going to confirm him with or without them. )

He’s the former ACLU and ACORN schlubb who prohibited the mention of the name of Jesus or the display of a Menorah in public buildings, but has no problem at all with the proclamation of Allah and Muhummet in the same hallowed spaces.

He’s also a big fan of prenatal infanticide, just like our Senatorial Sisters, who have never seen an abortion they didn’t like.

They also voted to confirm bigot, abortionist, judicial activist and Hispanic supremacist racist LA RAZA (“The Race”) Member SOTAMAYOR to the Supreme Court a couple of months ago, as I expected they would. I can only surmise that they share Obama’s utter contempt of the U.S. Constitution and the founding principles of our Nation.

Obama is turning the entire Judicial branch into an instrument of radical Communism, and Maine’s RINO Queens are obviously just fine with that. These Commie creeps (from BOTH parties) keep ramming this crap at us so fast and frequently, usually under cover of darkness and a cloak of intrigue and secrecy that it’s all the American people can do to try to respond to it before they can slip it up our rumps, rob us blind and lock their chains around our necks before we know what hit us.

I think that we’re way overdue for a good revolt; hopefully a bloodless one, but don’t count too much on it – before they get their foreign mercenary army of New World Order thugs together to kill off about 30% of us and disarm / round up and enslave the crushed or compliant survivors. Think that’s crazy, do you? Read your damn HISTORY and get back to me then!

These POLITICIANS are beginning to really P!$$ me OFF!!!

ME GOP; Is It Salvagable?

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In response to “Dogsrule”‘s request:

” Jaque, I am asking you to participate in the kennebec County Republican meetings. ”

I replied:

Well, fancy that!

I got involved in Republican politics some years ago, joining others of like ideology to try to rescue the party from the inside.

Was active in the Yarmouth Town Committee while we lived in Yarmouth, and did a stint or two on the Cumberland Co. Repub. Committee as well as having been a delegate to the State Convention at least twice and helped cover it once as a radio Journalist – so I’m no stranger to party machinations by any means.

Have worked / volunteered on a stack of campaigns, and put up a lot of road signs – then tore ’em down again after our Candidate rather predictably lost to a commucrap.

After the Constitution Party thing fizzled out, I re- registered as a ‘Pub in order to support Constitutional Candidates like Tancredo and Ron Paul, and connected to the Monmouth Committee – such as it was – attending the last State GOP Caucus in Augusta.

After Obibo and Komrades bought the election after the “Big Tent” GOP sabotaged all of their Conservative Candidates and anointed McLame as their Nominee, I again gave up on the Party that had once more abandoned me, and dropped out of sight, as far as “Party” politics are concerned.

Besides, I was getting really burned out on it all.

Oly Snowe OWNS the ME Republican Party, and she and her ‘moderate’ cronies are not about to share it with a bunch of ‘Right wing-extremists’ – particularly those of us who think that pre born human beings actually have a right to be born. That’s pretty radical thinking in this State, you know!

As a Conservative you will be used as a pack mule and tapped as a donor during the campaign season, but when the real deals are going down you will find yourself marginalized, overlooked and bypassed pretty regularly. About the best we’ve been able to do is to be a general pain in the ass to the Jay Rockefeller Country-Club blue blood “big tent” go-along-git-along party ruling elite .

That won’t get our traditional American values agenda very far of course, but it can be mildly amusing now and again.

Expect to be marginalized – they will hold meetings without telling you where they are or when, or change plans behind your back so you’ll show up when nobody is there, and they’ll be passing their agenda elsewhere without your vote. Oh yeah; it happens all the time. Expect it. Learn to work from the margins and deal with the intrigue, backstabbing, and personal sabotage.
They play dirty; be creative. 😉

These people do not tolerate dissent or competition well at all, and if anyone threatens their power or control over things (like our kid’s education, particularly) they can become very nasty.

But I have been known to rouse a wee bit of rabble myself from time to time in my day… 😉 …At my first convention I think that I completely embarrassed the Yarmouth delegation – all of them pretty “progressive” – by taking my voting cues from a strongly Conservative Friend in the Androscoggin Committee instead of our Cumberland Co. Leader – at least after I started catching on to the game anyway.

I do get regular e-mails from Kim Davis of the Kennebec Co. Committee with notices about meetings etc, and I do correspond with her on occasion.
Have sometimes wondered if I ought to go to a meeting and get back into it, but I’m still feeling way burnt out, frankly.

If the Lord really wants me to pick myself up, dust myself off, come out of retirement (again) and have another go at it, He has his ways of letting us know.

From a susequent e-mail:

DR: ” As far as the Republican Party goes you are right again. There has never been such a great opportunity for Conservatives to take that Party back. I say we kick the middle of the roaders down the road as far as we can. The problem has been that no one else but them have been going to the meetings so of course nothing went in any other direction but theirs. Well hang on to your asses boys this wagon is going for a ride!!”

UJs Response:

Hang on tight – it’s going to be interesting.

Not all of the blame for our Country’s decline towards the communist abyss lies with the moonbats, you know; We whine and bitch about how they have infiltrated and taken over all of the key institutions in our society (just like Stalin told them to do so long ago – it’s no secret) but I have to give them credit; they are willing to WORK at it, and regardless of any delay or setback, they NEVER give up!

They volunteer for the jobs that no one else wants, like being on the PTA, the School Board, Board of Selectmen, Church leadership. These institutions are more than glad to have them, because they are willing to contribute their time, talents, money and energy, even as they work their way up through the hierarchy of influence until they displace the “Old Guard” and take over. Then they open the gates wide to their moonbat Komrades who come swarming in from all over the place and make the hijacking complete and irreversible. After a while they, now a distinct majority, figure out ways to “purge” their conquest of any residual hold-outs and dissidents and are very selective about who gets in to replace them.
Try to get a job as a Professor in a liberal University (like most of them are and have been for generations – one of Communism’s first objectives) for example, when you are an outspoken pro-Life Christian Conservative. Good luck!

Once they take an institution, be it a bank, a church, a school, a labor Union, political party or a government over they slam the door shut behind them before “we” get a clue and try to use their own tactics to re-take lost ground.

Despite that obvious handicap, I think we have to consider their tactics in our attempt to take our Country back.
Although most Conservatives work for a living and don’t have as much time on their hands as a lot of moonbats, professional Students or people who vote for a living do, we need to go the extra mile with that old Yankee work ethic.

Conservatives need to put down the remote and sacrifice a football game or two in order to be at the School Board meeting to hear what’s going on and who the movers and shakers in our community are, and where they are taking us, our tax money – and our kids.

Actually, with an apparent major national backlash from Obumbo’s absurd abuse of our national treasure, economy and Constitution, we just might stand half a chance of it this time.
Christian Conservatives may never get another opportunity like this to re-take our party.
Even with a major idealogical sea change like this though, it’s going to be a rather long uphill shot – especially in a commie-controlled and corrupt State like Maine.

G: We stand a better chance making the changes we need from inside the Party than by trying to start a new Party from the ground up.

That is a popular theory, and those who espouse it have some salient points upon which to advance it.

A lot of us have been trying that internal revolution tactic for years only to be thwarted at every turn, all of our efforts having ended as mere studies in bitter futility. After years of beating the proverbial dead horse – or in this case a dead elephant – it is tempting to pronounce the old elephant clinically dead and consider starting over again.
Alas; History has seldom anointed that plan with much success either, sad to say.

As much as I resonate with the CP platform, I just don’t see it as being politically viable in our lifetimes.

> Besides, we don’t have that kind of time. Please help out if you would. … It would have warmed your heart to see the turn out at the last meeting on Wednesday evening. Usually 20 people go there and they all are “middle of the road” types. Don’t rock the boat and all that crap. Wednesday 70 people turned out and they were not a happy group. They wanted Conservatism and they wanted it now!

Keep that ol’ boat a-rockin’, Matey!

> I hope that I can count on my core of believers to get this job done as soon as possible.

Well, I will definitely take that request under advisement and consider it the next time I hear from Kim about an upcoming meeting. After all those years of sowing hatred, discord and conservatism amidst the ME GOP, it would be extremely gratifying to see what might be considered to be some of that seed finally bearing fruit – the sweet fruit of Liberty!

Nobody said that a revolution – even a hopefully peaceful and bloodless one – was going to be easy.

But if we give a damn about our kid’s future, and their inheritance of Liberty, then it’s time that those of us who are still able get to work.

Besides; If there is no uncertain hell to be raised in Ol’ Oly Snowe’s private personal party of prenatal infanticide, I’d kind of hate to miss out on the fun! 😛

Look fwd. 2 Cing U soon, Podnah!

Your Bro. in Christ ~ “Jaque”