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The Burden of Babylon

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Monday, Sept. 15, 2014:

This Morning’s Scripture Contemplation: ISAIAH 13.

We have been closely examining a number of potentially “End Times” prophecies lately, and marveling at how some of them seem to be particularly relevant in the context of current geopolitical developments around the World, particularly in the Middle East. Several of them, if we keep track of developing trends, strongly suggest that their fulfillment may be imminent if not already unfolding before our wondering eyes.

The video from Pastor J.D. Farag:

Mid-East Prophecy Update – September 14th, 2014

reviews a couple of the more poignant chapters regarding what may be the imminent fate of Syria (IS 17) and Egypt (IS 19) as well as what might be surmised by militant Islam’s obsession with conquest and domination of the “Levant”.
It may be argued, and many Eschatologists do, that much if not most of Bible prophecy has already been fulfilled and is no longer applicable to our time or the future. Others suggest the “prophetic echo” phenomenon, whereby a prophecy may be fulfilled multiple times over the course of history, with eerie similarities every time it is.

Some passages in the Book of Isaiah and Jeremiah alluded to by Rabbi Jonathan CAHN in his “Harbinger” series and subsequent works and presentations provide prime examples of that, and according to Cahn, America may be in imminent peril of experiencing a re-run of YHVH’s judgement upon His People when they become apostate, reject Him and turn to false gods.

My Morning Scripture perusal led me to stumble on to another one of the “Burden” prophecies in Isaiah, which we seemed to have overlooked as of late;

ISAIAH Chapter 13;


The burden of Babylon.

Since we have been focusing our attention on Egypt, which since the “Arab Spring” and subsequent ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood fanatics by the Egyptian Military seems to have settled down to a relatively civilized state of affairs – at least by Middle East standards – and Syria, which after years of civil war and hundreds of thousands of casualties appears to remain poised on the brink of destruction per IS 17, we seem to have taken our eyes off of Iraq, site of Ancient Babylon.

As of a couple of weeks ago, however, that complacency has been shattered by hordes of battle hardened and well trained fanatic Muslims sweeping in from Syria and rolling up Iraq’s American trained and equipped military like a cheap rug, capturing heavy weapons of war and transforming themselves into a formidable army casting fear into the whole region, including Israel.

The “Islamic State” or “ISIL” as they are occasionally known, is openly boasting about their ambitions to sweep the Middle East and form it into an Islamic Empire or “Caliphate” under strict Sharia Law, and in the process “Wipe Israel off the map” (Psalm 83).
In the long term (by 2020 according to their game plan) they intend to expand their Caliphate of conquest to the entire planet, and the entire Human Race is to be subject to Islam or exterminated.

It seems as though what passes for a government in Iraq is at the moment fighting for it’s very life. Will Iraq / Babylon survive as an autonomous civilization, or will it fall to the barbarian hordes and be transformed into another agent of global Sharia conquest?
What might we suppose will happen to Iraq should long range missiles armed with WMD be launched into Israel, as they most certainly would be after ISIL seizes them?

Something similar might befall Syria after it falls into the hands of conquering fanatics, we might suppose (IS 17 – The Burden of Damascus).

Where does Russia (A key player in the Ezekiel 38-9 “Gog / Magog” prophetic battle) fit in to all of this? They have expressed their support for the Assad regime in Syria, and when Damascus is reduced to an uninhabitable pile of rubble may want to do something about it.

Here we have 3 examples of “end time” prophecy which could not have already been fulfilled;

Damascus, we are told, is the oldest continuously inhabited city known to human history. Never in recorded history has it ever been completely destroyed (reduced to a heap of rubble) nor rendered uninhabitable by human beings, as IS 17 foretells.
In modern times, however, a nuclear strike would certainly bring about both of those conditions in one hell of a hurry.
When ISIL or some other band of Islamic homicidal psychopaths start launching WMD into Israel, Saudi Arabia, Europe or some other nuclear capable target, it’s entirely conceivable that retaliation in kind might be expected.

Although most of ancient Babylon has been relegated to an archeological dig, surrounding areas, particularly the nearby city of Baghdad seem to have been continuously inhabited for a long time.
Some Eschatologists consider Biblical references to “Babylon” as allegorical to a later global super power – perhaps the United States of America.

Are Isaiah’s dire warnings of Babylon’s end time downfall really directed towards US?

While geographical Babylon or Iraq faces an existential threat of invasion from without, America is under Islamic siege both from without, as the open border “immigration” and “refugee” invasion indicates, as well as from within, as Islamic supremacists camouflaged as “Peaceful / Moderate” Muslims immigrate in mass, 85infiltrate and compromise our infrastructure, military and government from within.

America has been allegorically compared to both ancient Israel and Babylon.
Are Isaiah and Jeremiah suggesting that the distinction may be essentially moot?;
Unless we repent and turn from our apostasy and sin, and become one Nation under YHVH (Not Allah) again, then the prophesied judgement and destruction may be circling over our heads and coming down fast.

As Pastor J.D. advises, it might be a wise idea to observe what is going down around us, what is going on within us, and prepare for what prophecy strongly warns may well be imminently ahead.
The “Signs of the times” are, IMHO, getting pretty obvious; the prudent will prepare, materially as well as spiritually.

Anyone who is not on speaking terms with Father YHVH here and now is likely setting themselves up for some major angst and regret once the prophetic point of no return is passed… and by the looks of things all around us in and on the Earth, in the Heavens, and in the pages of Holy writ, it could be any day now.

Mara Natha.


ISRAEL; The Trap; the Jackals, and the Sword of a King. Nov. 2012

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ISRAEL; The Trap; the Jackals, and the Sword of a  King…..

Nov. 25, 2012

OK; I’m laying here with my guts hanging out (Inoperable hernia) totally useless, so being unable to do much of anything else besides opine and bloviate, here goes:

Apparently Gaza blockade has been lifted, making the jihad ever so much easier. If Obama / Klintoon forced Bibi to submit to that, then the barbarians did in fact “win”…

IMHO the Obama Cabal has Israel over a barrel; without energy independence, a relatively small population and limited resources, Israel can’t sustain a protracted war with the whole damn world, and that’s just what they are going to get as soon as they invade or try to take back Gaza. Sharon sold them out by falling for the infamous “land for peace” scam and now they won’t be un-sold, even with the copious shedding of blood and treasure.

The Umma has set a trap for Israel and is using Gaza as their provocative bait. As soon as the IDF goes in on the ground, the trap will be sprung as the whole pack of jackals – Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, and probably a suddenly (albeit temporarally) re united Syria will promptly pounce on them. The US, while uttering political platitudes and admonitions, would probably stand there and watch, most likely feeding intel and covert logistical support to the Muslims while withholding it from the IDF or giving them intentionally treacherous “disinformation”.

Hilldebeast would shake her finger and sneer “We warned ya not to do that” as the UN imposed sanctions on IS for their “aggression”.

While the Gaza blockade is blown wide open for the Umma, a blockade probably would be imposed on Israel, cutting her off from an increasingly hostile world.

From a tactical standpoint, it’s a battle Israel can’t possibly win and would be unlikely to survive for very long.

What are Israel’s other options, if an effective defense is denied them?

They can back off and wait, which seems to be the present course.

Wait for what? (I think I just stole that line from the PM – thank you, Sir!)

No matter how much they capitulate to Hussein O., Hillary, the Umma and the “global community” it will never be enough… not until the last Jew is exterminated.

That will be a lot easier to accomplish, of course, once Iran’s nuclear warheads are ready to fly.

I’m pretty sure that PM Netanyahu knows that fact all too well.

The insatiable pack of barbarian jackals now surrounding Israel on every side will continue to stalk and nip at Israels heels as rocks and rockets continue to fly, and murdering Hajis seek out more victims to feed their prophet’s eternal blood lust on.

Whoa!; do I detect a few bulls among the encompassing packs of jackals and hyenas?
Psalm 22:12&13. …Se’lah.
(I’m coming out of my old 1560 Geneva Bible here; what does your Torah have to say about it?)

Muslims are, by theological mandate as well as cultural tradition, relentless; the stress of continual terror has already taken it’s toll on the People of Israel, and if Islam can’t kill all the Jews and other “Kafir” they will darned sure make their lives as miserable as they possibly can. How much more of this psychological torture can the besieged Population take?

One way or another, Islam is determined to destroy the lives of any who dare to resist their pathological, supremacist tyranny.

I think that a lot of Israelis would rather die fighting the barbarians against impossible odds than to be reduced to quivering insanity from having to live in constant fear of them.
When Islam’s victim is driven to utter desperation it’s hard for them to be rational – and irrational impulsivity is an advantage that the Muslim always exploits.

I think that Mr. Netanyahu is being reluctantly rational given his limited options… but the Israeli people seem to be getting increasingly desperate and tempted to take Islam’s bait regardless of the menacing consequences.

Unwilling at least for now to charge headlong into the jackal’s trap, of which Gaza is probably the trigger plate, Israel can always cower and capitulate until the world eventually wears them down. Then what? We know that the Umma is never going to be satisfied, leave them alone or let up on them.
Total unconditional submission is the Muslim’s consistent historical demand upon it’s target civilizations, and in the case of Israel, submission probably equals extermination; Physical death to most, but lacking divine intervention, certain cultural and spiritual annihilation for all.

While vehemently denying that the Holocaust ever happened, Islam can hardly wait to finish the job.

If unrelenting terror and harassment does not ultimately win the day, there are always chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons in the wings.

Whatever it takes, Islam is determined to win – and in this case it’s winner take all. Islam always plays for keeps and mercy is not usually on the table as far as they are concerned – unless, of course, they are the exclusive recipients of it.

Will Israel be forced to the precipice of a national Masada and submit to genocide by the Muslim Headsman or gas chambers, or will they just stampede like a herd of helpless lemmings over the edge and into the sea, embracing extinction by suicide rather than rape, slavery and slaughter?

I really don’t think that’s going to happen – but what other choices does the “world” leave them?

Right now I’m sort of visualizing Israel as their old King David… only not at his finest hour when he took up his Shepherd’s sling against the terrible Philistine giant Goliath.
No; now I see him drooling in his beard, staggering around scratching at the door, running into things and mumbling incoherently, feigning (was he really?) insanity while he was on the run from Saul, in order to deceive Achish the King of Gath into sparing his life, not considering him or his Nation to be much of a threat. (1 Samuel 21:13)

Hardly the sort of behavior we expect from our heroes, is it?

And Lord, don’t we all need a hero right about now?

I find it ironic that David had the courage to confront the giant Goliath when he was armed only with a sling, but when he went to Gath packing that same giant’s mighty sword, he strangely turned coward.

Isn’t that the same sword which is depicted on the insignia of the IDF?

(Which just happens to appear on the breech of my old Israeli 7.62mm K-98 Mauser)

…Isn’t that the same sword which the esteemed PM rhetorically alluded to having one hand on recently?

I would think that if anything were to rust that venerable blade, it more ought to be the blood of Israel’s mortal enemies rather than the saliva of a blithering, cowardly King.

But then again I’m just a simple Yankee Goyim; what do I know?

Now that Islam’s demand that the blockade be lifted has been capitulated to, how long do you suppose it will take the barbarians to demand that the fences and gates protecting Israeli villages and settlements be torn down as well?
I fully expect that a cowed Israel will comply in order to establish another hudna “peace” treaty… and where will that leave them – both tactically and prophetically speaking?

(Clue: Ezekiel 38:11)

Has the sword of David, formerly the sword of Goliath, now rusted fast in his scabbard…

Or shall the Word of our Creator once again call upon His chosen People to draw it forth with a will, and with a mighty pillar of ancient, holy fire leading on, at last fulfill their prophetic destiny?

Shalom through Victory; Victory in Messhiach Adonai!

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Obama’s Pre-emptive Purge

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In reply to a couple of forum posting in which Members opined or suggested that a military coup might be justified under current political climate or that “Oath Keepers” would prevent military or civilian Law Enforcement abuse of American Citizens during an “emergency”  –


May 23, 2010:

IMHO the Regime (and I’m not just referring to the current Syndicate, AKA “Administration” here either; it goes waaaay back) is setting our military up to be seriously decimated, if not exterminated, so that they will be unable to defend AMERICANS against the coming Jihad.

In order to prevent a loss of power from an election that they may not be able to steal and which might not go well for the Global Ruling Elite, I expect that some “emergency” – arranged or coincidental – will be exploited in order to impose “martial law” and suspend our Constitution… or what’s left of it.

(well, thank God it didn’t happen in 2010…  2012?)

I’m not counting on our “Oath Keepers” much, since it likely won’t be AMERICAN troops enforcing executive orders on American Civilians… especially Anglos, Christians, and Jews.

Call me a looney conspiracy theorist if you want to; I’m used to it; But there is plenty of what I consider to be compelling evidence to support such speculation.

U.S. Soldiers are totally disarmed stateside unless on a training range, leaving them vulnerable to mass casualty attacks along the order of Nidal Hassan; only he was just ONE Jihaddi working alone.

What could a Company – or given the 35 Jihad training camps here in America and our porous border, a Regiment – of trained, combat hardened and heavilly armed Hamaas or Hezbullah suicide fighters do to a US military base?

How long would “Civilian Contractor Security” police hold out against LMGS, mortars, and RPGs? Our troops would be sitting ducks… or a herd of sheep, all penned in and awaiting the slaughter.

Alas; I opine that that’s exactly what they are supposed to be.

Don’t count out a replay of what Stalin did to about a third of his own Red Army whose loyalty he questioned.
You don’t think that Hussein and his Czars would conduct just such a “Purge” if given the opportunity and felt the need to eliminate the possibility of a coup and maintain their unlawful, unconstitutional, tyrannical rule?

OK; so I’m nutz; but I smell something sinister afoot, and I’m concerned that our US military is being intentionally set up for something.

…And it ain’t gonna be pretty.


Oct. 22, 2010:

If you are implying that a coup may be constitutionally justified if not mandated at this point (And I’m not here to deny that proposition) then I suggest a review of Soviet history on how Joseph STALIN precluded just such an eventuality on a couple of occasions.


Obama and his minions were raised by Communists, you know, and surely know all about Stalin and his tactics – especially his more successful ones… like the purges.

Anyone who doubts that this regime would launch a 21st Century purge against our US Military is not taking the enemy nearly seriously enough, IMHO.

Emperor Hussein does not want to suppliment the Military with his “Domestic Strumabterlung”… he wants to REPLACE it.

The forces which are intended to occupy, disarm, and control the new District of America in the Global New World Order won’t be fellow Americans, dear hearts.
They won’t be saddled with any restrictive “rules of engagement” and won’t care a frip about our “hearts and minds”. They won’t hesitate to torture and / or kill anyone who gets out of line or fails to conform, either.

If you think I’m being paranoid, then you’ve apparently skipped a lot of History… you know; that annoying stuff that keeps repeating itself on those foolish enough to ignore it.

Any loyal American in the Military really needs to be watching their and their buddy’s back IMHO. When the Purge comes, you won’t get much warning.

Somali “Refugees” to be Housed at the former Brunswick (Maine) Naval Air Station?

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(RE rumors that the State and it’s affiliated “NPOs” are planning to re-settle a large number of additional Somali “refugees” into the former Brunswick Naval Air Station.

Formerly imported foreign – mostly Somali – populations mainly in Lewiston and Portland after years of residence seem to retain inordinately high levels of unemployment and welfare dependency.
Any complaints or criticism of their attitudes, behavior, or burden to Maine Taxpayers is of course met with strident accusations of “Racism” and “Hate speech”, and a former Mayor of Lewiston was harassed, humiliated and essentially driven from office in retaliation for politely asking if not begging the Somali community to slow down their mass immigration and burden to the social service system of the city, which was being bankrupted by ever increasing demands for welfare assistance.   I for one strongly suspect that many of these immigrants are voting, regardless of legal citizenship status, in Maine elections and are a major political assert to the socialist democrat regime currently in control of our State.
They represent, IMHO, a loyal mail-order democrat constituency, bought and paid for with the hard earned money extorted by force of “law” from ME Taxpayers by a corrupt if not criminal political machine.  )

Friend “Mel” continues:

I called a state Senator on the BNAS and was given this website. The lady said everything is there and so are contact info. I haven’t looked at it yet.

NASB Redevelopment

Let’s pray there is NOTHING about the Muslims going there!

I checked that site a while ago Mel, and didn’t find anything about who they intend to move into the base housing area – but then again I wouldn’t expect to.   They didn’t even mention (that I could find and I just sort of scanned it) reference to “Low income housing” which is often code speak for imported Democrat Voters, strategically injected into districts which might be in danger of Republican or non-marxist independent party take overs in order to bolster the vote count for D incumbants.

Election fraud?   Probably.   But who’se counting?

Oh!; … That’s right… THEY are!   

I wonder what language Brunswick is going to have to print their ballots in for the next couple of elections?

Haven’t they already built a Mosque for them on Maine Street?

If we are going to have a shipment of Muslim Democrat Voters delivered to the Baldacci Regime, I would expect to see them arriving via “Catholic Charities” planes, buses, taxis and perhaps by the cattle car load by August at the latest in order to get them on welfare, issue driver’s licenses, food stamp credit cards and IDs, and registered to vote in time to prevent a Republican / LePAGE take over of the Blaine House in November.

Given Paul LePage’s popularity, they may have to put up a Palestinian refugee settlement complete with tents and open sewers at the old base, completely filling it up and making it a Sharia “off limits to Dhimmies” Muslim enclave.     In some places Residents of “Host” communities tire of being constantly raped, robbed, spat on, threatened, attacked, chased, and intimidated by their “guests”, having their property stolen, vandalized, destroyed etc. with Police politically curbed or too intimidated to intervene, until they flee, leaving the community open for the Muslims to move into, expand their sharia enclave, and trash… as they are wont to do just about wherever in the World they are allowed to take over.   Detroit Michigan might be a prime example – that once mighty, prosperous and productive city has been described of late as a “ghost town” where abandoned homes are being bulldozed into their basements.

We don’t see that much of that sort of stereotypical “soft jihad” activity here in Maine, perhaps, I suspect, because despite repeated attempts by the Marxist regime to disarm the Peasantry, popular resistance has prevailed and we continue to enjoy relatively uninfringed Second Amendment rights.

Hopefully this cherished native tradition might make a “hard Jihad” conquest a little more challenging for them as well.   We should not, however, assume that they will not at some point at least attempt it.

Back to BNAS…:

It seems that that Schott fella and his real estate group were bidding against MRRA (State Agency) for the housing units – not the whole base.   Apparently some Navy families still living there who I would assume would be evicted to make room for our “refugee guests”.    That would be some “diversity” wouldn’t it, if families of American Sailors serving overseas were rendered homeless while hostile 3rd world muslim Jihaddi parasites squat at Taxpayer’s expense in their former homes, awaiting their chance to slaughter or enslave us?

Together with what we learned from Avi last night, if Muslims are indeed moved into BNAS there is a much more sinister potential there than having them overwhelm our electoral system and vote themselves into control over the community.

There are probably weapons ranges and military training facilities remaining on base which Jihaddists would find quite useful in honing their military skills in preparation for the overthrow, forced “conversion”, enslavement and / or mass slaughter of us evil Americans.    Of course Federal authorities will ignore these activities just like they do at the 35 (at least) other known terrorist training camps within the US, and local Law Enforcement will be advised if not ordered to do likewise.

Any Jews in the area might want to plan on fleeing back to Israel while they still can – despite being a prime target for Islamic / Iranian nukes, it may be the safest place on Earth for them pretty soon.   According to Avi active Christians, especially those of us who refuse to hate or persecute Jews, might consider following them there.

I wanted to take some of our savings out of our bank and deposit it in Israeli banks, or at least convert some dollars into Shekels to protect it from dollar collapse, hyperinflation or government seizure (don’t put anything past this regime) – but DM would hear nothing of it.    I think investing in Israeli currency might be one of the better investments one could make right now – but what do I know?

Short term future is both frightening and exciting – God works in magnificent, mysterious ways…. and I think wer’e about to see some of them in action.   Avi mentioned some possible developing scenarios which might be so many pipe dreams, but should they become reality would likely lead to a major renewal of human society and civilization.


Instant Voting Bloc for the Left?

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Sent on 6/23/10:

Melody wrote:

Rush said that Obama is looking at a friggin Executive Decision to make all illegal slime, citizens!
I Replied:

He might as well just make an “Executive Order” declaring himself dictator / Emperor / Ceaser of Amerika for life.  Why the hell not?

The Legislative and Judaical branches of government have been rendered essentially moot and irrelevant.
They might as well just pack up and go home.   They are nothing more than theatrical window dressing at this point.

We are now looking at tyranny or a bloody revolt square in the face.  And Islam lies lurking in the shadows like a predatory snake getting ready to strike after we get done bleeding each other in a nasty civil war.

Interesting seminar down in Arundel last night with Avi Lipkin.   Lots of stuff is coming down this summer according to him – hang on to your hat!

Gen. McChrystal resigned, as I’m sure Obama had demanded.   I hope that he and other patriotic Officers who have been forced out of the military by the PC regime organize, train and lead a National people’s Militia to rise up and take our Nation back before its too late.

Hey IVAN;  Are you going to come round US up, or are WE coming to round YOU up, Komrade?
Crack another fifth of vodka, light up another cigarette and think about it why don’t ya?

Last night Avi told us that the Muslims are all ready to jump, start exterminating Christians and Jews, and take Amerika over.   Obama IS a Moslem just like we have known all along, and has been bragging about it in Egyptian speeches carried on Al Jizera TV and other Arabic media.     The moonsquat barbarians have us all set up in a trap and are all ready to spring it.   Will we be as easy to slaughter as they seem to think we will be?

Avi says probably August at the latest.    Get ready for it. In order to maintain and secure their power they must not and will not let the American people vote in November.

Later.  J

Obama’s Expected “Gun Control”

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A “Gun Control alert / 2nd Amendment Poll”

From Ron Oplinus

Obama’s new Attorney General, Eric Holder, has already said this is one of his major issues. (etc.)


That “Poll” is from November 2007 and I don’t think anyone pays any attention to it anymore if it’s even still up.
I keep getting these “alerts” over and over again, which I now tend to ignore.

Another one making the rounds for the umpteenth time is the “UN Small Arms Treaty” deal which seems to be a perennial panic.

Although it surely is the left’s undiminished priority to disarm us, they seem to have pretty much given up on doing it via the legislative process, as Clinton had his ass handed to him in a couple of mid term elections when the Dems tried to cram gun control up our asses – and in all too many cases succeeded, like the “Assault Weapons Ban” which you might have noticed even they have yet to seriously re-introduce after the political recoil hit them.

No; we can be assured that the Obama Syndicate has another trick up their sleeve, and I suspect that it’s going to involve a complete end run around the legislative process, not the mention the Constitution. It might be a treaty which supposedly trumps our Constitution, but what I’m more concerned over is a potential declaration of martial law over some contrived hyped up “crisis”, which is how this racket seems to generally operate.

A lot of good Patriots boast that they could never disarm us by force, but I’m not so sure about that, frankly.

I don’t think he will use the US Military as the primary enforcer, even though a lot of foreigners have been introduced into the ranks as a pathway to citizenship. We are told that the military has been heavily infiltrated with Muslims as well.
How badly they might feel about killing or torturing recalcitrant or uncooperative Americans we can only speculate.

Then there are the million or so HAMAAS terrorists Obama is importing (at our expense) to America as “refugees” of the Gaza conflict.

Just what do you suppose he’s planning to use them for?

Oh; and bringing the GITMO “Detainees” over here?

Those Hamass thugs are going to need leadership are they not? How convenient to have them already in place where the “emergency capitol” of the Caliphate of Amerika will probably be located – Chicago (the prison they are to be held at isn’t all that far away). Obama can probably set up his office next to Boss DALEY.

No doubt Hamaas won’t have a problem with blowing up / burning down your house if you hesitate to surrender your guns (and everything else of any value) to them on demand and grovel towards Mecca like a good Dhimmi. If we pay our Jizya on time, they might let us live… as slaves, of course… if it pleases them.

We may have our guns and some ammo stashed away – but don’t pretend those Mosques all over America now aren’t loaded with mortars, RPGs, high explosives, automatic weapons and Allah only knows what else. They have over 35 Jihad training camps right here in America and our troops are over in Afghanistan to… prevent AlQuida from setting up training camps??!!!
What’s up with THAT??!!

Obama will surely open up US Arsenals to them as well, and given the rate of Islamic infiltration into our Military, they will surely find enough trained and obedient Pilots to run air strikes on any pockets of resistance. Leveling entire communities and killing everyone and everything in them won’t be a problem.
Forget about “Geneva Conventions” or “Rules of Engagement” – these protections do not apply to Dhimmis, you know.

Sooner or later, after they’ve killed off about 20% of our population the survivors will get the message that they mean business and give in. History indicates that such is the usual pattern of conquest and domination of a reluctant population. Some particularly stubborn civilizations have held out until as much as 33% of their population has been exterminated and most of the rest effectively neutralized. I don’t know if America will hold out that long – probably not.

Whatever it’s going to be, good luck holding it off with your semi automatic AK or AR. You’re a Daisy if ya do.

I hope I’m wrong, but that’s what I predict will be the next overture of “gun control” – and signing a petition or a poll on line somewhere isn’t going to do us a damn bit of good.

Now with that bright and cheery bit of news, Have a Merry Christmas.
Appreciate, enjoy, and celebrate it with your Loved Ones.

Because America has been asleep at the remote for so long while evil was awake and active…

It might be our last.


PS: The above speculative scenario is, of course, hardly inevitable at this point, and alternative outcomes of a much more positive nature are entirely possible, given a major re-awakening of the American Spirit and a sincere collective petition for the divine providence which has established and preserved our great Republic for over 230 years.

Yes; I’m talking “GOD” here, folks… deal with Him or deal with the consequences.

There are very encouraging indications of just such a moral, intellectual and spiritual re-awakening of the American Giant as millions of Americans are becoming informed and involved in corrective politics for the first time in their lives, despite the grand delusion perpetrated on our culture via the combined long term propaganda efforts of our popular media and government / union controlled “educational” cabal.

By God’s grace and the renewed commitment and courage of an aroused American public, America might yet be saved from a disaster such as I have sketched above. But our salvation from our enemies – who currently occupy the throne in Washington DC as well as surround us internationally – will not come easily or cheaply, nor is it at all guaranteed at this late date.

Let us prayerfully and thoughtfully come together as a People once again, to work, and strive, and hope… and make our stand as have our Ancestors before us – to live together as Free American Patriots….

….or to fill a Patriot’s grave.

The Minuteman

4G&C ~ UJ