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Where the Eagles are Gathered…

Posted in PROPHECY by Uncle Jaque on 03/19/2017
This Morning’s Bible Meditation:
Luke 17:26 .. .“And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.”
27 . “They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.”
28 . “Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;”
29. “But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all.”
30. “Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.”
[Notice how those saved were given multiple warnings, yet when the critical time arrived they availed themselves of the escape provided for them of their own free will. No one came along and grabbed them, put them in handcuffs and dragged them aboard the Ark or hustled them off over the hill – although they might have been “strongly encouraged” by divine intermediaries. Attending to and obeying the warning was a voluntary option, as was ignoring it.
When crunch time is upon us, will there be Angels in our midst strongly encouraging us to listen up and get our proverbial lamps re fueled? Look around – are they here already?]
31. “In that day, ….
[As many times as I’ve read this portion, this hit me for the first time;
Some of the Master’s metaphors refer to “day” while others “night”. So which is it going to be when the prophetic shofar sounds to gather up the quick and the dead?
The “hunch” I’m getting is that it’s both.
We know not the day or the hour, but when it happens it will be instantaneous. It won’t be at 3 in the morning in Jerusalem or 6 at night in Siberia. If it’s noon in Jerusalem we won’t have to wait for mid day to work it’s way around the planet in order to “rapture” all the Children of the Covenant off. It won’t be a process so much as an event, and it will go down simultaneously all over the planet.]
…he which shall be upon the housetop, and his stuff in the house, let him not come down to take it away: and he that is in the field, let him likewise not return back.”
[I don’t see any suggestion as to where those people are supposed to go after they abandon their homes, possessions and locations. Do they run to take refuge in the caves of Petra? Should we duck and cover… or jump up in the air, not expecting to come back down?]
32. “Remember Lot’s wife.”
[Disobedience has consequences. ‘Nuff said.]
33. “Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.”
[One of those divine enigmas our Lord was famous for…]
34. “I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed;
[Now here we have people in bed… at night, when you’d expect to find most folk in bed – while others are out working their fields or processing grain, which you’d normally do when the sun shines. So depending where you are on the surface of the planet, it could happen at any time of the day or night.]
… the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left.”
35. “Two women shall be grinding together; the one shall be taken, and the other left.”
36. “Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.”
37. And they answered and said unto him, Where, Lord? And he said unto them, “Wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles be gathered together.”
This Chapter is frequently referred to in regards to the eschatological phenomenon widely known as “The Rapture” or the in-gathering of the Church at the advent of Yeshua at the “end of days”.
[I don’t see any suggestion as to where those people are supposed to go after they abandon their homes, possessions and locations. Do they run to take refuge in the caves of Petra? Should we duck and cover… or jump up in the air, not expecting to come back down?]
The popular “Left Behind” theory suggests that those not taken up in the Rapture are stuck here on Earth to endure, if not perish in, the Tribulation period. Not everyone, or even a majority of people, I gather, are expected to survive it. Some are expected to “get saved” and become “Tribulation Saints” during this Hell on Earth 7 year period under the tyrannical rule of Antechrist, or the counterfeit Messiah.
In conversations with some Seventh Day Advent Friends and reading some of their literature recently, I discovered that they don’t share that eschatological perspective – I know that not everyone does.
They seem to fall into the “Post Trib” category, and back it up with plenty of Scriptural references – one of which is this Chapter of Luke.
Every Rapture theorist (to whom it’s not a theory at all, but a fact… no matter which one it is) can make a pretty compelling argument to confirm their position based on the Bible.
If their understanding of it isn’t true, then Jesus must be a liar.
How are ye gonna argue with that?
In the instance of two of the Biblical examples Yeshua uses – Noah and Lot – whoever did not avail themselves of the escape option provided didn’t survive very long after the window of opportunity finally closed.
According to the Adventist, there isn’t going to be any “Left Behind” population to have a “second chance” to “get saved”. You’re either saved or you’re dead; badda bing, badda boom!
The term “eagles” in Greek (Strongs: G105) v. 37b may well refer to a large avian scavenger and carrion eater similar to our vulture or buzzard, indigenous to the Middle East.
Immediately after the “rapture” or whatever you want to call it there is apparently going to be plenty of dead corpses lying around for the buzzards to feast on.
When you see a flock of buzzards circling around, chances are you’ll find something dying or dead on the ground underneath them.
So if all the Saints are in Heaven with Jesus, why are all these dead people lying around?

Signs of the Times

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December 27, 2016

  If stuff is starting to weird you out and make you nervous lately, then you might want to study up on your Eschatology, folks – that’s the study of the end times in Biblical Prophecy.

A lot of it  has already been fulfilled in the context of history, far beyond any reasonable chance of it being coincidence, and now global factors in the natural and political realms are rapidly converging towards something of Biblical, if not apocalyptical proportions.

Have you noticed the steadily increasing frequency and intensity of all the earthquakes and volcanoes around the planet lately?
How long has it been since there hasn’t been a significant war going on somewhere?
How many people are warning of a catastrophic WW-III and a potential 95% global depopulation being iminent?

Mattew 24:7

Are these phenomenon “signs of the times”?

A lot of us are beginning to think that they very well might be.

 There are a few decent Eschatologist on You Tube whom I consider to be reasonably credible and try to keep tabs on;  

Steven Ben Nun


Amir Tsfarti


“Scottie” CLARKE

…among others.

You will probably relate to some of them better than others.

Then there are a plethora of  “You Tube Prophets” who can be entertaining -but I don’t take them all that seriously.

Some things have been and are currently going down which we’ve been expecting for some time now – but those who have not been reading the WORD and paying attention to what’s developing around us in the spiritual  as well as physical World are going to be in for some major and probably very unpleasant surprises any day now – and are likley to be utterly terrified when it happens.

The Prophets predicted that men will be literally dropping dead from the sheer horror of what we fully expect to iminently manifest:

Luke 21:26

If you aren’t prepared for the terminal terrification and don’t want to be among the lamentable victims, then I would suggest that you’ve got some Holy Spirit led catching up to do on Eschatology 101 – and most critically make sure that you are securely in a saving relationship with Father YHVH (God) through His Son Yeshua HaMoshiach (“Jesus Christ” to normal people)!

John 14:6

We may not have much time left to put on the armor of God and get on board the proverbial Ark.

Mara Natha my Beloved; Behold; Our LORD and Savior; the King of Kings – is coming soon!

The Burden of Babylon

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Monday, Sept. 15, 2014:

This Morning’s Scripture Contemplation: ISAIAH 13.

We have been closely examining a number of potentially “End Times” prophecies lately, and marveling at how some of them seem to be particularly relevant in the context of current geopolitical developments around the World, particularly in the Middle East. Several of them, if we keep track of developing trends, strongly suggest that their fulfillment may be imminent if not already unfolding before our wondering eyes.

The video from Pastor J.D. Farag:

Mid-East Prophecy Update – September 14th, 2014

reviews a couple of the more poignant chapters regarding what may be the imminent fate of Syria (IS 17) and Egypt (IS 19) as well as what might be surmised by militant Islam’s obsession with conquest and domination of the “Levant”.
It may be argued, and many Eschatologists do, that much if not most of Bible prophecy has already been fulfilled and is no longer applicable to our time or the future. Others suggest the “prophetic echo” phenomenon, whereby a prophecy may be fulfilled multiple times over the course of history, with eerie similarities every time it is.

Some passages in the Book of Isaiah and Jeremiah alluded to by Rabbi Jonathan CAHN in his “Harbinger” series and subsequent works and presentations provide prime examples of that, and according to Cahn, America may be in imminent peril of experiencing a re-run of YHVH’s judgement upon His People when they become apostate, reject Him and turn to false gods.

My Morning Scripture perusal led me to stumble on to another one of the “Burden” prophecies in Isaiah, which we seemed to have overlooked as of late;

ISAIAH Chapter 13;


The burden of Babylon.

Since we have been focusing our attention on Egypt, which since the “Arab Spring” and subsequent ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood fanatics by the Egyptian Military seems to have settled down to a relatively civilized state of affairs – at least by Middle East standards – and Syria, which after years of civil war and hundreds of thousands of casualties appears to remain poised on the brink of destruction per IS 17, we seem to have taken our eyes off of Iraq, site of Ancient Babylon.

As of a couple of weeks ago, however, that complacency has been shattered by hordes of battle hardened and well trained fanatic Muslims sweeping in from Syria and rolling up Iraq’s American trained and equipped military like a cheap rug, capturing heavy weapons of war and transforming themselves into a formidable army casting fear into the whole region, including Israel.

The “Islamic State” or “ISIL” as they are occasionally known, is openly boasting about their ambitions to sweep the Middle East and form it into an Islamic Empire or “Caliphate” under strict Sharia Law, and in the process “Wipe Israel off the map” (Psalm 83).
In the long term (by 2020 according to their game plan) they intend to expand their Caliphate of conquest to the entire planet, and the entire Human Race is to be subject to Islam or exterminated.

It seems as though what passes for a government in Iraq is at the moment fighting for it’s very life. Will Iraq / Babylon survive as an autonomous civilization, or will it fall to the barbarian hordes and be transformed into another agent of global Sharia conquest?
What might we suppose will happen to Iraq should long range missiles armed with WMD be launched into Israel, as they most certainly would be after ISIL seizes them?

Something similar might befall Syria after it falls into the hands of conquering fanatics, we might suppose (IS 17 – The Burden of Damascus).

Where does Russia (A key player in the Ezekiel 38-9 “Gog / Magog” prophetic battle) fit in to all of this? They have expressed their support for the Assad regime in Syria, and when Damascus is reduced to an uninhabitable pile of rubble may want to do something about it.

Here we have 3 examples of “end time” prophecy which could not have already been fulfilled;

Damascus, we are told, is the oldest continuously inhabited city known to human history. Never in recorded history has it ever been completely destroyed (reduced to a heap of rubble) nor rendered uninhabitable by human beings, as IS 17 foretells.
In modern times, however, a nuclear strike would certainly bring about both of those conditions in one hell of a hurry.
When ISIL or some other band of Islamic homicidal psychopaths start launching WMD into Israel, Saudi Arabia, Europe or some other nuclear capable target, it’s entirely conceivable that retaliation in kind might be expected.

Although most of ancient Babylon has been relegated to an archeological dig, surrounding areas, particularly the nearby city of Baghdad seem to have been continuously inhabited for a long time.
Some Eschatologists consider Biblical references to “Babylon” as allegorical to a later global super power – perhaps the United States of America.

Are Isaiah’s dire warnings of Babylon’s end time downfall really directed towards US?

While geographical Babylon or Iraq faces an existential threat of invasion from without, America is under Islamic siege both from without, as the open border “immigration” and “refugee” invasion indicates, as well as from within, as Islamic supremacists camouflaged as “Peaceful / Moderate” Muslims immigrate in mass, 85infiltrate and compromise our infrastructure, military and government from within.

America has been allegorically compared to both ancient Israel and Babylon.
Are Isaiah and Jeremiah suggesting that the distinction may be essentially moot?;
Unless we repent and turn from our apostasy and sin, and become one Nation under YHVH (Not Allah) again, then the prophesied judgement and destruction may be circling over our heads and coming down fast.

As Pastor J.D. advises, it might be a wise idea to observe what is going down around us, what is going on within us, and prepare for what prophecy strongly warns may well be imminently ahead.
The “Signs of the times” are, IMHO, getting pretty obvious; the prudent will prepare, materially as well as spiritually.

Anyone who is not on speaking terms with Father YHVH here and now is likely setting themselves up for some major angst and regret once the prophetic point of no return is passed… and by the looks of things all around us in and on the Earth, in the Heavens, and in the pages of Holy writ, it could be any day now.

Mara Natha.

Oh; Won’t They Wail?!

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olive leaf wrote: 




LA ‘Big One’ May Hit Sooner Than Thought

RedOrbit – ‎2 hours ago‎
In a US study, researchers said that strong earthquakes recorded along the San Andreas fault in southern California are more frequent than previously

If God spares Californica, then he probably owes Sodom and Gomorrah a big apology.

Some may think I’m crazy for relating the disasters in Pakistan, China, and North Korea to their chronic repression of Christianity and persecution of Christians & Jews, but I DO see an uncanny connection.   Even Russia is trying to blame it’s devastating drought and fires on US technology.
Could be I suppose…. but I really think the cause goes MUCH higher.

God is trying to give the World a little warning, IMHO, but i doubt that they will get the message before it’s too late.
YHVH is, IMHO, about to take the kid gloves off… again.

And oh…. won’t they wail??!!

Shalom  ~  J.

Yingset; Yangrise…

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olive leaf wrote:

YING has YANG*  –  DoYouSeeThe EXTREME saviour RISING???

J. replies:

Well something is up, that’s for sure!

Whether it’s Yinging  or Yanging I’m not quite sure though…  I sort of swing between despair and hope these days.
As I’ve said before; if I hadn’t read the Book and know how it all comes out in the end, I would be utterly terrified.

Let’s hope that YHVH can draw – or scare – America back to our foundational faith in HIM again without having to resort to the old “Sodom and Gomorrah” technique.   I can’t claim that He wouldn’t be fully justified in doing just that, however.
But for a “Remnant” tenaciously clinging to the Faith of our Forebearers still, I rather expect that He would have already done it by now and we would not be having this conversation.

The fields may truly be white to the harvest, and I rather perceive that they are… but should the Harvestmen tarry much longer, then they shall also be dry for the burning.

The Harvestman ~  Maxfield Parrish

Did the 8-28 Beck “Return to God” rally make any difference?  We’d like to think so – although a lot of Christians are nonplussed as he’s a Mormon, and many Christians don’t accept LDS as fellow Believers and deem him to be an apostate.
I have my significant theological differences with the LDS, but then again I have never met a Mormon I didn’t like… if that counts for anything.

As I recall Biblically, the Antichrist has to rise and do his thing before Yeshua Messiah returns to clean house.
I think that we are probably very close to the prophetic one world dictatorship, but it’s not quite a done deal yet.
People have been “seeing” the end times for around 2000 years now; obviously most if not all of the Disciples and Apostles expected to see it in their lifetimes.   So is this “Really IT”, or just another eschatological false alarm?

Watch and pray and stay tuned, I suppose.

In the meantime I think that I’ve got a lot of catching up and dusting off to do….

SOMETHING is about to happen, for good or ill I’m not quite sure … but we can feel it in the air like an oncoming storm.

….This might not be a bad time to get the hay in, my Beloved…
If it isn’t too late already.




Obama Plays Nice to Israel…

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An article in the Jerusalem Post (emphasis added) followed by my commentary:

US President Barack Obama’s attempts to portray himself as pro-Israel in his press conference with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the White House on Tuesday failed to persuade right-wing MKs, who warned that Obama is “still evil.”
The MKs questioned the president’s motives and suggested that he was putting on a show for American Jews ahead of the crucial November mid-term elections, in which the Democrats may lose control of Congress. “He doesn’t sound evil now because he needs Jewish votes and money,” said Deputy Negev and Galilee Development Minister Ayoub Kara.       “But I won’t forget the pressure he put on Netanyahu and the stress I saw in the prime minister the last time he came back from Washington. He is acting the way he is for political reasons. I hope he will stay this way but I doubt it, because he hasn’t changed.” Likud MK Danny Danon said he believes Obama learned his lesson that pressuring Israel does not work. He said he hopes Obama will also learn that the Likud would not allow Netanyahu to continue the 10- month construction moratorium in Judea and Samaria beyond September”

Yeah; gosh – Whodda thunk it, huh?

Still hoping – and praying to Allah – for the “Final Solution”….

YO!; ‘Bamma; Check it out, Dawg!:

…the LORD had said unto Abram…

Gen 12:2   …. I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:

:3 .    And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.


….O thou King Hussein Obama; Thine own hand and tongue hath damned thee…
Thy Kingdom soon shall be taken from thee;
thy rod of iron broken asunder in the sight of thine enemies.
When tho goest to smite the Children of Israel,
the King of Kings and Adonai of Israel shall smite thee sore;
In a moment thou shalt be no more
and the smoke of thy burning will cease not forever.
Behold O King, now haughty and lifted up;

…Thy judgment draweth nigh.

(Am I a junior prophet or just a creative Journalist?
…Stay tuned, sports fans….)

What’s Comin’ DOWN???

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C. W. wrote:


(what) Friend “Mel” Fwdd:

From Dr. Orly Taitz Esquire’s Site

Extremely important!

Help me build a case of public corruption with Public integrity Unit of DOJ

Posted on | January 3, 2010 | No Comments

Public Integrity section of DOJ is responsible for prosecution of corrupt public officials in all branches and all levels of the government up to the President.

Stop whining, roll your sleeves and let’s move on this front. I need you to prepare a complaint demanding criminal investigation and prosecution of each corrupt judge, assistant US attorney, FBI agent, Social security Administration official so on.


What the hell do we do?

My response, Jan 4 2010:

I dunno, really; punt?

Have sort of been hoping that God might drop us a clue.

In my more pious moments I try to pray about it.
Don’t know where you stand on that sort of thing, but do as your conscience suggests and the Spirit leads, i suppose.

I read somewhere where some fellow codger observed that America is in one of those awkward periods of it’s history, when it’s too late to vote the bastards out but too early to start shooting and hanging them.

There might be something to that, I suppose.
I rather speculate that we may be in for some rough times before we get to the final resolution phase though.
History does not suggest that the ultimate normative outcome of a breakdown of society and government leading to a revolt, revolution, or civil war is anything near what most of it’s survivors would call completely positive, the French and Russian Revolutions perhaps being a couple of the more salient examples.
Our American Revolution seems to have been one of the notable exceptions to the general rule, and even that was pretty touch and go for a while there even after the Constitution was ratified.

In the final counting, if full accounting of the cumulative gore and wreckage may be made, and if it ever really ends, it may be hard if not impossible to determine who has suffered or exacted the superior body count or gallons of blood letting, much less whose ideals have ultimately triumphed when the smoke finally clears. Usually the buzzards feed well on both sides, and the smart money is not on the good guys – If indeed they may be discerned from the “bad guys” – ending up on top… or even on top of the ground.

Scholars still debate as to exactly what the last Civil War (1861-5) really accomplished – if much of anything other than the slaughter of around 660,000 Americans and the destruction of much of the South.
The South never got it’s “States Rights” and thanks to alcoholic and stereotypically corrupt democrat Johnson and his KKK terrorist thugs the Blacks didn’t really get “emancipated” much to speak of for at least another century.
As far as the “Preservation of the Union” goes, a lot of Americans, including the descendants of Yankees, might be having second thoughts about that in light of the federal tyranny being currently forced on the Subjects of every State in blatant defiance of Federal and State Constitiutions. I know i do.

Hopefully restorative change can happen without a great deal of blood letting, as once a pissing contest between the Rulers and the Subjects goes tactical, it tends to go to shit rather rapidly.

Currently, rapid developments of the “One World Order”, “Global Community” or whatever you want to call it are upping the ante dramatically, and whatever residual rights we retain as American “Citizens” (Subjects) may well be soon swallowed up by the global juggernaut, leaving us with but two options; submission and conformity or death. There may or may not be a hell of a lot that we are going to be able to do about it.

Actually the Bible has predicted just such a development a couple of thousand years ago or more.
Some are convinced that we are living in the fulfillment of these ancient prophecies, while others point out that people were convinced of the advent of such apocalyptic events as the “Rapture”, the “Tribulation” “Armageddon”
or the “Second Coming” at many points in our history over the millenia, particularly during the First and Second World Wars and were, of course, disappointed. So this may just be another false alarm.

On the other hand, I observe certain detailed global alignments both political and spiritual which strongly suggest that at no other time in History since the proclamation of said prophecies have all the elements prerequisite to their fulfillment been in place as much as they are now. If anyone is really interested in the details, I or some of my contacts can refer to a bunch of credible online resources that lay them out pretty convincingly – not the least of which are the Holy Scriptures themselves.

Only God knows for sure, but things are lining up in ways that cannot possibly be rationally attributed to “coincidence” IMHO. Something momentous is most certainly up. It may not and probably won’t be particularly pleasant, but it darn sure will be interesting. That’s why I frequently end my e-mail missives with “Stay Tuned”; we don’t want to miss it, whatever it is.

The next time the proverbial shit hits the fan here on Planet Earth, it very well may be demon shit, and it may be running into the Angel’s fan. Anyone remaining alive will no doubt take notice, and remember it well.

So, my Highly Esteemed and Dearly Beloved….

…. Stay tuned.

4G&C ~ “Jaque” from ME