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How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

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More history…. repeating itself.      Personally, I think that Obama & co. has a much higher goal than Hitler did – more like the estimated 70 million that Mao put down. Maybe more.  The technology to do it is here.    Agenda 21 says it’s about the ‘environment’ – but those who have investigated it warn us that it’s really about population control… and drastic reduction. 

Agenda 21 and Global Warming

Look how many eugenicists Obama has surrounded himself with, or has associated with.  

   His “Science Czar” John Holdren recommended that something like 95% of the world’s human population needed to be done away with in order to save the environment.
Look it up.  That’s a lot of people, folks!

(My AV did not go off on this site, and I run two programs redundantly)

obama's radical

[Illustrations, footnotes and references available in PDF version]

When Barack Obama nominated John P. Holdren as his Science Adviser last December 20, the president-elect stated “promoting science isn’t just about providing resources” but “ensuring that facts and evidence are never twisted or obscured by politics or ideology.” In nominating John Holdren, his words could scarcely have taken a more Orwellian ring.

Do your kids even know what “Eugenics” means? Apparently not many do.


(You only have to watch the first couple of min. to get the idea.)  This ignorance is quite intentional, BTW.

Plenty of data out there if you want to research; careful though; I just got hit with a malware mine when I opened one NWO / Eugenics web site.
My AV seems to have caught it, but I’m sticking with You Tube here, which thus far has been pretty safe.

Here’s one primer on the NWO / Eugenics correlation:


  Sounds like tinfoil hat stuff …. until you look around at history and what’s still happening.

Right now the World seems to have a surplus population of us humans… a lot of “unemployment” and dependency at the moment.  that’s cutting in on the corporate bankster and politician’s bottom line. Too much eatin’ and breathin’ goin’ on out there!

What do you suppose they intend to do about it… especially now that a known dictatorial eugenicist and his army of loyal Czars and bureaucrats just got re elected?

Can you hear the whistle?

Train’s a-comin’ ’round the bend, friends.   

Johnny Cash – FEMA Prison Blues

(It’s really “Folsom” Prison – somebody ought to update it though! I don’t think that FEMA is going to be as much fun as the one in this video!)



Is that a SPINE I see the GOP Growing??!!

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In resopnse to an e mail update Dec 16, 2009

Worldview Matters with Brannon Howse
Topic One: Lord Christopher Monkton predicts what we also predicted months ago and that is that if Obama could not get international treaties approved by the U.S. Senate and the needed two-thirds majority vote, then he would seek to implement the same idea as a law approved by a simple majority in the House and Senate.

Isn’t that what they call the “Nuclear Option”?

We understand that they have slipped in a couple of contingency plans to pull if Obamacare fails in the Senate.

New TARP? Only this bypasses even Congress

Barney Frank plan slides through House without committee hearings


Intimidation is always in the leftist’s bag of tricks, and they are bringing it out frequently now that things are not going their way:

MSNBC’s Plan to Change Joe Lieberman’s Vote: “Punching Him Out” (Ed Schultz is Nuts)

Here’s another blurb from MONKTON: http://www.examiner.com/x-25466-DC-Independent-Examiner~y2009m12d15-Lord-Monckton-hard-times-hero

Hear the warning by Lord Monkton. Topic Two: National, Canadian newspaper proclaims that “the whole world needs to adopt China’s one-child policy.”

Oh yeah; we could have a long discussion about that.

Good luck getting ISLAM to buy into that program, komrades!


Check out “Science Czar” John HOLDREN’s past writings and speeches on the subject. He and several of Obama’s “Czars” & advisers are known Eugenicists. If you don’t know what a Eugenicist is, please look it up.

For a more timely report on this subject, see:

WorldNetDaily Exclusive

Want to save the planet? Ban babies!
Population control promoted as final solution to global warming

Who else in History had a “Final Solution” to one of his “problems”???

Does History repeat itself on those who refuse to learn from it?

Topic Three:

John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar has also written about the need for population control and forced abortions and/or sterilization. The radicals are using global governance, environmentalism, socialism and population control to wage war on Biblical Christianity.

While wer’e on the topic of US government persecution – perhaps you’ve heard of this:


Such a shame schools have gone so low.

School Denies Suspending Student for Jesus Drawing

Wednesday, December 16, 2009




Dec. 15: A sketch of Jesus on the cross created by the son of Chester Johnson in Taunton, Mass.

A Massachusetts school district on Tuesday night denied a father’s claims that his son was suspended for drawing a stick figure of Jesus on a cross.

The Taunton School District said in a written statement that the second-grade student was never suspended over the sketch and that a drawing circulated to reporters by the boy’s father, Chester Johnson, is not the same one that was discovered by the teacher.

The district also denied that the boy and his classmates had been assigned to draw something that reminded them of Christmas or any other religious holiday.

Johnson, who had said his son was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation after the drawing was discovered, did not return multiple phone messages from The Associated Press on Tuesday night about the school district’s statements.

“This incident occurred nearly two weeks ago, it was handled appropriately, and the school staff and family had been working together in a cooperative and positive manner,” the district said in a statement posted on its Web site.

School officials did not specify any action they took, but said they followed “well-established protocol,” including reviewing the child’s records and consulting with school psychologists.

“It is unfortunate that the actions of our district staff have been classified as “religious” in nature when, in fact, they were based solely on the wellbeing of the student,” the district’s statement said.

Johnson said earlier Tuesday that his son made the drawing Dec. 2 just days after the family had visited the holiday lights display at the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette in Attleboro, where, he said, his son seemed taken with the religious statues he saw there.

“When he seen the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross, that’s what he drew,” Johnson said. “He liked that. That drew his eye.”

Johnson told reporters that administrators were concerned the boy drew Xs for Jesus’ eyes, and particularly worried when his son said he’d drawn himself on the cross. He said his son was suspended and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation. But the school district said it’s unclear whether the boy even drew that particular sketch in school.

More: Boy, 8, said to gets psych evaluation after sketch of Christ on cross called ‘violent’

******* BREAKING NEWS!!!! ********

On the 14th I got this valuable tip from a contact:

On Redstate today, an amazingly good rundown of parliamentary tactics that could easily defeat the healthcare bill – IF Republican senators had the guts to use them:

And passed it on to Sen. SNOWE with my demand that it be acted on, not really expecting it to go anywhere.

RUSH just annonced that Jim DeMINT and a brave Senator from Oklahoma (a State which seems to be precariously close to succession) is FOLLOWING that advice, is NOT allowing a Bernie SANDERS (Socialist VT) public option / “single payer” amendment to be voted on after usual and assumed dispensing with parliamentary stipulated previous verbal reading of the bill by the Senate Secretary.

The Rs grew a spine and OBJECTED for a change, demanding a reading of the ENTIRE BILL – all 2000+ pages of it – before any voting be allowed!
The Commucrats are pitching FITS about it – About bloomin’ TIME, isn’t it??!!

The GOP seems to be finally waking up and growing a set – HOO-AH!!!!
We have been lamenting a leadership vacuum in the Republican Party for some time now, but it would appear that at least a few patriotic Republicans, particularly Sen. Jim DeMINT, are stepping up to the plate and filling that void – and not a moment too soon!

Keep an eye on this folks! The Obama Syndicate is getting desperate; desperate tyrants can be unpredictable and dangerous… Things could get interesting.

Stay tuned –

For God & Country ~ “Jaque”

The Link Between Slavery and Abortion;

Posted in SANCTITY of LIFE by Uncle Jaque on 11/15/2009

(From an E-mail of 04/07/08)

I don’t know if you subscribe to the Columbia Christians for Life e-mail periodical   CCL@ChristianLifeandLiberty.net  or not, but I’m passing this article along for your info in case you don’t.

(Commentary on article:)

I have long maintained that there is a distinct connection between slavery and abortion; they both deny the Humanity of a person.  “Dehumanizing” is what a soldier has to mentally and emotionally do before most of them can bring themselves to kill another human being; we have to think of them as a “Gook” or “Nazi” etc. – anything other than a fellow “Man”.
Pardon my use of an offensive yet historical term, but in the Old South a slave was usually referred to as a “Nigger” or “Boy” – his or her divinely granted HUMANITY denied them, in their legal, social, and spiritual status being forcibly demeaned from “Person” to “property”.
Various other forms of tyranny do pretty much the same thing.
The Nazis certainly did it to the Jews, and militant Moslems routinely do it to whoever they happen to consider to be “Infidels” or “Kafir” (dogs), and thus worthy of  slaughter.

Right here in the supposed “Home of the Free” we routinely do it with institutional abandon to the Unborn, whom we seem to consider to be “fetuses” or “tissue masses” (like a tumor of some sort) – anything but a fellow Human Being with all of the hope, potential, and opportunity that God seeks to grant all of His Creation.

Scripture suggests that before a person or a people sin, the sin’s intention begins “in the heart” – or by implication, perhaps, the inner consciousness.   Yeshua Messiah expounded this truth in his sermons, as recorded in Mark 7:  21-3.

By replacing such terms as “Baby” with a less personal “Fetus” or “Black Man” (not that I’m all that comfortable with any of our PC terms for racial distinctives) with “Nigger” etc. in our common lexicon, do we, individually or collectively, commit a sin by initiation, even if not by actual execution?

When God / YHWH commanded “Thou shalt not kill”, did He imply;  “Thou shalt not dehumanize” as well?

No legislature, or Congress, or government can grant “Personhood”  to a pre-born Human Being, as this measure seems to attempt to do.

Our almighty, eternal living YHVH has already done that in His divine act of Creation.

Woe be to any who would deny their Brother, or Sister… or especially the most innocent among us, the yet unborn…
that precious, sacred status.

An Ancestor wrote home while he was a Union Soldier during the American Civil War that he was convinced that the horrendous tragedy and destruction brought on by that conflict (around 660,000 Americans killed or died of disease, many more – probably in the millions – chronically ill, maimed, blind, and/or insane) … was no less than God’s judgment on America for the sins of both the North and the South, and that “…These sins will not be purged but by blood.”

As it was for slavery, will it be for abortion as well?

If not, then God probably owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.

4G&C  ~

“Jaque” Clarke