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(Suspected) War Criminal Lands (cushy) Job at United Nations



Future Leader of Obama's "Domestic Security Force"?

Silva Allegedly played a key role in the slaughter of 40,000 civilians in Sri Lanka.

This is just the kind of “Leader” Obama wants to run his “Domestic Security Force”, don’t you see?

How convenient to have him all moved in to NYC.

Team him up with the 80,000 or so Hamas thugs Obama recently imported from the Gaza strip plus who knows how many more that have been infiltrating over our borders and through bogus “refugee resettlement” programs while setting up “Islamburgs” and Jihad cells all over our Nation and he’s got an army that even an armed (but relatively disorganized) civilian population will find hard to resist.

I would not count out at least one of the Mexican drug cartels and “Los Zetas” career killers signing on as mercenaries as well.

Between what the regime has stolen and extorted from the US economy plus what the Saudis or even the Chicoms might contribute, they can afford to hire one h@!! of an Army for at least a year or two. It very well may be equal to or even superior to the established US Military, just as Obama promised.

Since our regime keeps our stateside military disrmed and fenced in for the most part, they probably won’t be able to interfere significantly, and their weapons may well fall into the hands of the “Domestic invaders” rather quickly. Will that include our nuclear arsenal? Stay tuned!

After the main population is suppressed and resistance crushed, dissenters rounded up and re-educated or “liquidated” (and they won’t mind one little bit exterminating millions of Americans if they want to) and the foreign barbarian Army of incremental invasion and occupation has looted, raped, and plundered to their heart’s content, they can probably disband, taking their plunder along with them (to include, probably, a lot of women and children as “personal pleasure slaves”) after which a relatively small force of “Secret Police” would be adequate to maintain order and keep the surviving sheeple in line.

Any further resistance would be unthinkable for at least a couple of generations.

At least I’m pretty sure that’s what the plan is, based on my study of History and reflection on current World events / Human nature. Don’t forget to factor in a little Biblical prophecy, if you’re at all inclined to take that sort of thing seriously.

Generalisimo Silva is probably already supervising final advanced training and outfitting for his new Global Forces Army. That’s where the UN comes in don’t ya know?

Starting to see the connection?

(this format makes it such a PITA to post images that I just gave up)

It’s only a matter of time now, I suspect, before they will get their marching orders – probably from Soros Inc..

The American people, by and large, have been naughty in standing up against his agenda, and I suspect that he is anxious to begin “teaching us a lesson” and putting us in what he no doubt considers to be “our places”.

To many Patriots, if he gets his way, that will probably be a mass pit grave.

Shavendra Silva has already demonstrated the level of restraint, compassion, and respect for human rights that our current regime is looking for in a Sturmabterlung political paramilitary “Leader”.

Stand by for the “Glorious Revolution” if we don’t get our act together, gear in order, and a major break from the Almighty…. soon!

4G&C ~ UJ


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