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April 3, 2014: The Zombies Strike Again (Ft. Hood Massacre II)

Posted in ARMS, MILITARY, RANTS, Second Amendment by Uncle Jaque on 04/04/2014

Another Ft. Hood shooting; again our Soldiers are forced to cower, try to hide or run away from an armed assailant while they are strictly disarmed and rendered essentially defenseless, like sheep to the slaughter.

This while we are supposedly “at War” with no front lines and no really safe areas “to the rear” as we have become accustomed to in previous conflicts.  Not even the Officers on duty are allowed to carry sidearms as they traditionally have been for generations. 

It seems that political correctness has trumped tactical reality in today’s military, where the enemy is given every possible advantage and our heroes are rounded up before them like fish in a barrel or targets in a shooting gallery, bound up by ridiculous “rules of engagement” in combat and disarmed in areas where it is assumed the enemy will not seek them out.

Rush said yesterday that it was GW Bush who disarmed the stateside military.
Others lay the blame at Clinton’s feet.
Neither of them were any friend of the 2A IIRC, and IIRC BUSH banned the importation and sale of NORINCO Chinese arms and ammo in the US despite his general affinity for and submission to the Chicoms.

Clinton liked to sell military technology (LORAN for example) to the Chicoms with total impunity while Israeli “spies” – like Jonathan POLLARD – rot in prison for life.
Didn’t GWB used to be the US Diplomat to China?
Of course all presidents of both parties since have seen fit to keep our military cooped up, disarmed, and vulnerable to attack even when the “front lines” of war dissolved and no place was safe from Islamic Jihad – especially after 9/11/01/.

I still think the perp was probably an MK ULTRA mind controlled weaponized zombie
like most of the previous mass shooters who seem to come out of the woodwork on cue whenever Emperor Obeyme needs a distraction from one of his embarrassments (like his ACA) or justification for his civilian disarmament agenda.
He fits the pattern; history of “mental health issues” – being treated in a government controlled clinical setting – and often on government provided psychotropic medication.


These humanoid drones usually seem to be programmed to self destruct before they can be captured and possibly “remember” their programming. Much like Adam LANZA the Sandy Hook killer did, the latest Ft. Hood shooter punched his own ticket too, as soon as he was confronted by an armed MP (at least they let the MPs be armed on duty – I was under the impression only civilian contractor Security personel were allowed arms on base the last time).
When the risk of incapacitation and capture was imminent, he couldn’t not kill himself; it’s what he was programmed to do.

Those who are taken alive are promptly swept away and kept in close federal confinement after which they are only seen in public in court where they are obviously drugged into a catatonic state.


I have a feeling they are probably kept that way for the rest of their miserable lives, after their brains are chemically if not surgically scrubbed.
If any evidence of their programming is not destroyed, it will be carefully hidden by the government – probably forever.

How many more of the regime’s zombies will be deployed against both military and innocent civilian targets as Obeymecare collapses and the mid term elections draw nigh? 

It seems that a few more distractions may be adventageous to the powers that be in the near future…. so stand by.

We might want to avoid “Gun Free” target rich environments for a while … (WE are the targets BTW)… pray for those who cannot avoid them – like our kids who have to go to school or those of us who have to go to work in such vulnerable environments.

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