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The “CRAFT”; Funny Coincidences…(Boston Marathon Bombing Mystery Men)???

    Perhaps you’ve seen some of this stuff going around the “Tinfoiler” loop (and I don’t mean that disparagingly; I’m one of ’em) regarding the recent Marathon terror attack:

The Boston murders: a cult of lies called government
(From: NaturalNews – www.NaturalNews.com ) Yesterday, I covered the mystery of the pressure-cooker bomb. Where are all the holes in the remains of the cooker that should be there, owing to the fact that ball bearings and nails were packed around the explosive material, and all this… 
Total media blackout now under way on most likely suspects in Boston marathon bombing
(NaturalNews) In a story that’s almost as explosive as the actual bombing itself, the mainstream media is waging a total media blackout on the photos of “The Craft” private military operatives who were present at the Boston marathon bombing. NaturalNews… 
BREAKING: Photo surfaces of ‘The Craft’ mobile communications van at Boston marathon
(NaturalNews) A detailed, hi-res photo of more “The Craft” operatives and what appears to be their mobile communications van has just surfaced. “The Craft” is a group of private military operatives who have been revealed through a fast-growing number… 

   This nebulous, if not nepharious, “CRAFT” Brotherhood (They might have a few “Sisters” for all I know) seems to be popping up in the blogosphere from time to time, despite the popular media’s apparent ignorance – or denial – of it’s existence.   Guys like Alex Jones of “Prison Planet” are all over them, and you will no doubt find all sorts of scary stuff about them on You Tube.   How much credibility those sources carry with you is your call entirely.  Those with inside intel about them don’t seem to be saying much, which of course adds considerably to their romantic mystique.  Kind of like the “Delta Force” which the government vehemently denied even existed, yet everyone sort of knew that they did.    No secret society can be complete without it’s mystical, magical, if not sinister logo.   These guys are no exception:


The_Craft_Logo_MottoI used to call him “Long-tooth Roger” until I learned that his “real” name is “PUNISHER”.
Yowwie; sinister enough for ya?!

Apparently this logo was prominently displayed on the caps and more discretely on the clothing of several of the mysterious “security” operatives

during the Boston Marathon.
They even seemed to be wearing distinctive “uniforms”:

Black* jackets, tan trousers and combat boots.

They all appear to be young, fit, and of the Warrior calling.  It would not surprise me if they all are or were members of some elite military special ops unit, and probably have extensive combat experience.   We have heard that once one reaches a certain level of accomplishment in the military / intel trade, one begins to “shape shift” into and out of various roles.They may be a CIA operative on one occasion, but go on another mission as a SEAL Team fighter.  They can appear in any uniform of any branch of service or law enforcement agency according to the mission, or go undercover in any number of disguises.   They can show up anywhere in the World, and may even on occasion be orbiting around it.

There are probably not a lot of these guys in circulation, but apparently they get around a lot.
But that’s just speculation based on rumor, of course.   I really don’t know anything.

I have a couple of bad habits, as perhaps you may be aware.   A couple of them include talking and thinking too much.

Given my chronic medical debilitation, I’ve had way too much time on my hands lately.   So being unable to do much, I think.

Having limited contact with fellow humans (Domestic Management gets sick of me pretty quickly so I usually hermit myself in a back study with my laptop) most of my “talking” gets done on line or on the phone with a fellow shut – in.

Every now and then in the course of my contemplations, a couple of random thoughts sort of bump in to each other and stick.  Often these conjunctions strike me as “Funny coincidences”.    They probably don’t mean anything, but I find them to be interesting just the same.   In hopes that you might find some of them interesting as well, let me share a few:

In regards to this “Craft” thing, a couple of conjectures popped out.

    The Jolly Punisher   reminds me of somebody.   Who could that be, we might wonder….

  …Notice that like Mr. P., the mandible is missing.  What’s up with the “322” thing???


    …. Naah!; Not the MASONS!!!
They’re all very nice guys. Charitable; industrious; pillars of the community.

(Although I have heard of the Lodge referred to as “The Craft” from time to time…)    …. Mandible still missing.  Funny coincidence(s)…

    We generally associate skulls and crossbones to some weird death cult or something… y’know; like Pirates.



    I would NOT join a club which used this:   OcculticGoatHex  As it’s logo.  Yuchh!  No, I certainly would not!!!

         PunisherLogo-WonB  Looks a little like Mister “Punisher”    though, come to think of it….    Surely just another coincidence.

Somewhere I saw a Navy SEAL patch featuring “Punisher”.   I thought that our military was more into protecting than punishing…  but the SEALS sure can dish out some serious punishment when the situation calls for it, I’ll grant ’em that much!

  So where have you seen variations on the “Punisher” theme?  It seems to be a popular tattoo subject and I would expect a lot of high school kids to be wearing it around.

He was apparently hanging around the finish line of the Boston Marathon when the Hadji pressure cookers popped. 

         ….Don’t  trip on the bag, Mac…..3CRAFT-MarathonFor good or for ill…. the jury seems to be out on that call…
although many of my fellow conspiracy theorists seem to opine for whatever reason that they were up to no particular good.   

   If you know one of these “CRAFT” chaps perhaps you could inquire…. of course if he told you he might have to kill you, so please do be careful.

*BLACK as in “The Black Pope”…. i.e. Jesuits? 

Sep 20, 2012 … Let’s call this story the ‘Jesuit-Vatican connection‘ to the unfolding New ….. Jesuit Order and the most powerful Freemason they had in the craft,

        …Wow; funny coincidences all over, huh?Sheer conjecture of course; I don’t really know nuttin’.

   Stay tuned….


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