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What do the Mexican Citizen Militias got that we ain’t got?

Posted in Uncategorized by Uncle Jaque on 01/23/2014

What do the Mexican Citizen Militias got that we ain’t got?

“Cahune’s”?      Image

Read:     Mexican Citizens Topple Cartels And Are Rewarded With Government Retaliation

“The people of the Mexican state Michoacan, fed up with the fear and subjugation of the cartels and the inaction of the government, have taken a page from the American Revolution, organizing citizen militias that have now driven cartels from the region almost entirely.”  More »


    They have no Second Amendment rights down there that I’m aware of.   An ordinary Citizen / Peon caught with reloading tools or components will get thrown into a very nasty prison for a long time, from which they may never emerge alive – never mind a firearm.

    The tyranny and chaos down there are what a lot of Patriots are fearing will become our “new normal” lifestyle here in Occupied Omerika if things are allowed to degenerate much further than what they have already become.

  Despite these seemingly overwhelming odds, the oppressed People in some Mexican communities have chosen to take a stand against tyranny rather than try to continue to exist under it’s boots.

    I don’t fwd many of these articles (and I get loads of ’em) but this one might serve as a much needed encouragement and possible road-map as to how We the American People just might be able to resist tyranny here before it gets as bad as it is in Mexico – or at least after it most certainly will if we allow it to.

I almost wish that some Hispanic Patriots might sneak back into Mexico to join one of these resistance militias and lend some support, as well as pick up some pointers about their tactics and experiences.  Then perhaps they can sneak back North to teach us a thing or two about how it’s done.  If, that is, any of us Gringos have the cahune’s for it.

    Note how they stress the no. 1 element for successful resistance isn’t guns, ammo, supplies etc – but maintaining the “moral high ground”.

    Traditionally, moral standards are derived from spiritual conviction and faith.  That varies from religion to religion; Islam, for example, presents a different moral structure than Christianity, by and large.  It’s kind of hard to hold the “moral high ground” when you are raping, torturing, beheading and mutilating innocent civilians along with your enemies, and I opine that they degrade a lot of their tactical advantage gained through terror by practicing that sort of barbarism.

    A true Freedom fighter IMHO must temper their war fighting skills and ferocity with a commitment and subjugation to a spiritual and moral “higher power” – and that can be none other than the God of our patriot forefathers; the YHVH of Abraham, Isac, and Moses; the Father of our lord and Moshiach (Christ).

    The Creator of Life is also the Author of our Freedom, as he has down through the ages been the Lord of Battle for His chosen and called People.  The history of the IDF from 1948 to the present ought to demonstrate that phenomenon.

As this article mentions, the main reason why the sacred mantle of Liberty and prosperity is slipping from our Nation’s shoulders to be replaced with the cold and galling chains of servitude and subjugation is that as a people we have by and large rejected and abandoned God.

  That never turned out well for ancient Israel (check the Old Testament) and it’s not going to end well for us, either.

    Read or watch “The HARBINGER”:

    As our Revolutionary Ancestors generally acknowledged, without the Lord of Battles and the hand of Providence in the lead, resistance to tyranny is futile.
   The Black Regiment   Image http://theblackrobedregiment.com/   

Keep the Faith – and your powder dry.

Br. Jaque Clarke


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